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Weekly Archive

By: Bill Bonner & Dan Denning, The Daily Reckoning - 10 March, 2006

-Japan's economy seems to be stirring from its 16-year slumber...the entire scheme is threatening to blow up in our faces...
-The American consumer gets a bigger shovel to himself into a roomier hole...
-Best-selling author moos in have to always make decisions based on what is the right thing to do, not based on your speculations about the future...and more! Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 10 March, 2006

Today’s trivial action by the BOJ has the media proclaiming an official truce in Japan’s war against deflation. However, waging a war against falling consumer prices is the policy equivalent of committing monetary hara-kiri. Far from being the menace they are portrayed to be, falling consumer prices, often incorrectly referred to as deflation, are in reality the natural and beneficial results of rising productivity inherent in a free market economy. They result in real increases in the value of wages and savings, and therefore lead to rising standards of living. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 10 March, 2006

The real estate boom that is just beginning to deflate in many regions of the U.S. seems to be picking up steam in, of all places, Alaska. We just heard from a friend of ours who in 1989 bought a stake in a property three hours south of Anchorage. The land lies in Soldotna, a town in the oil patch that’s popular with fisherman from the lower 48 as well as with oilfield workers on R&R. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Dan Denning, & Jim Rogers, The Daily Reckoning - 9 March, 2006

-A junkyard market...everyone is curiously and eerily silent when it comes to risks...
-Unasked questions...the disappearance of Greenspan's conundrum...
-Protectionism taking our nation by storm...sweet profits...and more! Full Story

By: Doug Casey - 9 March, 2006

Until recently, a U.S. listing meant taking on regulatory burdens more onerous than those in Canada, particularly some of the more draconian portions of the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. However, Ontario—where the TSX and TSX-V are located—recently imposed its own SOX-like law. Furthermore, Canadian companies with a significant U.S. shareholder base are already forced to comply with many U.S. requirements. Full Story

By: GATA - 9 March, 2006

The confession of the BIS came last June in a fairly candid speech by the head of the bank's monetary and economic department, William R. White, to central bankers and academics gathered at the BIS' fourth annual conference, held in Basel, Switzerland. The speech was provided to GATA this week. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, GATA - 9 March, 2006

Gold and silver are feared and hated by governments precisely because they are the guardians of individual liberty against the state that aspires to omnipotence. Must that liberty be surrendered just because some terrorists
hijacked some airplanes and crashed them into some office buildings five years ago or because some pervert purchased the evil work of child abusers? Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Eric Fry & Steve Forbes, The Daily Reckoning - 8 March, 2006

-Housing slowdown ripples throughout the country...easy come, easy go...
-Why are the rich getting richer - and at top speed?...the theory of competitive advantage...
-Three billion people jumping into the planet's labor pool is bound to make a splash...and more! Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 8 March, 2006

The next time you hear anyone say something like "Ben Bernanke, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, wants to be known as an inflation fighter", you have my permission to walk up to them, flash your Mogambo Junior Ranger badge (demonstrating your authority), slap their face hard, and say, with a voice dripping with caustic, contemptuous tones, "Ha! In the name of The Mogambo, I officially laugh at you and punish your stupidity, sir or madam!" Full Story

By: Jim Willie CB - 8 March, 2006

The seasonality of energy price variation has been altered. Look for screaming energy prices again this summer, against a possible backdrop of a slower global economy though. If disasters strike again, which is indicated with high likelihood, expect also for federal disaster relief to be doled out. The consequent rise in federal expenditures should be a continuing theme in this new year. Of course such are off-budget items and not counted toward the deficit. Full Story

By: Hans F. Sennholz - 8 March, 2006

The difficulties which Chancellor Angela Merkel will face in the months ahead will show what kind of leader she is. Most politicians merely march in front, marshaling the people on the way they are going. But there are men and women who, by their attraction and intellect, guide their people and lead them toward the light. There is new hope in Germany. But will there be new light? Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & Eric Fry, The Daily Reckoning - 7 March, 2006

-By permitting evolution, capitalism and democracy avoid revolution...
-The best, the brightest and the fastest always rise to the top - don't they?
-Where exactly did Washington go wrong?...capitalism with chains on its ankles and bribes in its pockets...and more! Full Story

By: - 7 March, 2006 Internet Radio presents Julian Phillips, analyst at, and Gary Kaltbaum, investment advisor. Full Story

By: Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman - 7 March, 2006

April 15th is once again approaching and with it the necessity of filling out your tax return. It is a good time to reflect on the taxes you do pay - and especially on the taxes you may soon be forced to pay. Throughout the year you paid federal taxes through withholding, including Social Security payroll taxes. You also paid state income taxes, unless you’re fortunate enough to live in Texas or another state without an income tax. You paid local property taxes. You paid local sales taxes and numerous miscellaneous taxes on your vehicles and gasoline and so many other things. Like most people, you probably feel taxed to death by all these layers of taxes. Well, hold on to your wallets, because the United Nations once again has launched a plan to impose a whole new level of global taxes on us. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Chuck Butler & The Mogambo Guru, The Daily Reckoning - 6 March, 2006

-Friedman as Christopher Columbus...we can all get rich on this new, flat Earth...
-Globalization takes on the wrinkles and creases of the planet...growing income inequality...
-The real estate greenhouse effect...on the edge of a bust phase...and more! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 6 March, 2006

Until the final hour or so on Friday the stock market seemed to be holding its own against an onslaught of negative news. Topping the list was a sales warning from Intel. The stock opened sharply lower on the news, but rallied back to fill the gap by day’s end. The broad averages followed suit but ultimately closed well off their highs because of the final-hour selloff. On balance, however, and despite the fact that the major averages settled below the previous day’s close, it looked like the bulls carried the day. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors - 5 March, 2006

"Central Bankers of the World, Unite!" That at least seems to be the theme from the central banker's playbook. The US Federal Reserve, The European Central Bank and now even the Bank of Japan all seem to be in a mood to tighten the global money supply. What does this mean? We explore that thought and look at the US saving rate (or lack thereof), foreclosure rates and more. Full Story

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