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Weekly Archive

By: Bill Bonner & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 4 August, 2006

-There is plenty of time to fret in the autumn, winter and spring. Summer is a time for insouciance...Dennis Gartman's take on stagflation...
-Bill explains what happens when too much money and credit are pushed into a country's economy...When it comes to shuffling money, the U.S. in numero uno...
-Our Vancouver CD/MP3 project is complete...This week in Zimbabwe: Instead of paying a million dollars for a loaf of bread, henceforth they will pay only 1,000...and more! Full Story

By: Antal E.Fekete - 4 August, 2006

The common earmark of latter-day detractors of the RBD is that they treat Adam Smith as a 'non-person'. They just don't want to acknowledge that he is the father of the RBD. I can well understand their hesitation. It is a forbidding task to get into an argument with this giant of economic thought. I am happy to interpret The Wealth of Nations for their benefit. What they call 'false', 'pernicious', and 'disastrous', comes straight from this fountainhead. Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 4 August, 2006

When combined with last week's soft GDP numbers, today’s weak jobs report, which contained an up-tick in the unemployment rate, gives the Fed all the cover it claims to need to ignore evidence of accelerating inflation and finally come through with the highly anticipated “pause.” Global stocks, bonds, foreign currencies and gold will likely react positively to this development. However, in relatively short order, I expect U.S. markets to come under renewed selling pressure, particularly the bond market, as increasing inflation fears and diminished demand for long-term dollar denominated debt undermine the rally. Full Story

By: D. Stewart Armstrong - 4 August, 2006

The autumnal season looks to be quite promising and if you are considering investing in gold companies, especially the junior mining companies, might I suggest that you consider "getting in" before the pack. If you are "in", stay the course. You will be handsomely rewarded. I'd like to offer one other piece of advice and that would be to take 10% of your entire precious metals portfolio and convert it into physical gold or silver. Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 4 August, 2006

Contrary to Federal Reserve Chairman Bernake's recent claim of inflation being contained, Deepcaster agrees with Williams's conclusion that the economy "more properly can be described as coming in for an immediate crash landing. Contained inflation however remains a wishful fantasy of Fed and Wall Street spinmeisters." Full Story

By: Dr. Kurt Richebächer & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 3 August, 2006

-The stoic retreat of condo appreciation...An American institution usurped by Japan - on U.S. soil...Bernanke Fed attends rising consumer prices like Joan of Arc waiting for a match...
-A world in ARMs way...Bill offers Big Ben some good advice...The United States: Number One in Debt!...
-A brief weather update from Ouzilly...Doug Casey's curiosity about whatever happened to the ol' expression: "It's a free country"...and more Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report - 3 August, 2006

A movie came out this last weekend in ten theaters that is receiving many A+ reviews from Yahoo users. It opened to a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival a few months ago.

This movie will be especially loved by gold and silver investors, who have sent me hundreds of emails about it in the past few months. Full Story

By: Byron King & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 2 August, 2006

-Things are heating up...rising prices + slowing economy = stagflation...
-First, you fight the 'flation, then you move onto the stag...the marginal consumers' knees are wobbling...
-Good news: Wal-Mart has decided to help save the planet!...the cheapest labor one can get is their own children...and more! Full Story

By: Dr. Steve Sjuggerud - 2 August, 2006

Here’s the deal… just over a month ago, the U.S. Mint started selling the first pure gold coin issued by the U.S. Government. It is one ounce of 24-karat, .9999 pure gold. These coins are truly exceptional. The coin’s design is based on the original 1913 Buffalo Nickel. These exceptional coins should grade out around MS-69 at a coin grading service like PCGS. Full Story

By: Tom Dyson - 2 August, 2006

The Democratic Republic of Congo – and indeed the whole of Africa – is shaping up to be the number one investment proposition of the next ten years. This is my view... Africa is the perfect investment region for a contrarian. For the past ten years, the international press has completely ignored Africa and the DR Congo… 2005 is a great example. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 2 August, 2006

So I got back home from the Agora Financial Wealth Symposium in fabulous Vancouver, where everybody was real nice to my face, although I am pretty sure they were plotting things against me when my back was turned. But since I couldn't prove anything, I was in a particularly good mood, which was unusual, in that my speech was unexpectedly cut short by 25%, due to the Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Soundman. Full Story

By: D. Stewart Armstrong - 2 August, 2006

Information and education are the keys to one's personal enlightenment; especially education which is the focal point for a better world as would affect you, your family, and ultimately your country. I've also endeavored to present a case as to why a brighter future for you and your family will be abetted by owning precious metals in their physical form in addition to participating in the traditional trading vehicles that offer leverage to the values of those underlying assets. Full Story

By: Byron W. King & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 1 August, 2006

-Hollowed out American dreams...with today's mortgages, you never really own your house - your house owns you!
-Slow to think, but fast to feel...frugality lies in the eye of the beholder...
-Anyone want to go work in Austrailia?...the United Bankrupt States of America...and more! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 1 August, 2006

A silent crash is taking shape in the real estate sector, evinced by the growing number of “for sale” signs popping up on lawns across the U.S. Even the staid New York Times has noticed, as this front-page headline in weekend editions attests: “Housing Slows, Taking Big Toll on the Economy // Economic Growth Cools // Builders Are Holding Off on Construction – Buyers Grow Wary.” Full Story

By: Rick Barnard & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 31 July, 2006

-The loan business is starting to stagflation comes about and why Bernanke is doomed...
-People eventually stop being fooled by the funny China...
-An unfortunate glimpse into the world of reality television... "Slots for Tots"...drinking at the head of the St. Patty's Day parade - finally! Full Story

By: - 31 July, 2006

Show Highlights:

Dr. Stephen Leeb joins us to discuss his latest book: The Coming Economic Collapse. Dr. Leeb correctly forecast the 1990's bull stock market as well as the 1999 peak and impending market crash in tech stocks. Dr. Leeb shows that the 1970's were worse than the 1930's for investors. Stocks, bonds and even cash provided a negative return when adjusted for inflation. Then in 2004 while oil was at merely 33 dollars per barrel, he predicted crude oil prices would soar. In his latest text, he proves that the US is approaching on the greatest economic crisis in the nations history.

David Bond shares his gold and silver price projections in the second hour. David is precious metals journalist and commentator of the highest caliber. He expects gold to eclipse $1,000 while silver will leaps to $100 in the next few years. David tells us what makes a great gold stock pick and provides two that he thinks will make great investments. David is a regular at gold and silver conferences and shares his industry insider viewpoint that he's gained from years experience.

Gary Kaltbaum returns to the program following a brief sabbatical. Gary gives his take on stocks and explains why he's not a bull at this time. Next, Jack Chan takes a look at equities and the energy markets. Plus, Bob Chapman tells us why he thinks the gold and silver markets will improve by September and then gold will rocket to $850 before year end. We examine the economic outlook and recent statistical reports as well as timely gold related articles. Full Story

By: Richard Benson, Specialty Finance Group, LLC - 31 July, 2006

For as long as I can remember, inflation has been with me, even as a kid when I bought penny candies. In the 1950’s, my father actually purchased a brand new modest two-bedroom house in the Midwest for $11,700 and a new car for $2,500. (Some suites at fancy hotels in Las Vegas can charge $2,500 for one night). Inflation also makes planning and saving for retirement a real issue. Unless you know how long you will live, I have to assume that the core cost of goods I need will be going up at least 10 to 15 percent in nominal dollars a year. Full Story

By: Paul van Eeden - 30 July, 2006

They say the stock exchange does not ring a bell at the top of the market. Well, I can hear all sorts of bells ringing: when investors buy stocks because they believe the economy is slowing down it is a sign that we have reached the top of the market. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 30 July, 2006

I continue to believe that when stocks finally start to fall in earnest, the first leg down will be so precipitous as to preclude getting short belatedly. In practice, that implies U.S. traders will awaken one morning to a gap-down opening catalyzed by wholesale panic in overseas markets. To be prepared for this eventuality, we must always be holding at least a few puts that will necessarily be going against us until a day when they do not. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 30 July, 2006

Before the year is out gold and silver will move higher. $730.00 on gold will be challenged and we will in all likelihood see a challenge of $850.00. The cartel is running out of gold and their ever-blatant attempts to control the price become more obvious daily. Silver is a fundamental dynamic. Some event will happen and the price will be long gone. Full Story

By: Mary Anne & Pamela Aden - 30 July, 2006

Something big has been happening in the world in recent decades. This isn’t something you’ll hear about in the news because it’s not just one event. It’s a series of events that are happening gradually and sporadically, but early signs point to a mega world power shift, which could end up being as important as the Industrial Revolution, increasingly affecting us all, in one way or another in the years ahead. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millenium Wave Advisors - 30 July, 2006

The GDP data released Friday suggests the economy seems to be slowing. So naturally the stock market surges forward in a very strong move, convinced the bull market is back. After all, how can the Fed raise rates in a slowing economy? And if the Fed is not raising rates, then it follows, does it not, that the stock market will rise? Or so the logic of a 119-point rise, tantalizingly close to a new high for the Dow, seems to suggest. A review of the data says that may not be case, however. This week we take a look at the economy, housing, and inflation, with a view to pondering whether stagflation will return in earnest. It should make for an interesting letter. Full Story

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