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Weekly Archive

By: Bill Bonner & Eric Fry, The Daily Reckoning - 3 March, 2006

-Why should we save for a rainy day? Asians save enough for all of us! They'll always be happy to lend us some...
-Oh, the wonders of capitalism never cease!...apparently, all we need is just a bit more central planning...
-The end of the Age of Oil - don't worry, Friedman has a solution...and more! Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 3 March, 2006

So far, 2006 has been a very volatile year for gold stocks. After soaring 20% in January, the XAU declined by 15% in February, despite the fact that gold only declined 1% during the month. Many analysts have interpreted this "weakness" as being bearish for the metal itself. No doubt if gold makes a new high, unconfirmed by the XAU, those same analysts will claim the divergence signifies yet another top. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 3 March, 2006

For those of you who missed yesterday’s intraday bulletin on Comex Silver, here it is: May Silver has blown past the 10.160 rally target I gave here a while back. Since the next hidden-pivot resistance above is 10.270, we'll make that our minimum upside projection for the very near-term. I am confident the intermediate-term bull cycle begun in December will reach a minimum 10.776 before it takes a healthy rest. In fact, Silver surged anew after I posted this alert, pushing as high as 10.265 – a half-cent from my target – in early-night trading. We covered a very small short position in Agnico Eagle just before the surge. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Eric Fry & Puru Saxena, The Daily Reckoning - 2 March, 2006

-Balancing on the high wire...Pop! goes the economy...
-Keep your eyes wide open at all times...waiting, watching and wondering - when will the real estate bubble find its pin?
-Crude inventories rise - and so does the price...hammering out iron manacles of servitude and blind obedience...and more! Full Story

By: John Rubino - 2 March, 2006

Since printing paper money is nothing short of counterfeiting, the issuer of the international currency must always be the country with the military might to guarantee control over the system. This magnificent scheme seems the perfect system for obtaining perpetual wealth for the country that issues the de facto world currency. The one problem, however, is that such a system destroys the character of the counterfeiting nation’s people--just as was the case when gold was the currency and it was obtained by conquering other nations. And this destroys the incentive to save and produce, while encouraging debt and runaway welfare. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 2 March, 2006

From a hidden-pivot standpoint, a relapse to exactly 345.35 seems as likely for Google as an early-March snowstorm in North Dakota. Not that I would try to discourage anyone from thinking GOOG might at some point return to bargain levels. But it ain’t there yet, not as far as I’m concerned, and although the premier Web searchmeister’s capitalization has been shaved by nearly 30 percent since peaking in mid-January, I would caution against rushing in right now to re-acquire the stock for the long haul. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Eric Fry & Kevin Kerr, The Daily Reckoning - 1 March, 2006

-Memoirs of a Fedhead...the housing bubble gives up more air...burn your television set...
-People go along because they are afraid to do anything else - soon everyone is marching in the same direction. And that's when you really get into trouble...
-Addison leaves $210 on the table... what a hoser, eh?...when will U.S. consumers learn?...and more! Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 1 March, 2006

I am really getting freaked out here, as this whole economics thing keeps getting weirder and weirder, and more and more out of control. For example, the amount of money flowing through the bank repo market is staggering, and it is becoming common to see over $12 billion a day, every day, in repurchase agreements! Per day! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 1 March, 2006

Yesterday’s comments in this space proved timely, since all the evidence that Helicopter Ben could need of an economic slowdown was there in spades: ebbing consumer confidence, a cooling housing market, punk GDP growth and a slowing in the manufacturing sector. The Wall Street Journal’s reaction quotes implied that investors were caught off guard by the news when they dumped stocks as the session wore on. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & Chuck Butler, The Daily Reckoning - 28 February, 2006

-In a month, we won't be able to know how much money the feds are hoping to steal from our country's few savers...
-Looking through Bernanke's big book of economic alchemy...who doesn't like lies - as long as they are flattering?
-Addison to appear on Cananda's Report on Business to safely play the Big E's...and more! Full Story

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. - 28 February, 2006

Gold continues to strengthen & it is interesting that demand seems to continue to be primarily driven by large institutions. The average mainstream individual investor just has not even noticed gold’s increased popularity & continues to sit on the sidelines. Full Story

By: David Zurbuchen - 28 February, 2006

One problem with documenting the silver deficit is that world consumption rates are almost non-existent prior to 1955, at least according to my research. If this data is available, please bring it to my attention. But despite the lack of official figures, one can know to a fairly accurate degree how much ‘deficit’ has accumulated worldwide in the years prior to 1955 through the use of some comparative math. In order to accomplish this, we must first obtain US silver consumption data. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Chuck Butler & The Mogambo Guru, The Daily Reckoning - 27 February, 2006

-Who do these foreigners think they are? What – do they think this is a free country or something?
-Resistance, denial and debt produce the most problems…heading toward financial crisis at top speed…
-Attempting to stay on pace with the global race…the effort put into coordinating family logistics…and more! Full Story

By: Dudley Baker - 27 February, 2006

I have the most informed, intelligent and savvy subscribers one could ask for. One of them, Lorimer Wilson, previously wrote me with his insights on “Our Worst Nightmare – the Puncture of the Current US Housing Bubble.” It was very well received when published by me recently and he has just sent me another one I think you will find timely and of particular interest. He has compiled a remarkable summary of the ominous warnings, dire predictions and perceived devastating consequences that the vast majority of economists, financial analysts, economic research firms and financial commentators are saying about our current economic situation and what is most likely to unfold in the months and years ahead. Full Story

By: - 27 February, 2006 Internet Radio presents Steve Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes, Inc and Dr. Van K. Tharp, Professional Coach For Traders And Investors. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors - 26 February, 2006

This week we look at the possible direction of interest rates both at the long end and the short end. Bottom line: history suggests there is some serious volatility in the future on the long end of the interest rate curve later in the year. The yield curve and the 6/50 Rule when looked at together reveal some very interesting insights. Full Story

By: Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman - 26 February, 2006

The economic law that honest exchange demands only things of real value as currency cannot be repealed. The chaos that one day will ensue from our 35-year experiment with worldwide fiat money will require a return to money of real value. We will know that day is approaching when oil-producing countries demand gold, or its equivalent, for their oil rather than dollars or Euros. The sooner the better. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & Maria Reynolds, The Daily Reckoning - 26 February, 2006

-Strange times with and inverted curve…consumer incomes down in January…
-Addison to appear on CBS Sunday Morning w/ Charles Osgood…Historical facts about the Agora financial buildings…
-Is there anyone among you, dear readers, who would like to buy a magnificent chateau in France? …and more! Full Story

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