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Weekly Archive

By: Bill Bonner & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 8 September, 2006

-What happens when the biggest bubble in history begins to deflate?
-The cost of NOT holding stocks is at a near record low...will gold protect you from the housing market crash?
-Even the smart guys are making dumb mistakes...and more! Full Story

By: Paul van Eeden - 8 September, 2006

The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) was created as an independent entity within the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a department of the Government of the United States. OFHEO’s primary mission is to oversee the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) -- the nation's largest housing finance institutions. Full Story

By: Addison Wiggin & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 7 September, 2006

-How our neighbors to the north have reaped the benefits of Mother Nature's gifts...
-No one can top America when it comes to spending and debt...don't forget about the Canadian loonie...
-Labor shortage in China...perhaps out anti-drug program should take notes from the Taliban...and more! Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 7 September, 2006

The professionals are catching on along with professional money managers and hedge funds. The public will join us, as will the sold out bulls, after gold passes $850 an ounce, silver $50 an ounce. This is going to occur when other markets are falling and investors and the public are desperate for a return on the capital they have left. This is how the story is about to unfold. We have been dead right on 98% of our calls for the past 17 years and we know we are dead right on this one. This is the culmination of our life’s work. Full Story

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. - 7 September, 2006

You would think a gold bug was writing this article to imply that gold is preparing to take off. But I am not a gold bug, just a pragmatic realist. All I do is concentrate on keeping an eye on the fundamentals. Full Story

By: James Boric & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 6 September, 2006

-Adding Miracle-Gro to monumental hornswoggle…The poor man has taken to debt like a Baptist preacher to hooch….
-A banker, a broker and the American debt maker…Doug Casey’s latest notes on the U.S. housing market…
-When times get tough, people turn to drinking, smoking, gambling, and sex - Bill contemplates vice…and more! Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 6 September, 2006

Having consumed enough tranquilizers, mood elevators and anti-depressants that I am barely conscious and involuntarily drooling into my own lap, I can, finally, dispassionately note that Total Fed Credit was up by $3.8 billion last week, and credit in the banks was up a little, too, especially real estate loans. Foreigners also stashed $8.5 billion at the Fed last week, as some of all that gigantic money (that we create and spend, keeping the trade deficit at $800 billion per year and the federal deficit at another $600 billion a year) is recycled back to us. You know: The same old stupid monetary inflation thing. Full Story

By: Doug Casey & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 5 September, 2006

-The two big American automakers are suffering…too much supply and not enough demand in the housing market…
-When the paradigms shift, someone is bound to get hurt…housing stocks take a major hit…
-So many people to feel sorry for today!…and more! Full Story

By: Ed Steer and Ted Butler - 5 September, 2006

One of the most pleasant aspects of being involved with exposing the manipulation of the price of gold and silver is the quality of the people who I have met on this journey. Of course this would include the entire GATA community, most of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting many times over the last six years. Full Story

By: The Mogambo Guru & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 5 September, 2006

-So much is not happening that we are wondering if we are missing out on something...why isn’t the lumpen householder running out of time and money?
-Speculators are losing their Brooks Brothers’ shirts in the real estate market...
-What exactly is this gypsy wagon for anyway?...and more! Full Story

By: - 3 September, 2006

Show Highlights:

In the first hour, a brief recap of this weeks top market headlines. Next, all of the Goldwizards return. Bob Chapman reviews a few of his favorite gold stocks. Bob thinks that the domestic inflation rate is three times higher than the government statistics are showing, over ten percent. He remains bullish on the precious metals sector and expects a powerful rally to unfold in the coming months. Next, Gary Kaltbaum believes the housing sector may have put in a bottom and related stocks are turning the corner. Plus, Jack Chan examines the major indexes and we explore his trading techniques.

In the second hour, Chris Mayer takes a fresh look at an aging dilemma, the nations failing infrastructure. He thinks the crumbling domestic empire may lead to incredible opportunities for investors. Chris shares a ground floor opportunity - undiscovered stock picks in the next up and coming investing sector. Next, Chris says he's found the holy grail of stock selection. In fact, the method has a 40% annualized return and he shares the free website which provides the stocks. Next up Jay Taylor takes a hard look at the gold and silver markets. Jay thinks we are headed to record highs in the months ahead and perhaps even $800 gold. Jay expects silver to outperform gold if a hyperinflationary scenario comes to pass. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 3 September, 2006

When we began this quest in 1960, the one thing we understood above all else was that gold is the ultimate money and that gold is the eternal enemy of every central bank. That said, we reiterate our recommendation that for the long-term that you continue to accumulate gold and silver related assets and not try to trade these markets. Trading will only end in disappointment and loss. The purchasing power of the dollar will continue to decline and considerably faster than it has over the past few years. This is why you do not have to now worry about the move gold and silver makes. If there are to be changes we will inform you of them. We are 47-year students of the decline of the dollar and America. We know exactly what to expect. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millenium Wave Advisors - 3 September, 2006

I had occasion to be in my car this morning, listening to CNBC, when the host of the show (Bob Pisani, a very nice gentleman on the few occasions I have had the opportunity to meet him) was arguing with a modestly bearish guest. Yes, there are a lot of reasons for concern noted by bears, but the market is clearly disagreeing with their pessimistic views. Stock indices are hitting cycle highs and seem poised to go higher. He and many other optimists seem to be of the opinion that since the market is going up, it is telling us that the economy is ready to find a Goldilocks "Ahhh, this porridge is just right!" soft spot on which to land. Full Story

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