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Weekly Archive

By: Jim Willie CB - 28 February, 2014

Betrayals occur in high places, even the highest offices of the land. Furthermore, betrayals occur with some of the most important allies for the nation. See the official German gold account thefts, called euphemistically the repatriation demand. See the shredding of the Constitution, by virtue of the Patriot Act which could easily pass for a comprehensive Fascist Manifesto. See the renege on the Chinese gold lease, on the back end of the Most Favored Nation status granted in 1999. Full Story

By: Gordon T. Long - 28 February, 2014

Accorrding to global economist Richard Duncan, since 1952 every time Total US Real Credit Growth fell below 2%, the US has experienced a recession. This correlation has been marked on 9 separate occassions. We are now below 2% and as a consequence the Federal Reserve will soon have little choice but to make a course correction in the current "Taper" monetary policy. Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 28 February, 2014

Despite the overall positive state of U.S. equities and the improvements in the retail economy, the stealth enemy known as deflation is still lurking in the shadows. Consider the following graph of real disposable income, courtesy of This shows the true underlying state of the real economy and is a testament to the continued presence of deflation. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 28 February, 2014

How does the London gold fix, a private gathering of competitors in the market, get around Britain's Competition Act, the equivalent of antitrust law in the United States, which prohibits collusion among competitors? Certainly the London gold fix is unique; there is no similar mechanism for oil, soybeans, pork bellies, and other major items of trade. So why couldn't gold pricing be left to ordinary markets just as pricing of those other items is? Full Story

By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence - 28 February, 2014

Just last month Tahoe Resources announced the achievement of commercial production at its Escobal mine.And sounding the trumpets on such an exploit most certainly deserves investors’ attention.When 2014 comes to a close, Tahoe will be flexing its muscles as a global top-10 silver producer! Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 28 February, 2014

Master Investor Jim Rogers’ Negative view of the private-for-profit Fed is echoed by former Director of the OMB, David Stockman, who said that The Fed has created “The Mother of All Bubbles.” We agree, and would add that the ongoing and prospective Effects of Fed Policy and Market Interventions are the Most Essential Data (among several) for Maximizing Real Gains going forward. Full Story

By: - 28 February, 2014 Radio Gold Nugget: Fabian Calvo & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Alasdair Macleod - 28 February, 2014

Before 2013 demand for physical ETFs was high. At the same time Asian demand, from China, India, Turkey and elsewhere, was accelerating leaving Western bullion markets increasingly short of physical liquidity. Hong Kong and China between them in 2012 had absorbed on official figures 1,458 tonnes, and India a further 988 tonnes, ensuring 2013 kicked off with more global demand than available supply from mines and scrap. Full Story

By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - 28 February, 2014

History does not repeat; it rhymes. Current stability comes from confidence and force. We've all heard that cliché over and over. But to rhyme is to the use any words you choose. We can rhyme in paper or digits, but it is all backed by nothing. There is a not-so-subtle difference between currency and legal tender. Legal tender implies both force and control. And it's worthwhile to explore how far history can be re-expressed through technology. Full Story

By: Doug Casey - 27 February, 2014

Natural-resource legends Doug Casey and Rick Rule discuss the deeply undervalued junior mining sector and the rare opportunity for spectacular returns it offers investors right now. Full Story

By: David Chapman - 27 February, 2014

With the improvement in gold prices and the gold stocks since the beginning of 2014 there has also been an improvement in sentiment. The above chart illustrates the improvement in the gold sentiment as a ratio chart with the global stock market. It tells an interesting story given that the above chart goes back to 1984. Full Story

By: Chris Martenson - 27 February, 2014

According to the stock markets in the US and in Europe, the world’s economy is not just in good shape, but is in the best shape it’s ever been. The S&P 500 hit an intraday new record high of 1,858.71 on Feb 24, 2014, and is now 18.6% above the peak it hit in 2007, a moment everybody now recognizes was heavily overvalued. Full Story

By: - 27 February, 2014 Radio Gold Nugget: Charles Nenner & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Peter Vogel - 27 February, 2014

This week two investment firms came out expressing their disbelief that silver has any more upside, so investors may start getting nervous and begin asking the same question. Back on Feb 11, 2014 I wrote an article titled “Coffee to Outperform Precious Metals” and within the article I stated that Coffee looked to reach $1.75 per pound – today it reached $1.78. I had recommended buying the Coffee ETF – JO @ 23.28 and selling it at 32.99 for a 47% profit in 21 days. What I did not mention in that article was the interesting similarities between the charts of Coffee and Silver. Full Story

By: Keith Weiner - 27 February, 2014

Government spending is out of control and, while most say they want spending cuts, people oppose cuts that impact them. Among those who get government money, there’s practically an unspoken, unbreakable pact to keep the money coming. But when I say that the national debt cannot be paid off, it’s not a political forecast; it’s a statement on the flawed nature of the dollar. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 27 February, 2014

Miners once again moved lower by more than 1% and the volume – while still not huge – was higher than on the previous day. Increasing volume during a downswing is a bearish sign, especially that the day before the decline started we had seen a move up on tiny volume. Full Story

By: Paul Shaefer - 27 February, 2014

Gold - everyone loves it, especially when it comes in the form of something anyone can use. The gold coin. It's one of the most recognizable forms of money there is - even if it's not technically money. And, one of the more recognizable coins out there in the marketplace is the classic American Buffalo. Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch - 26 February, 2014

Gold is now above $1,330 and setting a pattern of short consolidations up against overhead resistance before breaking through and moving higher. This seems to contradict the popular opinion that gold should be sold and funds invested in equity markets. In 2013, the hope that the economic recovery would gain traction in the U.S. caused a persistent trend of selling gold from U.S. based gold Exchange traded Funds. In April 2013, after Goldman Sachs forecast a heavy fall in the gold price, together with their clients and J.P. Morgan Chase, they unloaded around 400 tonnes of physical gold into the market in short time. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 26 February, 2014

The Financial Times' Monday report about a study concluding that the daily London gold price fixing is manipulated probably half the time was deliberately removed from the newspaper's Internet site by the newspaper's editorial staff and did not vanish because of any programming glitch. Full Story

By: Tekoa Da Silva - 26 February, 2014

During a time of rebounding precious metals and mining equity prices, Eric Sprott, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager of Sprott Asset Management, was kind enough to share a few comments. According to Eric, we’ve reached an inflection point in the precious metals, where he believes a prudent speculator may find great opportunity. Here are his full interview comments with Sprott Global Resource Investment Ltd.’s Tekoa Da Silva. Full Story

By: Visual Capitalist - 26 February, 2014

Gold was one of the first metals discovered by ancient peoples and eventually gold grew to symbolize both wealth, royalty, and immortality. Gold began to be used as money by many cultures, but the Romans were the first to use it widespread. The rarity, malleability, durability, ease to identify, and intrinsic value of gold made it perfect for money. Full Story

By: Eric Sprott - 26 February, 2014

Gold declined from $1,900 in September 2011 to $1,188 on December, 19, 2013. Silver declined from $48.50 to $18.50 over approximately the same time frame. Precious metal equities declined by approximately 70% over this period.1 This move down played out exactly as was scripted. However, let us review the causes of this decline. We start out with the most important words ever written by a regulator: BaFin, the German equivalent of the SEC, said that precious metals prices were manipulated worse than LIBOR. Full Story

By: - 26 February, 2014 Radio Gold Nugget: Frank Holmes & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Dennis Miller - 25 February, 2014

Ben Bernanke’s reign as Fed chairman has come to an end, and he’s leaving behind quite the legacy. Among his accolades, he’s bailed out “too big to fail” banks, continued to buy Treasure bonds in order to keep interest rates down, forced seniors to put their life savings at risk, and that’s just to name a few. The effects of this aren’t only to be seen in the savings of current retirees or those about to retire. It’s evident further on down the generations… Full Story

By: Axel Merk - 25 February, 2014

Janet Yellen might have the most powerful job in the world, as the Federal Reserve (Fed) she now chairs controls what may be the world’s most powerful printing press. We take a closer look at what her reign might mean for investors’ portfolios. Full Story

By: Stewart Thomson - 25 February, 2014

As gold rises steadily higher, it “refuses to have a correction”. That’s making some investors nervous. Gold is the greatest investment asset in the world, so it’s important to stay focused on the big picture. To do so, please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this key monthly gold chart. Note the green Keltner lines, which are like river banks around the price bars. Gold hasn’t even risen as high as the middle dotted Keltner line. Gold market technicians should be open to the possibility that in the bigger picture, this rally has only just started. Full Story

By: Gordon T. Long - 25 February, 2014

If you are traveling at 100 mph and you abruptly hit the car breaks, as a passenger it can cause serious consequences. If the car is then suddenly slammed into a reverse direction, a fatality may often the likely outcome. Similarly, with FDI (Foreign Direct Invest) not only dramatically slowing but also being slammed into a negative direction, we might expect major consequences! However, true to form our Keynesian government economist and the compliant media report this by saying it is a short term anomally. Tell this to the passengers! Full Story

By: Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor - 25 February, 2014

An interesting aspect of the gold market is that most analysis is off track, with the reasons put forward for being bullish generally being further off-track than the reasons put forward for being bearish. That's despite gold bulls having the long-term price trend and fundamentals in their favour. The problem is that most gold bulls pay scant attention to the real fundamental price drivers and focus on things that don't matter. A good example is the current focus on the possible reduction in annual gold production stemming from the combination of rising costs and last year's decline in the gold price. Full Story

By: Rick Rule, Chairman and Founder, Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. - 24 February, 2014

Natural-resource-based industries are very capital intensive, and hence extremely cyclical. It is not unreasonable to say that as a natural-resource investor, you are either contrarian or you will be a victim. These markets are risky and volatile! Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 24 February, 2014

For if central bankers really don't bother with gold at all, R.M. wonders, why does the World Gold Council spend so much time talking to them about it? And how can a World Gold Council board member be so ignorant of his organization's work? Or is Lassonde really not ignorant at all but working hard at disinformation for people who are not central bankers? Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 24 February, 2014

Every week, our investment team reviews a variety of sources to formulate a summary of the top events in the gold, resources, and emerging markets. The results are categorized in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We believe this SWOT model helps investors make informed decisions about their gold and gold stock investments. Full Story

By: Gordon T Long - 24 February, 2014

All of this has placed the world on a destructive path towards what can best be termed a "Globalaization Trap" and eventually a global fiat currency crisis. The roadmap is easy to discern and quite evident if you actually study the sign posts without wearing Keynesian filtering glasses and a dose of common sense. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 24 February, 2014

The premise behind the movie (and book) Silver Linings Playbook is certainly a noble one, but not as profound as that of silver itself, which will have quite a playbook of its own in the not too distant future. In the story, the heroes, Pat and Tiffany, overcome adversity by maintaining a positive attitude in attempting to see a ‘silver lining’ in their uncertain circumstances, ironically, much like silver investors today. And in the end the two lovers find themselves in a ‘happy ending’, which in the full measure of time, will undoubtedly be the fate for silver (and gold) bulls as well. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 24 February, 2014

Lassonde thereby contradicts what he told Cambone just seconds earlier about all the effort the German Bundesbank lately has spent lately fending off complaints that there's something fishy about the slow pace of repatriation of the German gold purportedly vaulted at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 24 February, 2014

A lot of investors are going to miss out on the huge bullmarket advance in the Precious Metals sector that is just starting as this is written, because they are frightened of the impact of the broad market on the sector, but as we will see, the sector itself is signaling that it is going up, big time. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 24 February, 2014

In short: In our opinion short positions (half): gold, silver, and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. Gold, silver and mining stocks didn’t do much on Friday, so what we wrote in Friday’s alert is generally up-to-date. However, since the week is over, we have weekly closing prices and volume levels. One of the ratios that we monitor provides a very significant indication as far as weekly price changes are concerned. Let’s take a closer look. Full Story

By: Rambus - 24 February, 2014

In this Weekend Report would like to show you some very long term charts for some of the precious metals stocks that shows us where we’re at in the big picture. For me it’s important to know where a stock has been so I can have and idea if it’s close to a previous low or high or is it just trading in the middle of no mans land. It just provides perspective that one can use as they can then start to reduce the time lines down to the daily and even hourly charts to help make a decision on where to buy or sell a stock. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 24 February, 2014

The financial sky is growing dark. The stock markets are experiencing volatile trade winds. The barometer of the economy grows weak as indicators point to another recession looming on the horizon. The Precious Metal Storm is coming... unfortunately, the public is not prepared. I believe the U.S. and world are heading toward an economic collapse that civilization has never witnessed before. Even though we have suffered greatly through World Wars and global depressions, we have always been able to pull ourselves out of the chaos and destruction by regrouping and rebuilding. Full Story

By: - 23 February, 2014

Jim Rogers is holding on to his gold position in anticipation of an inevitable market bubble and substantial gains. Safe as money in the bank? Not so says the self-made billionaire; the threat of pension fund and savings confiscation is just one more reason to add precious metals investments to a diversified portfolio. Rick Rule, head of Sprott US Holdings says bear markets create bull markets, so it's time for investors to put on their contrarian hats and buy precious metals. Capital scarcity for new resource companies is another contrarian sign indicating that gold and silver miners represent a solid investment for every portfolio. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Chairman, Mauldin Economics - 23 February, 2014

A new word is achieving ubiquity. The word has always been with us and at times has been a beacon to attract the friends of liberty and opportunity. But now I’m afraid it is beginning to be used as a justification for social and economic policies that will limit the expansion of both liberty and opportunity. The word? Inequality. More specifically, the word has become problematic when used in close proximity to the word income. There are those who believe that income inequality is the proximate cause of the Great Recession, if not the imminent demise of Western Civilization, pushing us into a dystopian world that will come to resemble the one depicted in the movie Blade Runner. Full Story

By: Larry LaBorde - 23 February, 2014

Even if you are on the right track you can get run over by a train if you are not moving. Inaction can sometimes kill you. Most of the time you just don’t have the luxury of a crystal ball. Don’t wait until you have all the facts because you never will have them all. Just collect all the facts you can, digest them and make your best decision. Full Story

By: Mary Anne & Pamela Aden - 23 February, 2014

Gold shares are rising even more than gold. We like gold shares and recommend buying both gold and gold shares. The upside is open to at least a decent intermediate rise. Silver is also breaking out, after dragging in recent months. Platinum, and especially palladium, are looking good too. In fact, the whole precious metals universe is looking a lot better. This upcoming rise will tell us a lot about the overall strength (or weakness) in the gold and precious metals markets. But for now, the fundamentals and the technicals are on very positive ground. Full Story

By: Michael Noonan - 23 February, 2014

Fundamentals for gold and silver have become the incense of reality for Westerners. The primary focus is on how many tonnes of gold China has been importing for the past many years, the depletion of available stocks from the central bankers straw men, aka the LMBA and COMEX, the number of coins sold by various governments to the public, [a relative drop in the bucket, but its reporting has a sensation factor], etc, etc. Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 23 February, 2014

A good week for markets as they consolidate where they should and they’re just catching their breath before the next burst higher. This is a bull market so there is really only one way to play it and that is to be long. Dip buying has been paying off well, as well as momentum buying. Just keeping things as simple as possible and focusing on leading stocks is working so I’ll stick with it until it stops. Full Story

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