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Weekly Archive

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch - 8 February, 2008

Many of you out there are frustrated at what seems to be the very poor performance of gold & silver mining shares over the last couple of years when compared to the performance of the gold & silver price, understandably so. Even the Junior’s have not performed to their full potential. Why not? Full Story

By: Richard Benson, SFGroup - 8 February, 2008

We continue to read articles in the financial press and elsewhere by widely-respected mainstream economists who have a tendency to quote mindlessly from Keynes’ masterpiece “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money”. They couldn’t be further from the truth, however, when they claim that the current credit cycle liquidity problems can be corrected with a little fiscal stimulus and cheap money to jumpstart the ailing economy. Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 8 February, 2008

For now there are a host of factors temporarily propping up the Treasury bond market, such as unrealistically sanguine inflation expectations, foreign central bank and hedge fund buying, short covering, credit spreads, problems in the mortgage market, recession fears, and flight to what is falsely perceived to represent the ultimate in safety and quality. When these props give way, look out below! Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 8 February, 2008

-Commodities hit a new all-time high…inflation - or the peace of the cemeteries….
-The rebirth of thrift…saving money pays…the dollar wreaks havoc across the pond…
-Capitalism is a moral system…you can do what seems convenient…or you can do what is right…and more! Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 8 February, 2008

WORRIED ABOUT INFLATION...? Oh stop your carping and set an extra place at dinner for the fast-looming recession instead. See, your cost of living can't possibly keep rising now that Europe and the United States are plunging into a credit-led slowdown. Inflation is dead, killed by the slump. The value of money is going to stop sliding, even as interest rates fall. Says who? Says just about everyone. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC - 8 February, 2008

As a stock-market sector, gold stocks are obscure, increasingly volatile, and seemingly perpetually unloved. Yet investors and speculators choose to own them anyway. Why? Because in the past gold stocks have greatly amplified gold’s underlying gains. Traders are betting this outperforming behavior will continue in the future. Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 8 February, 2008

We are indeed upon a most remarkable Inflection Point for the Precious Metals and Energy Sectors and the Equities Markets in general. Why is this Inflection Point so unique? Many reasons including: increasing Volatility, increasing and unprecedented Systemic Threats, Major Fed and Market Moves, record Weakness and Risk in the Financial Sector and, potentially, Significant Trend Changes. Full Story

By: Gary Dorsch, Editor, Global Money Trends newsletter - 8 February, 2008

European Central Bank chief, Jean “Tricky” Trichet, likes to operate behind a veil of “Smoke and Mirrors” in managing the Euro zone’s monetary policy, which is designed to fool most people, most of the time. Most importantly, “Tricky” Trichet, has fueled the fastest growth in the Euro M3 money supply in history, running at three times the rate of the ECB’s original guidelines, deemed consistent with low inflation. Full Story

By: George Cocalis, Brewer Futures Group, LLC - 8 February, 2008

Now, that gold traders’ accounts are fattening up with hard earned profits, the next step is to preserve that hard earned capital. It is interesting to see a lot of traders get somewhat careless in their trading especially after a nice bull run as we have just witnessed. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 8 February, 2008

Not only have bank reserves not gone up in 10 years by so much as a dime, but the Treasury bonds that the Fed bought, by creating the money to buy them, are also disappearing! As Dorothy Parker so famously said, 'What fresh hell is this?' Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 8 February, 2008

Even Wal-Mart appears to be struggling these days. Same-store sales rose a meager 0.5 percent in January and 1.4% for the fiscal year. The latter number is the lowest since the company began reporting such data 30 years ago. Not only that, customers were drawing down their gift cards more slowly than in the past and using the cards increasingly to buy food and other necessities rather than discretionary items. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 7 February, 2008

-It all comes down to fear and greed…even great companies with unbeatable brands are going down…
-Home prices are getting softer and softer…even at these prices, gold still looks like a good thing to hang on to…
-More pain in our future…'global disruptions' cause the BOE to cut rates…and more! Full Story

By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor - 7 February, 2008

The Fed was pushed to aggressively lower rates due to the so called credit crunch and sub prime mortgage crisis. The first series of cuts drove the dollar to a new low towards the end of Nov 07 and it looked like further rate cuts would have the same effect. Full Story

By: Ira Epstein - 7 February, 2008

As expected, the rate cut euphoria has already worn off. “Suddenly” the financial markets are very concerned about the lack of liquidity in the economy. It’s almost funny, maybe tragic is a better word. Full Story

By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst - 7 February, 2008

One major theme that unites a lot of silver investors is the matter of the major short sellers of silver. To be more precise, the well known fact is that the class of silver traders known as the commercials has been net short silver for literally decades. The chart below demonstrates this fact quite readily. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 7 February, 2008

Americans are about to pay for the sins of Wall Street and our international bankers whose greed and devotion to the implementation of World Government knows no bounds. The bankers must be saved is the cry from Wall Street to Washington. We have real estate, mortgage and credit crisis’s unfolding during a recession. The solution on a short-term basis is to give taxpayers $150 billion and to supply unlimited money and credit indefinitely. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 7 February, 2008

Well, he couldn't be more right about us spending ourselves to death, as the national debt is actually $9.1 trillion, already grown by $500 billion since he was interviewed for a movie so new that it just premiered! Hahaha! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 7 February, 2008

Buyers yielded ground stubbornly for the second straight day, digging themselves a deepening trap from which extrication will become more difficult as the week draws to a close. The danger became manifest on Wednesday’s opening bar, which slightly exceeded a dramatic and important low made a week ago. Full Story

By: Fitzroy McLean and Simon Black, Editors, Without Borders, Casey Research LLC - 6 February, 2008

Everyone and their uncle are talking about Panama, Argentina, Thailand and other exotic locales as the next safe haven for smarter investing and better living. Few, however, look towards Eastern Europe – maybe because in the past Eastern Bloc countries were not considered “sexy.” But as you’ll learn from Without Borders editors Fitz and Simon, that has changed drastically… Full Story

By: Gary North - 6 February, 2008

Optimists think this housing market is going to reverse in 2009. I am not among them. This is an international phenomenon. The decline in on-paper wealth is going to shake the confidence of hundreds of millions of home owners. Full Story

By: Thomas Tan, CFA, MBA - 6 February, 2008

The mortgage market used to be a segregated, regional, illiquid and low margin but simple business. Local banks, acted as originators, lend money to home buyers and hold the title of their houses as collateral, and enjoy a profit from the spread between higher mortgage rate received vs. lower interest rate paid to depositors. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 6 February, 2008

Ergo, the price of gold must equilibrate lower supply versus higher demand at a higher price! To those who own gold, or plan to own gold before things get kicked into high gear, this means, 'Wheee!…' Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 6 February, 2008

What could possibly cause bullion quotes to fall apart here? Not much that I can see. Or even imagine. Someone in the Rick’s Picks chat room said yesterday that he was looking for a powerful rally in the dollar, which would of course be a negative for gold and silver. But the only reason he could cite was that the dollar has become pretty oversold. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 5 February, 2008

-News from the housing market is still grim…trillion dollar deficits…
-How did such a lucky, rich, productive people come to this?…to get rich was glorious…
-There is no magic to Free Enterprise…sometimes an entire class of people get the wrong idea - and go with it…and more! Full Story

By: Theodore Butler - 5 February, 2008

I know it sounds too simple, but the problem in the SocGen episode was that too large of a position was held by a single trader. But it wasn't the large size of the position alone that was the problem, it was the fact that it was held by a single trader on a very leveraged basis. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 5 February, 2008

Rising inflation in the cost of living didn't prevent the Bank of England from cutting interest rates in 2001, 2003 or 2005. Why should the Old Lady break the habit of her (independent) lifetime now? Full Story

By: Antal E. Fekete - 5 February, 2008

In my last article I suggested that the superpowers China, Russia, and the United States may be, without they knowing it, racing towards reopening their Mints to the monetary metals. The governments of these countries are like the heroes of Greek tragedies: they are drawn to their fate by destiny. There is no way for them to avoid Kismet, regardless of what they do. Many readers have asked me to explain what the term „opening the Mint to the unlimited coinage of gold and silver free of seigniorage charges” means. Full Story

By: Darryl Robert Schoon - 5 February, 2008

Be confident. Free markets will return. Not today, but someday and perhaps sooner than believed. In the meantime, while paper money still has value, buy gold and silver. Such bargains do not last forever. Full Story

By: Steven Saville, Speculative Investor - 5 February, 2008

From our perspective and the perspectives of many other observers of the gold sector, the generally lacklustre performance of most gold shares over the past 6 months in the face of a relentless advance in the gold price certainly qualifies as unexpected. Full Story

By: Ty Andros, TraderView - 5 February, 2008

This sector holds the most promise for those who practice simple “Buy and Hold” strategies. The wind is at the back of these markets for the next decade or more as the “Crack up Boom” combines forces with the Austrian economies of the emerging world. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 5 February, 2008

Hoping that they were wrong, because this rate of inflation would be horrendous, I went to Mr. William's to find, sure enough, that inflation has taken a sudden spike to 12%, with no sign of stopping! Yikes! Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & The Daily Reckoning Crew - 4 February, 2008

-The odds of a recession are getting higher…the biggest stories in this market are the ones that go unreported…
-A look back at 20th century capitalism…the old complainers are back in full force…
- August and everything after…the political power couple…and more! Full Story

By: Frank Holmes, CEO, U.S. Global Investors - 4 February, 2008

Despite the assertions of some, today’s gold is not the tulip of 400 years ago. While there are many who believe in gold, not everyone is believing and buying. What we’re seeing in the market is not a bubble-blowing frenzy fueled by crowd madness. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 4 February, 2008

Don’t say you were not warned. Warned about what? The coming depression in the global economy perhaps? No – that’s not what I am referring to; however, this should be a very big concern to all never the less. Full Story

By: Mary Anne & Pamela Aden - 4 February, 2008

Gold surged above $850 to new record highs as the new year began. This is exciting but gold could become even more exciting now that it’s in uncharted territory. Full Story

By: James West - 4 February, 2008

The hemorrhaging of stock values in the resource exploration sector, particularly gold stocks, is a direct result of the contraction of available capital at the center of the banking universe. The general sell-off in the market has trickled down to companies that have considerable amounts of gold in the ground, and these companies are a steal right now. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 4 February, 2008

Here in the USA we have an expression that "It ain't over til the fat lady sings" and by the looks of it, we gold stock holders are losing the battle as many would-be gold bugs go scattering back down Hamburger Hill in a hail of bearish bullets as was surmised might happen in the January Letter. Full Story

By: Merv Burak - 4 February, 2008

The long term P&F chart made a new high X during the week and continues in a bullish trend. There is yet no hint of trouble from the P&F chart but it would not show it for some time. We go to the normal indicators to see if there is any hint of a problem. Full Story

By: - 4 February, 2008

1st Hour:
Headline news & market forecast.
Spotlight Picks with big dividends.
The International Forecaster and Chris Waltzek answer listener questions.

2nd Hour:
James Turk Full Story

By: Gary North - 3 February, 2008

In the crack-up boom, gold serves as an insurance policy against a catastrophe. You can buy your way out of circumstances that bankrupt others. You preserve much of your lifestyle by selling off a widely sought-after asset: gold. But understand: this is not a way to get rich. It is a way not to become totally impoverished. Full Story

By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor - 3 February, 2008

We stated in the last two weeks that our volatility indicators continue to put in new highs which suggested that market volatility would increase significantly. The action for the past few days very clearly illustrates this point; one day the market is up 150 points, the next day its down 200 points and then up again another 150 and so on. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millenium Wave Advisors - 3 February, 2008

What does a recession look like? How does it feel? What does it mean for your life and your investments? We explore these questions and more in this week's letter. I have been working on this letter all week, and think you will find it interesting. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 3 February, 2008

The shock of the exclamation points, coupled with the revelation that the total losses are going to be at least 10 times as big as estimates project, temporarily revived me by jolting me into a Mindless Mogambo Episode Of Anger And Outrage (MMEOAAO)… Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 3 February, 2008

Word on Friday of the first U.S. payroll contraction in more than four years barely slowed the stock market’s bullish rampage. Despite the grim news, which makes fools of those who still profess to see no recession, the Dow Industrials rose nearly a hundred points. Full Story

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