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Weekly Archive

By: Bill Bonner & Dan Denning, The Daily Reckoning - 7 April, 2006

-Gold is trying to tell us something...we're just not exactly sure what...
-The value of a thing varies inversely with its availability...Addison is a menace to society...
-We didn't realize how truly contrarian we are until last night...what makes the Irish so optimistic, forward-looking and cheerful?...and more! Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 7 April, 2006

This week a Chinese banking official commented that China held too many dollars in reserve and that perhaps the bank should seek to reduce its exposure. Not surprisingly, the dollar reacted by falling sharply against the euro and Swiss franc and even more against gold and silver. (The greenback gain a temporary reprieve later in the week following dovish comments from the ECB) Bond prices also fell, with yields rising to their highest levels since September of 2004. Full Story

By: Paul van Eeden - 7 April, 2006

The amount, and the growth rate of US government debt, coupled with the possibility that China will have to reduce its purchases of US Treasuries to comply with the wishes of Washington, means that US interest rates could soar. Again, we are not talking about short-term rates here, but longer-term rates: The five-year rate on which auto financings are based, and the twenty and thirty-year rates on which mortgage rates are based. This is bound to hurt US consumers, corporations and the US economy and it will occur in conjunction with a weakening US dollar, which means higher gasoline prices. A weaker dollar also means higher gold prices. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 7 April, 2006

Just when we were starting to get the hang of Wall Street’s bad-news-is-good-news reflex, they change the rules! Yesterday’s bad news was that March retail sales had fallen short of expectations, producing the weakest monthly increase in same-store receipts since November 2004. Now, there is no question that this is indeed bad news for an economy in which consumption has at times accounted for as much as 85% of GDP. So how did the stock market react? Well, the Dow gyrated nervously all day, but in the end the blue chip average finished down 23 points. Full Story

By: Eric Fry & Puru Saxena, The Daily Reckoning - 6 April, 2006

-Doing our best to fill Bill's hits the $600 mark...
-The reasons behind the rally...if gold is exploding, silver can't be far behind...
-Wise words from the country's comptroller...laugh, and the world laughs with you...and more! Full Story

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. - 5 April, 2006

Were you one of those who were concerned that when the Fed pushed the interest rates higher that gold would suffer? Well, look at the chart below which shows gold’s price action a few days AFTER the Federal Reserve raised rates. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Chuck Butler & Justice Litle, The Daily Reckoning - 5 April, 2006

-Oh, those crazy kids...use your illusion...what's the point in learning "skills"?
-If you could really get richer by refusing to trade with the rest of the world, North Korea would be the richest country on the planet...
-The logic of degeneracy and the culture of dependency...the money pit strikes again...and more! Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 5 April, 2006

I was stunned to see that Total Fed Credit actually went down by $6.7 billion last week. Either there is a sudden drop in demand for new money, or the Federal Reserve (reversing their explicit policy of the last two decades) is not letting the banks create insane amounts of new money to accommodate the usual ravenous demand for money. Either way, for a debt-soaked economy so twisted, so misshapen, so malignant and so absurd as ours (and, by extension, the world's), this is bad news in spades (BNIS). Full Story

By: John Rubino, - 5 April, 2006

"The unusual action of silver and gold here lately is the result of lots and lots of guys, businesses and banks on the hook for billions and billions of dollars in short sales, year after year after year. The rise in the prices of gold and silver means financial death for them. So buy them with confidence, perhaps even with a little malice against those creeps, as they can't keep it up for much longer, and the prices of gold and silver will shoot to the moon when they finally give up." Full Story

By: Paul van Eeden - 4 April, 2006

The net result of reduced foreign investments coming into the US will be higher US interest rates, a lower US dollar, a falling US stock market, declining US real estate prices, rising unemployment and rising gasoline prices due to higher oil prices as a result of a weaker US dollar. And, of course, a rising gold price. Full Story

By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre - 4 April, 2006

CNBC is not in the news business; rather, they are all about high ratings. Their highest rated show these days is none other than Mad Money, which is basically one hour of Jim Cramer screaming at viewers to buy this and sell that. Mad Money reminds us of those 3am sports betting forecast shows where so-called experts give you their predictions on the week’s games. Hearing Jim Cramer scream “Buy Google” isn’t much different than Matthew McConaughey’s character in Two for the Money tell clients to take the Lions over the Packers. Full Story

By: Eric Fry & Dr. Hans Sennholz, The Daily Reckoning - 4 April, 2006

-Not a peep from Bill today...a short and sweet edition of the DR follows...
-Gold and silver have fallen - but they won't stay down for long...
-The possible silver ETF poses an explosive Information Revolution...and more! Full Story

By: Richard Benson - 4 April, 2006

Based on the logic of history, those who rent for a few years, rather than buy, will be rewarded the most (even though rents should increase with general inflation). Yes, the day will come again when it will, indeed, cost less to buy than it does to rent. When that day comes, it will signify the return, once again, of Housing Heaven. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, Chuck Butler & The Mogambo Guru, The Daily Reckoning - 3 April, 2006

-Following the breadcrumb trail of ideas to see where it leads...searching for an explanation for war...
-As institutions mature, more and more parasites find ways to game the system...caution - falling rocks ahead!
-Condo market headed for a slump...frightening pension problems...and more! Full Story

By: - 3 April, 2006

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas enjoys a national reputation as the premier advocate for liberty in politics today. Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency. He is known among both his colleagues in Congress and his constituents for his consistent voting record in the House of Representatives: Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the "one exception to the Gang of 535" on Capitol Hill. Full Story

By: Charleston Voice - 2 April, 2006

Do you have one of these monuments or its equivalent in your backyard? No, me neither. Monuments are just stone anyway. What gave it its prominence has long since been dug up, played-out, and hauled away. It took only 21 years to completely deplete the greatest single mining strike in history. A portion of the plentiful booty went to establishing the Hearst publishing empire. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millenium Wave Advisors - 2 April, 2006

This week the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates once again, for the 15th straight time. As everyone knows by now, the press release at the end of the meeting suggests that they will raise rates at the next meeting. But after that? Like children in the back seat of the car on a long trip, the markets keep asking "Are we there yet?" We look at that answer and more as we ponder what goes on in a central banker's mind. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner & Justice Litle, The Daily Reckoning - 2 April, 2006

-"Dark Matter" and other goofball efforts to disguise the facts... the U.S. drops to 16th in broadband access...
-Monetary astronomers..."the ETFs are coming!"...history grinds...democracy as a tree...U.S. comptroller general continues to sound the alarm...
-"Was it really wrong to stop Hitler?"...E.M. Forester's take on Florence...extraordinary headlines...and so much more, more, more - it hurts! Full Story

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