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Weekly Archive

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 24 April, 2009

With much fanfare this week, Congress and the Administration began a series of actions designed to protect over-leveraged consumers from the high fees imposed by credit card lenders. As with most other initiatives devised by government, this policy will create a host of unintended consequences that will undermine the benefit the program hopes to create. Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report - 24 April, 2009

As you may know, I purchased the Rocklin Coin shop. It has really helped our business, since we are now doing higher volumes of overall sales, and we can thus pass these savings on to you. We have new lower prices for the following items, both at, or if you buy it now on the phones, or come in to the Coin shop: Full Story

By: The Gold Report and John Licata - 24 April, 2009

"If you think that you can be a beneficiary of some commodity strategies, just stick with it in the downturn," says John J. Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix Inc., adding "you'll be all the better for it." Bullish on gold, platinum, palladium and natural gas, John is anything but bullish on the recovery, which he sees happening later than expected. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, John shares his near- and long-term outlook on the various metals and discusses what he feels are the best investment plays in the sector right now. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning - 24 April, 2009

Today, Argentina is a mess. But it is an adulterated mess. The restaurants in Buenos Aires are still full. The beef is tasty. The women are pretty. The weather is nice. But so distrustful of Argentina’s public finances are investors that you could earn as much as 70% yield on a peso bond – the implied yield at today’s heavily discounted prices. Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 24 April, 2009

Thus the evidence continues to accumulate that U.S. Fed/Treasury policies favor the Mega-Bank Members and Allies of the Fed-led Cartel*, and disfavor Regional and Local Banks and, indeed, disfavor all of Main Street. Full Story

By: Daniel Aaronson and Lee Markowitz - 24 April, 2009

The Prudent Man Rule directs trustees to observe how men of prudence, discretion and intelligence manage their own affairs, not in regard to speculation, but in regard to the permanent disposition of their funds, considering the probable income, as well as the probable safety of the capital to be invested. Plainly stated, the Prudent Man Rule is about managing financial affairs responsibly. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 24 April, 2009

Whoops! Within a matter of weeks, two of the world's biggest monetary powers – Russia and China – publicly said they wanted to discuss including gold in a new global "basket" to replace the Dollar as reserve No.1... Full Story

By: Doug Hornig, Editor, BIG GOLD - 24 April, 2009

You probably remember movies about the Old West, wherein a shady-looking character would offer to exchange a gold coin for a horse, and the seller would bite down on the coin to verify its authenticity. That was about all you could do if you lacked proper assaying equipment and had to make a snap judgment: depend on your teeth to tell you whether the metal in your hand was sufficiently soft to be genuine gold. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC - 24 April, 2009

Out of their dismal lows in early March, the stock markets rocketed 27% higher in a single month! After such fast gains, Wall Street remained skeptical. Was this a typical bear rally that would soon collapse? But as the last couple weeks have shown, it didn’t. Stocks not only held their rally gains, but they continued moving higher. Full Story

By: David Morgan, Silver Investor - 24 April, 2009

I’ve been noticing something that I have not seen here before, David. I’m in the Greater Los Angeles area and in just a four- or five-block radius from where I am, there are at least four or five gold and silver shops that have sprung up and by gold and silver shops, [I mean that] they want to buy whatever you’ve got. It’s quite a phenomenon. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 24 April, 2009

You know, it is very pleasing to me that the readers of the blog are not just concerned about trading, about market direction or perish the thought, stock picks. I myself have less and less patience for people who only care about the trade, as if the system that the trade relies upon is going to be there forever. A lot of readers of this blog care deeply about the macro fundamentals that serve as the canvas upon which all the other stuff is painted. Full Story

By: Chris Vermeulen - 24 April, 2009

Over the past two weeks the broad market has been inching its way higher. The recent intraday volatility indicates bull and bears are both trying to take control. Money flows in one hour and out the next. This is not the greatest price action for swing traders, but day traders love these powerful intraday moves. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 24 April, 2009

Recently, Kosta Triantos with ThunderBay Consulting Canada Limited (at was good enough to share with me some very good ideas on the question of gold confiscation. Kosta’s perception may be on the mark on the confiscation issue. Thus, I am compelled to comment upon them in this Goldsmiths in the vein that they seem to be extremely relevant to what is going on in the world on gold. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 24 April, 2009

Paul Volcker, the legendary former chairman of the Federal Reserve who heroically defeated a raging inflation, against powerful political opposition, which was the result of massive government spending in the ’60s and ’70s on wars and increased entitlement spending, and who is now mysteriously part of the ridiculous Obama team of economic nitwits occupying in the White House, has finally said something! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 24 April, 2009

Yesterday’s trade recommendations scored two dead-center bullseyes, each calling a rally top within a single tick. In Gold, we were looking for the June Comex contract to leap sharply to 910.30. When the dust had settled, the futures had traded as high as 910.40, the peak of an $18 rally. Although the high fell just shy of the 911.90 print needed to refresh the bullish trend, it seemed a foregone conclusion the futures would get there, and soon, since they were maintaining altitude in after-hours trading following a weak pullback from the intraday peak. Full Story

By: Peter Degraaf - 23 April, 2009

The Gold Direction Indicator is flashing another buy signal. This indicates that the pull-back that started late February is probably finished. A new rally is about to start. Some of the monetary inflation that the Obama team is injecting into the system is starting to turn into price inflation. Full Story

By: Jim Willie CB - 23 April, 2009

In a series of maneuvers, Chinese officials have revealed their strategy implementation in a very broad set of steps. Beijing leaders plan to establish the yuan currency as a global reserve currency. The process will be made more complete after issuance of a large volume of Chinese Govt debt securities, soon in coming. The number of policy actions is impressive. Full Story

By: Ira Epstein - 23 April, 2009

My bias is now bullish. The current trend is up. Getting under 882.74 will negate the current uptrend and turn the trend back down. The upside target, assuming the trend turns up comes in at 927.4, which is where the 45-Day Moving Average of Closes now intersects prices. This number will fall a bit each day going forward since prices are trading well under this price level. Full Story

By: The Energy Report and Matt Badiali - 23 April, 2009

Who doesn't want the opportunity to make 300%, 400%—even 500%—on stocks? "As an investor right now," says Matt Badiali, editor of the S&A Oil Report, "I think this is the best time you could possibly be buying your oil stocks." In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Matt reviews the last two decades of this highly cyclical commodity, explaining how you can capitalize on 20-year lows in oil service companies before the world economies stabilize. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 23 April, 2009

Gregory Mankiw, professor of court economics at Harvard and economic advisor to President George W. Bush, proposed negative interest rates in a recent New York Times article. Mike Shedlock, a prominent financial commentator has appropriately weighed in 19 March with Time For Mankiw To Resign and again on 21 March with Economist Mankiw Defends Policy of Theft. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 23 April, 2009

Since the Chinese put a new global reserve currency on the table at the G20 summit which created $250 billion in new IMF Special Drawing Rights, discussion of the new currency has increased, and the logic of putting precious metals into this basket is clear. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 23 April, 2009

I have not belabored this point for a while now because with all the hopeful market activity of late, sprung by the heroic inflation efforts by Britain's leaders, along with those in the US, China and Europe with a dose of G20 and IMF noise thrown in for good measure, it was time for the deflation angle to take a back seat. Full Story

By: John Browne, Senior Market Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital - 23 April, 2009

On April 20th, Bank of America announced a first quarter surge in earnings to $4.2 billion. At first blush, it looked like the kind of news that would ignite a stock market rally. Instead, the Dow closed down 289 points. Could it be that, despite the apparent good news, investors don't trust the banks or the economy? Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 23 April, 2009

In the past year, the Goldsmiths have broached the possibilities of deflation in at least four presentations (parts 27, 47, 54 and 56) in the context that the present economic deflation pressures are coming precisely from the plutocratic ruling Rothschild Cabal. But ultimately, the Goldsmiths have allowed that the eventual threat will devolve to a hyperinflationary blow off. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 23 April, 2009

As usual, I put on an adult-sized diaper and my tinfoil hat in careful preparation to look at the change in Total Fed Credit last week, and it is a good thing I did, too, because the Federal Reserve (as expressed in their secret motto “We Are Evil”) created, out thin air, $29 billion new dollars in bank credit! Wow! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 23 April, 2009

We once wrote here that white collar workers would someday be jealous of their mailman. It would appear that that day has finally arrived. Why the envy? For one, the mailman enjoys the kind of job security that most workers in the private sector gave up years ago. For two, the mailman’s healthcare package is comparable to what top executives receive. And for three, there are all those paid holidays, sunshine and fresh air. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning - 22 April, 2009

In the meantime, the Dow rallied a bit yesterday – up 127 points…barely half of what it lost on Monday. Is the bounce still bouncing? We don’t know. But we don’t trust it. They say the stock market ‘looks ahead.’ So, it is possible for it to see things we can’t see. On the other hand, what was it looking at two years ago? Didn’t it see the economy going over a cliff? Apparently not. Full Story

By: Nick Barisheff, Bullion Management Group - 22 April, 2009

Many investors believe their portfolios have exposure to gold and precious metals because they hold stocks in mining companies. Bullion and mining stocks should be viewed as two different investments. But as a safe haven, no gold or silver or platinum mining stock (or even an ETF) compares with actual physical bullion. Let’s examine why physical bullion is the superior investment to mining stock’s for long-term investors. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 22 April, 2009

The Truth Movement has become a real thorn in the side of the Illuminati. So many people are now finally catching on to their sinister plans that their usual strategies are not working. The facts and predictions divulged to the public via the Truth Movement have proved to be too accurate for the Illuminati to counter with their usual bogus rhetoric because no one believes them anymore. Full Story

By: Lorimer Wilson - 22 April, 2009

I was about to sing the praises of a new warrant that has just been issued by a Canadian gold mining company with producing mines in North, Central and South America and then I looked at the company’s prospectus – and now I am not so sure. Full Story

By: Michael S. Rozeff - 22 April, 2009

I’d like to extend my remarks on Donald Kohn’s recent speech in Nashville, because here we have a top FED official clearly outlining the FED’s recent actions and, to some extent, trying to justify them. His speech makes clear what the FED has done and why it has done it. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 22 April, 2009

Yesterday the International Monetary Fund raised its estimate of the total cost of the global financial crisis from mid-2007 to 2010 to $4 trillion in bank write downs. Are we therefore going to see a repeat of the banking crises that caused the Great Depression of the 1930s? Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report - 22 April, 2009

As I reported yesterday, the study of economic fundamentals is a lost art, a lost science, something that nobody has paid attention to in the financial world for nearly 30 years, except a few "crackpot" independent thinkers like me, who have been making money hand over fist for the last decade as we discovered the bull market in precious metals by studying the basic fundamentals like "Most gold mines can't produce more gold for less than $300/oz." back in 1999. Full Story

By: - 22 April, 2009

Special GSR Gold Nugget: JIM ROGERS & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 22 April, 2009

Dominic Frisby of writes, “According to Jeff Christian of commodities research firm CPM Group, investors bought 70m ounces of silver in 2007; 100m in 2008; and based on current trends, they’re on track to buy 180m ounces in 2009.” Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 22 April, 2009

With the stock market giddy as ever yesterday, gold held up surprisingly well. The June Comex contract was off just slightly even though Dow Industrials tacked on 128 points. Ordinarily, with the broad averages in a moderate short-squeeze, we would have expected bullion futures to give up more of the gains they’d achieved on Friday. In a bigger picture gold looks even more impressive, since it has fallen by only six percent while the Dow has risen 24 percent since the bear rally began on March 6. Full Story

By: Jake Towne - 21 April, 2009

All over the United States last week, over-taxation "Tea Parties" protests broke out, rightly directed at Congress. Many Americans found themselves protesting on the streets and fields of their nation for the first time. This occurred despite the massive smokescreen put in place by the corporate mainstream media and Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Full Story

By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing - 21 April, 2009

In just six weeks the S&P 500 has climbed about 30% and the broader, small-cap focused Russell 2000 has soared 40%. It’s the steepest rally in more than 70 years. The bulls are off and running. Despite it all, very few people believe this rally can last. And it’s because there are still so very few people getting in on this rally, odds are it won’t end very soon. Full Story

By: Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning - 21 April, 2009

As near as we can tell, the financial world conveniently remained on hold while we were gone. As of Sunday night, little had changed. Gold, stocks…economists…politicians – they’re all about where we left them. That is to say, the bear market rally on Wall Street continued... But yesterday, the rally on Wall Street got smacked in the chops. Full Story

By: Theodore Butler & James R. Cook - 21 April, 2009

There will continue to be dramatic gains in solar power, electric vehicles and electrical transmission. The future will require significant quantities of silver. This will exert a powerful stimulus on silver prices. You should buy silver for its many electrical applications, not the least is the "charge" it can give to your financial well-being. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 21 April, 2009

So money-supply growth of 18% per consumer prices inflation half-as-great again as the official equals deflation. Says who? Says everyone. Full Story

By: Bud Conrad, Chief Economist, The Casey Report - 21 April, 2009

It’s time to call the global crisis what it is: the worst financial collapse since 1929. That’s no surprise to subscribers of The Casey Report, who have been amply warned over the last five years. But now even government officials, after trying to ignore the facts on the ground for the last couple of years, are admitting the truth of the matter. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 21 April, 2009

While in Minnesota about six months ago I was approached about tutoring a high school senior with his thesis for an Advanced Placement class. He desired to write his 10,000 word thesis on monetary policy and needed a mentor. Usually the mentors had to be local so that the students could discuss the projects. An exception was made and I found myself with a young Padawan, William Simpson. Full Story

By: Michael S. Rozeff - 21 April, 2009

Donald L. Kohn is a powerful man, as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the FED. He shouldn’t have this power. Nor should the FED have the power it has. Not under the U.S. Constitution. Not in a nation of free men and women. And not if we want a sound economy. Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report - 21 April, 2009

Last week, I reported my opinion that the moneylenders in control of the government are both incapable of stopping the silver fraud taking place, and unwilling. Many people think they are deliberately trying to destroy this nation. No, they are not that smart or purposefully devious. They are deliberately trying to line their own pockets, without one care about whether this harms this nation, or not. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 21 April, 2009

The gold price is poised to break through $1,000 an ounce this week and could reach $1,500 before a price consolidation. Yesterday gold and silver closed higher while global stock markets fell as the five-week rally ended. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 21 April, 2009

Here is a 60 minute chart showing yesterday's breakdown with some downside targets. At this point I am not sure whether I will plan to buy anything positively correlated to hope for a would-be 'C' leg into summer. I prefer to just let things unfold and see if we are correct on the A-B-C correction first. Full Story

By: David Bond - 21 April, 2009

As sure as our daffodils and tulips will follow our spray of crocus, as sure as Solstice warmth will follow the May and June rains ahead, even as sure as the sun sets on Western hegemony and Empire, even as it rises on an Asia that understands that metals win all wars and that silver and gold keep score, and the companies who mine and look for silver have their sunshine day a-coming. Plant and propagate your bulbs accordingly, and watch them multiply, before the soil hardens and the brown-shirts rip them out. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 21 April, 2009

Long before the Goldsmiths articles made their debut in August 2008, at, I was thoroughly convinced that the plutocratic rulers of the US were involved in a giant conspiracy to rip us all off through their manipulation and control of the financial markets. The basis of my thinking was predicated upon my experience of being cheated several times in the gold and silver markets over the years 1960 to 2000. During this period, I could never understand why gold and silver so often turned out to be bad investments all the while that the US dollar was being turned into a fiat currency. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU - 21 April, 2009

This is where I stand up, look around, and make crude and rude farting sounds to express my complete disbelief that people are not buying gold, silver and oil against this kind of monstrous expansion of the money supply; a behavior which I have promised to no longer do at the dinner table, either at home or someplace else, ever again. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 21 April, 2009

For a few bracing hours yesterday, everything seemed right with the world: stocks were getting pounded, gold and silver were moving energetically higher, and crude oil was plummeting just as it should in a world that is sinking into the mire of recession-or-worse. It was a welcome change from the surreal, feel-good mood that has pervaded the bourses in the U.S. and elsewhere since early March. Full Story

By: Michael J. Kosares - 20 April, 2009

As illustrated above, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's serial attempts to persuade the International Monetary Fund to sell gold have proven to be one of the more reliable indicators of an impending price spike. Over the past decade, Brown has begged, pleaded and otherwise cajoled the IMF no less than four times to sell from its 3217 tonne hoard. Full Story

By: Hubert Moolman - 20 April, 2009

The price of fiat money is being managed and therefore affecting the paper price of gold, but even so, the paper price of gold cannot be successfully suppressed, because of the nature of fiat money. Also, no group of people have so much power to successfully suppress the paper price of gold, it is just fear that makes them seem so powerful. Fiat money will realise its full value of nothing and therefore true money will prosper. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 20 April, 2009

That’s where we are in terms of whether equities, and the inflation mindset, continue to fill with air past this point – it’s time for a pause. This is basically what Carl Swenlin is pointing out in making the observation intermediate-term technicals are now overbought, and that the stock market should pullback somewhat from here before building the necessary steam to produce a more lasting breakout. Full Story

By: Howard S. Katz - 20 April, 2009

Today I want to have a little discussion of the technical methods I use at the One-handed Economist. Methods of predicting the markets divide into two kinds: technical and fundamental. Early in my career the fundamentalists convinced me that the vast majority of them could not predict the markets. Full Story

By: Axel Merk & Kieran Osborne - 20 April, 2009

Present policies may be sowing the seeds for the next financial crisis. Despite recent market optimism, we believe present interventions could produce significant future adverse and unintended consequences. Rather than curing the patient, the present initiatives may be overprescribing the patient with medication that cause significant side effects (and leave a bad taste in the mouth). Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 20 April, 2009

In today’s uncertain world a diversified precious metals’ investment portfolio is perhaps a logical approach to the dangers of future devaluation of the US dollar and inflation from aggressive policies to counter the impact of the recession. Full Story

By: Larry LaBorde - 20 April, 2009

The press has spent endless hours debating on how to deal with pirates lately. It is obvious that they do not respect our private property rights and want to make a living from plundering others. It should be obvious that we can not allow them to keep their plunder that was obtained through treachery. Piracy is simply thievery of other people’s private property because opportunity favors the pirates at the moment. Full Story

By: Boris Sobolev - 20 April, 2009

The latest gold down-leg began in February has now lasted for two months. However, over the past four weeks the price of gold has declined without interruption. Five consecutive declining weeks for the metal is a pretty rare event – this has occurred only three times in the past eight years of this secular bull market (May 2004, June 2006 and August 2008). Full Story

By: Chris Vermeulen - 20 April, 2009

So many people want to know how to trade gold and to be honest, if your patient enough to wait for a buy signal and low risk setup then trading gold can really pay off with only a few trades. This report shows a couple charts which I follow to help time my trades. My trading model allows us to trade any sector but I prefer to trade gold and oil because of the accuracy which they have provided in the past. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 20 April, 2009

While the Rothschild Cabal plutocrats are busy planning their Amero or some other regional currency for the Americas (to lead the way to a one world currency), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his colleagues are moving forward with their own plans for a regional currency to replace the US dollar. Chavez made the announcement on Apr 16, 2009 in Caracas. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 20 April, 2009

Here’s the headline from Saturday morning’s Boulder Camera that pushed Colorado’s big snowstorm off the front page: City Mulls Millions in Cuts. Uh-oh. Could it have been just a few short weeks ago that we were reading about how Boulder’s budget was well under control? The story then was that the city was going to have to watch expenditures more closely than usual because of the severity of the economic downturn. Full Story

By: - 19 April, 2009

1st Hour:
Headline news & Market Weatherman Forecast.
Spotlight Stock Picks with big dividends.
The International Forecaster and Host Chris Waltzek answer listeners' questions.
2nd Hour:
- Amber Lupton & Nathan Otto, Give Peace a Deadline Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 19 April, 2009

American’s ruling class, which controls Wall Street, banking and government, continues to suppress the less fortunate. Over the years we have seen these elitists rescue themselves at the expense of the American public. Any professional observer knows the core of this power structure lies within the Federal Reserve, which has created booms and busts for almost 100 years. Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 19 April, 2009

Both gold and silver have suffered technical deterioration over the past week with the result that they are now close to aborting the short to medium-term bullish scenario that was set out in the last update. Meanwhile, large Precious Metals shares are on the point of breaking down from their shallow uptrends in force from December - January after further losses this past week. Full Story

By: Christian Normann - 19 April, 2009

Gold is now very near our long anticipated target buying range of $855 to $823, and the S&P 500 is getting overbought, though it may push up to the 930-945 range (which should represent an excellent shorting opportunity). Crude oil remains trapped between $37 and $56, and the Japanese Yen is showing potential signs of starting to strengthen again. Full Story

By: Andy Hoffman - 19 April, 2009

The financial market madness we are currently witnessing is difficult to put into words. So much so, that for the first time in years, I find myself at times speechless. Irrespective, I have untied my tongue long enough to put together some thoughts describing my view of what is going on from the highest-level, macroeconomic sense. Full Story

By: James West - 19 April, 2009

We can’t blame Mssrs. Obama, Geithner and Bernanke for talking their book. I would bet that they all got a pep talk from their advisors admonishing them for excessive gloominess in the first 60 days of the new regime. They’re obliged by their positions to tout hard, and doom and gloom is no way to sell stock. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors - 19 April, 2009

Two weeks ago I presented my thoughts on the current economic situation at my 6th Annual Strategic Investment Conference in La Jolla (co-hosted with Altegris Investments). The speech was well-received, at least to judge from the comment forms. So this week and next, we are going to revisit that talk (with a few edits). Let's start with a little set-up to explain the first few paragraphs. Full Story

By: The Gold Report and Sean Rakhimov - 19 April, 2009 editor Sean Rakhimov expects the economic crisis may go on for a generation even with (or because of) all the government intervention. In this exclusive interview with the Gold Report, he tells us he expects physical gold and silver to lead the parade. When picking stocks to buy now, he says investors have to decide for themselves whether a company will survive the washout; it may be tough going from here to there, but ignoring short-term market fluctuations and sticking with survivors should prove beneficial in the long run. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 19 April, 2009

There is much gnashing of teeth among financial analysts this weekend who are pondering whether the sudden recent rally in stocks is sustainable, and could go higher than its already record level, or whether this is just an uptick on a long road to the bottom of a great bear market. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 19 April, 2009

Back in the 1960s to the 1990s, I struggled hard trying to figure out why I could never make any money on my investments in gold and silver which logically should have paid off big because of the stupid spending habits of the US Government and the gross expansion of the money supply by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. Full Story

By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru - 19 April, 2009 reports that Janet Yellen, president of the San Francisco Fed bank, says, to my complete disbelief, “For some time to come, disinflation, and even deflation, will represent greater risks than inflation.” Full Story

By: Merv Burak, CMT - 19 April, 2009

Since reaching its recent high in late February gold has been tracking a basic downward path. It closed on Friday at a new reaction low. Is this to continue into a new bear market move or are we in for a reversal ahead? Full Story

By: Douglas V. Gnazzo - 19 April, 2009

Despite reports that the worst is over, the financial crisis continues unabated. Certain indicators have improved, but to think that the largest bubble in history has run its course in two years time is wishful thinking at best; and delusional at worst. Full Story

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