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Weekly Archive

By: The Gold Report and Chris Potter - 5 February, 2010

Not only does Chris Potter stand by his claim that India's big gold buy late last year was a game-changer, the way he explains it in this exclusive Gold Report, interview, it's a 21st century take on the classic alchemist's quest of old—transforming lead into gold. Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 5 February, 2010

With today's unexpected decline in December payrolls, the cry for more job-related stimulus will grow even louder. But the sad truth is that any new stimulus or jobs bills will ultimately swell the ranks of the unemployed, thereby raising calls for an even bigger federal effort. If we are not careful, government regulations, subsidies, and spending, all designed to fight unemployment, could push the labor market into a death spiral. Full Story

By: Alex Daley and Doug Hornig, Casey Research - 5 February, 2010

Private equity investing has never been for the faint of heart. But investors continue to engage in it, because the payoff can be substantial. And for the first few years of the new millennium, it was a go-go place to be. With so much easy money sloshing around, the number of PE deals exploded, totaling over half a trillion dollars at the manic peak in ’07. Then came the crash… Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 5 February, 2010

Gold is now more closely correlated with US stocks than with either the Euro or silver... OKAY, this is getting weird. Too weird, in fact. And weirder still, no one else has yet noticed... Full Story

By: Daniel Aaronson and Lee Markowitz - 5 February, 2010

Global foreign exchange reserves used to be largely held as US Dollars. However, the introduction of the Euro and growing fears of the United States’ budget and trade deficits led central banks to diversify their foreign exchange reserves away from Dollars. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski - 5 February, 2010

Gold, silver, and mining stocks have been declining very rapidly in the past several weeks and they have now reached (or are even below) our previous the target areas for this downswing. Is this a buying opportunity, or should precious metals investors take additional new factors into account? Full Story

By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor - 5 February, 2010

In terms of the dollar, we have a daily and a weekly buy signal in effect. Thus the current outlook on the dollar still remains rather bullish. On the Euro, we have a weekly sell and a daily sell signal in effect and so the outlook remains bearish. It could potentially trade all the way down to the 125 ranges. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC - 5 February, 2010

Over the last couple weeks, gold and silver stocks have been clobbered. The flagship index that tracks this sector, the HUI, hemorrhaged nearly a sixth of its value in just 8 trading days! Frightened traders have been scrambling for the exits, dumping their PM stocks at any price to rush their capital out of harm’s way. Full Story

By: Bix Weir - 5 February, 2010

Let’s end this week with some news about the famed “Strong Dollar Policy”. According to US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, he and Robert Rubin created the “The Policy” in his office back in 1995. Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 5 February, 2010

Protection and enhancement of wealth is an ever-increasing challenge. The First and foremost Threat to Wealth is de facto confiscation by government and Mega-Financial Institutions. Therefore, we identify several of the most serious Threats and offer a Strategy designed to protect Wealth, and to Profit. Full Story

By: Christopher G. Galakoutis - 5 February, 2010

Costs continue to go up for the goods and services that Americans consume on a daily basis. While today we can all buy stocks, real estate and fill up our gas tanks with fewer dollars than in 2007 and early 2008, the costs of other items continue to go up. Full Story

By: Ira Epstein, The Linn Group - 5 February, 2010

I view the Weekly Chart Pattern as being bearish since the Swingline chart pattern is one of lower highs and lower lows. The current price of gold is also under the 18-Week Moving Average of Closes, $1102. I use moving averages as filters to confirm or deny trends. Unless the most recent high of $1124.9 is taken out, the weekly chart trend remains bearish. Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 5 February, 2010

Our recent commentary on the subject of market manipulation elicited a wide range of feedback, pro and con. Some respondents agreed with my assertion that, assuming the existence of market manipulation, it doesn’t preclude one’s ability to successfully navigate financial markets with a reliable technical discipline. Others expressed the view that manipulation and government/central bank interference in the market make it untenable for small traders to be participants. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 5 February, 2010

During the past couple of weeks, the Internet has been alive with stories from various sources that there is an epic, gigantic battle underway between JP Morgan-Chase Bank and Goldman Sachs Bank (see,,, etc). Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 5 February, 2010

Although yesterday’s selloff wasn’t quite ugly enough to write home about, only a fool would dismiss the possibility that the next selloff will be. We checked the Wall Street Journal’s online edition to determine the cause of the Dow’s 268-point plunge, but there wasn’t much to persuade us. A headline attributed the selling to “Global Fears” about the economy, plus some previously well-exposed worries about euroland’s sovereign debt. Full Story

By: John Browne, Senior Market Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital - 4 February, 2010

President Obama's State of the Union message only serves to reinforce my forecast that investors will continue to find better returns in markets outside America and in currencies other than the U.S. dollar. Indeed, the reward gap may well increase. Full Story

By: Gary Dorsch, Editor, Global Money Trends - 4 February, 2010

Beware! It was a cold January on Wall Street. The S&P-500 Index lost 3.7% of its value in January, the biggest monthly setback in a year’s time, succumbing to heavy selling, especially after US President Barack Obama and his economic adviser Paul Volcker, shocked the markets, by calling for stricter limits on the “proprietary trading,” activities of Wall Street’s titans, - aiming to rein-in their ability to buy and sell commodities, derivatives, and equities for their own accounts. Full Story

By: The Gold Report and Frank Holmes - 4 February, 2010

Specializing in emerging markets, natural resources and global infrastructure, U.S. Global Investors is positioned so perfectly for the times that CEO Frank Holmes might have written its business plan and tag line—"Resourceful Investing for a Developing World"—this morning. Full Story

By: Daniel R. Amerman, CFA - 4 February, 2010

The Federal Reserve was well aware of the severe inflationary dangers when it directly created almost a trillion dollars as part of its separate bailout of Wall Street. If this cash – which exists in highly liquid form right now - escapes into general circulation, the result could be immediate and major inflation that would devastate the value of the dollar and all of our savings. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru - 4 February, 2010

From the AP I read the astonishing item that “In a face-to-face encounter, President Barack Obama chastised Republican lawmakers Friday for opposing him on health care, economic stimulus and other major issues.” Hahahaha! This is too rich! Hahaha! Full Story

By: Jim Willie CB - 4 February, 2010

A great disconnect exists in the gold market between the exchange futures contract price (the paper price) and the gold bullion paid price for transactions (the physical price). The differential in price is growing wider, enough to place tremendous pressure on the gold market itself. Look not to the gold premium paid for purchases, but to high volume purchases in the tens of million$. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 4 February, 2010

H.R. 627 The Credit Card Act of 2009 is a sweeping reform of credit card law. Many consumers are concerned over how this act will affect their spending capacity throughout the new year. The act is called into effect in February, meaning consumers will have very little time to determine how to use the act to their advantage. Full Story

By: Roy Martens - 4 February, 2010

Five charts are analyzed. Full Story

By: - 4 February, 2010

Special GSR Gold Nugget: Robert Prechter & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Bill Downey - 4 February, 2010

From a seasonal standpoint a case can be made that Gold and Silver usually make a price high this time of the year. Of course with the global situation many feel that the metals will continue higher and the risk is missing the boat ride by jumping out too soon. Full Story

By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - 3 February, 2010

Slowly but surely, the path to the future of investing is being carved. This time, it isn't equities or debt that is leading the charge; it’s none other than precious metals. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 3 February, 2010

You wouldn't know it from scanning the newswires. But since the Euro last crossed through $1.40 – the level it just slipped through once more – gold has risen 22% for US investors. And of course, it's risen by precisely that same percentage for German, French and Italian buyers too. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru - 3 February, 2010

As I was standing in line at the grocery store, I was generously donating my Precious Mogambo Time (PMT) to educate all within earshot that they are idiots if they are not buying gold, silver and oil, and they were telling me that I was the idiot, and then I told them, no, they were the idiots, and they responded that, no, I was the idiot, and then there was a spontaneous lopsided debate (me against all the them) about who was the most idiotic. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 3 February, 2010

The recent election in Massachusetts of Republican Scott Brown to the Senate was a seminal event. It ended the Democratic administration’s ability to ram through legislation. It changed the game. The locomotive hit the bunter. Full Story

By: Dudley Pierce Baker - 3 February, 2010

George Soros has been quoted recently as saying gold is in a bubble. Now that’s an interesting comment but based upon what? Who are we to question the comments of one of the wealthiest men on the planet? And don’t you love it when the ‘big name players’, like Soros, Jim Rogers, Roubini, Marc Faber, Bob Hoye, Pamela & Mary Anne Aden and David Nichols have differing opinions? Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 3 February, 2010

It is fairly easy to understand the obvious link between the greater availability of credit and rising asset prices. But less obvious is the rolling up effect or compounding of relatively small annual gains in value over very long periods of time in a credit boom. Full Story

By: - 3 February, 2010

Special GSR Gold Nugget: Peter Eliades & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: John Rubino - 3 February, 2010

The latest piece of deep thought from iTulip’s Eric Janszen explains why, if the recession is over, so many people remain in such bad shape. More specifically, how can U.S. GDP be up by a robust 5% when oil imports and rail traffic are down and unemployment is still rising? Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 3 February, 2010

Yesterday’s rally on Wall Street added a few extra ounces of credibility to a buying binge that we’d initially regarded as mere noise in a newly re-energized bear market. That could still prove to be the case, although we are close to giving bulls the benefit of the doubt for the moment. The hourly chart below shows why. Full Story

By: Jeff Clark, Senior Editor, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report - 2 February, 2010

My Grandmother’s favorite word for politely describing the obtuse among us aptly characterizes a recent attack on gold. And that it comes from an investment magazine that commands front-of-the-rack prominence in waiting rooms across our great land is reassuring evidence we have a long way to go in this gold bull market. Full Story

By: Ty Andros - 2 February, 2010

This is the epicenter of the unfolding financial crisis and inflationary/deflationary depression. The developed world is BANKRUPT and the policies of INSOLVENCY are entrenched in its leaders and citizens in such a way as to make the final destination of financial system destruction UNAVOIDABLE. Full Story

By: Peter Degraaf - 2 February, 2010

The recent peak in gold on December 2nd was interrupted by a pullback that most likely ended with a double bottom on Jan 28th. To help us determine if this pull-back is ready to give way to the next big rally we take a look at all of the pullbacks of 10% or more since the Gold Bull started its run in 2001. There have been 9 such pull-backs, including the one just ending. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski - 2 February, 2010

Summing up, based on the analysis of the silver chart alone, the metal appears to be bottoming, however given the relatively high level of correlation between silver and the general stock market one may want to wait for additional signals before opening a sizable long position in silver. Full Story

By: Bix Weir - 2 February, 2010

The mainstream gold world wants you to believe that in the entire history of gold mining there has been just over 160,000 tons of gold mined from the ground. On top of that, with all our latest seismic and exploration technology, we have only found about 100,000 tons of underground gold reserves that could be economically mined in the future. That is what "they" want you to believe but... Full Story

By: Axel Merk - 2 February, 2010

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) is sticking to its course for phasing out the additional purchases of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS). Notably however, in its statement released January 27th, reference to an improving housing market was omitted after recent bad news about the sector. Full Story

By: Neil Charnock - 2 February, 2010

A piece of news I expected is now out – an Obama plan to spend more money on stimulus. I have stated this would happen in the past weeks. Will it get passed or not is the question? There will be a battle and the proposals may get changed around however there is one thing for certain the Government will spend. I discussed this with a colleague a few weeks back and we agreed there was no way any government in an election mode would withdraw stimulus. Full Story

By: - 2 February, 2010

Special GSR Gold Nugget: Steve Forbes & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Steven Saville, Speculative Investor - 2 February, 2010

It is widely believed that gold stocks offer leveraged exposure to changes in the gold price, but this belief is false. At least, the historical record suggests that it is false on a long-term basis. As evidence we include, below, a chart of the BGMI/gold ratio covering the past 50 years (BGMI is short for Barrons Gold Mining Index). Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 2 February, 2010

Gold had its best day in months yesterday, but how long will the animal spirits last? We may be better able to answer that question after we’ve seen how the April Comex contract interacts with two recent peaks located just above yesterday’s high. They are identified in the hourly chart below and lie, respectively, at 1110.90 and 1118.50. Full Story

By: - 1 February, 2010

We are currently seeking a full time webmaster and server administrator to provide website support services. This will include server and database management, software maintenance along with site monitoring and development support. Full Story

By: Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman - 1 February, 2010

Last week politicians in Washington made a few things clear about how they really feel about the state of the union. First, they are beginning to hear the growing discontent with the size and scope of government and the broken promises that keep piling up. Certain events in Massachusetts recently made that statement loud, clear and unavoidable. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 1 February, 2010

A point I wanted to make clear with respect to our discussion the other day is hyperinflation must be justified in the minds of the doers, having the political will of the people behind them. This is why we will need another round of financial crisis for public consumption, and we know from comments made earlier in the week the set-up is for a possible black swan event in summer, with stocks topping out no later than spring. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 1 February, 2010

On 9 December 2009 Representative Ron Paul introduced H.R. 4248 the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009. This Act has the potential to impact the investment world more than any other legislation that has been enacted for decades. The impact on the bond market, Treasury market, stock market and general economy would be tremendous and disruptive. Full Story

By: Howard S. Katz - 1 February, 2010

In the short term, gold bugs are in pain. The last 3 weeks have seen a pull back to the Dec. 22 low of $1,075 and have created a lot of short term anxiety. We have two possibilities. Either gold will continue down to the $1,000 support level, or it has already made its turn, will leave a gap above $1,000 and then break out above $1,229, April contract (the Dec. 3 high). Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 1 February, 2010

In this Gold Market update we are going to "cast our net wide" and consider the outlook not just for gold and PM stocks but also the dollar, other commodities and the the broad US stockmarket. The reason for this is that COMMODITY AND STOCKMARKETS ARE AT A CRITICAL JUNCTURE AND MUST REVERSE TO THE UPSIDE IMMEDIATELY to avert the risk of a catastrophic decline, similar to 2008 or even worse. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 1 February, 2010

If the Dow Jones Index is expressed in the only currency that does not inflate over time then the ongoing bear market is very clearly visible, with the rally of last year nothing more than that, and we have to ask how will this ratio proceed until it reverts to the bottom of one last seen in 1980. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru - 1 February, 2010

Last week’s winner of the Mogambo Most Stupid Quote Of The Week (MMSQOTW) goes to that arch-idiot, Barack Obama – after the contest judge (me) was found (my wife tracked me down) in a local tavern (low-rent girlie bar), and was hurriedly sobered up (to no avail) with some hot coffee (too weak) and a lot of screaming from my wife (loud), mostly centered about what a lowlife bastard I am (with examples). Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 1 February, 2010

Aside from what I consider to be bullish fundamentals for gold in all major currencies, even as gold takes a much needed breather in USD, it looks technically compelling in Uncle Buck's chief competition in the toilet paper sweepstakes, the euro. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 1 February, 2010

As “dead” money continues to pile up in the form of unborrowed bank reserves, we’ve grown increasingly skeptical about the possibility of an inflationary spiral. Hyperinflation seems inevitable somewhere down the road, but what about now, as real estate deflation continues to asphyxiate the U.S. economy? Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 1 February, 2010

Let’s ponder for a minute. What is money? Looking at an older 1986 copy of The World Book Encyclopedia tells me that money is three things. A medium of exchange. A medium of account. And what I’d like to briefly focus on, a store of wealth. Full Story

By: Merv Burak, CMT - 1 February, 2010

The week has seen no major moves in gold, either way. However, the price is sitting right on top of a support area and a move either way would be telling. We can have all sorts of fun with charts one view is a move to $1140 could project to $1600, a number very much in vogue. Full Story

By: - 31 January, 2010

1st Hour:
Headline news & the Market Weatherman Report.
Spotlight Stock Picks.
Host Chris Waltzek & The International Forecaster discussion and listener's questions.
2nd Hour:
-John Williams,
-Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch - 31 January, 2010

Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank dismissed talk of Greece exiting the Euro as their national currency. The fact that he felt it necessary to issue such a statement meant that the prospect was being discussed outside the E.C.B. Instead, the EU is considering sanctions against the country to bring it into line with the E.U. The stress is high in the Eurozone! Full Story

By: Ron Hera - 31 January, 2010

Mr. Soros is certainly correct in that low interest rates contribute to the formation of asset price bubbles, but neither the value of the US dollar or the price of gold depend only on interest rates or on the US dollar carry trade. The view that a gold price over $1000 per Troy ounce represents the “ultimate bubble” ignores the ongoing devaluation of the US dollar, discounts risks associated with the stability of financial institutions, governments and currencies, and does not reflect confidence consistent with sound fundamentals. Full Story

By: Louis James & Andrey Dashkov, Casey’s International Speculator - 31 January, 2010

At any given time, there's a single international spot price for an ounce of refined gold. Gold is priced in U.S. dollars: $1,076.50 per ounce as we go to press. But what about the gold an exploration or mining company has in the ground – how do we value that? Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors - 31 January, 2010

When does a potential crisis become an actual crisis, and how and why does it happen? Why did most everyone believe there were no problems in the US (or Japanese or European or British) economies in 2006? Yet now we are mired in a very difficult situation. Full Story

By: Adrian Douglas - 31 January, 2010

I recently read some of the work of Craig Pirrong, a recognized expert on commodity markets and market manipulation. In an article published in 1994 he discusses some of the major issues of futures market manipulation. See "Squeezes, Corpses, and the Anti-Manipulation Provisions of the Commodity Exchange Act": Full Story

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