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Weekly Archive

By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - 23 January, 2015

In recent days and weeks we noted key levels for Gold at $1250 as well as $1270-$1280. Over the past two weeks Gold easily cleared $1250 and continued to $1300. Today it is trading around $1290 and will close above its 80-week moving average for the second consecutive week. That last happened in late 2012. Gold continues to show strength and far more bullish than bearish signs. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 23 January, 2015

The Swiss have been known for many things. They are renowned chocolate and watch makers as well as financiers. They are well known as a very low crime society where nearly everyone has a gun (maybe this is why crime is low?) but their greatest claim to fame has been their “neutrality. They did not participate in either World War I or WWII. They did however do business with both sides during World War II and profited handsomely. If you recall, many accounts they had held went unclaimed for years because many of the “depositors” were killed during the holocaust. Full Story

By: Andrew Hoffman - 23 January, 2015

It’s 2:30 AM MST Friday morning, on my “day off.” However, I couldn’t sleep because too much is going through my head – as I digest the second “financial big bang” in just a week’s time. Many more are coming this year – perhaps as early as Monday, following Sunday’s Greek elections; and no doubt, several will be of the “black swan” variety. As discussed in yesterday’s MUST LISTEN audio blog, the two guaranteed to “rock the world” are the inevitable “Yellen Reversal” – i.e., when Janet Yellen admits the U.S. needs more QE as well; and, more calamitous yet, when the surging dollar forces the Chinese to de-peg the Yuan. Full Story

By: Market Anthropology - 23 January, 2015

Despite arriving late to Thursday's press conference - ironically, held up by a new ECB elevator system that just wouldn't cooperate... Draghi delivered the goods. The ECB would buy over 1 trillion euros through September 2016 - or until there is a "sustained adjustment in the path of inflation". True to monetary form, the program exceeded expectations, even surprising by 20 percent the tactical "leak" of 50 billion euros/month floated just the day before. Full Story

By: TV - 23 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview with the editor of Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin, Keith Schaefer. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Oil has Not Stabilized Yet and Will Stay Volatile This Spring
- Smaller Bets and Fewer Bets are the Key for 2015
- Natural Gas Prices Will Likely Drop Even Further Full Story

By: John Browne, Senior Economic Consultant at Euro Pacific Capital - 23 January, 2015

On Thursday, January 15th, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) discontinued its three year effort to maintain its minimum currency floor of the Swiss franc. In a single day the move sent the Swiss Franc (SWF) climbing a massive 21% against the U.S. dollar and 41% against the euro. The move sent shockwaves of unprecedented ferocity through the massive foreign exchange (FX) market, which is by far the largest, and most highly levered, trading market in the world. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence - 23 January, 2015

Gold surged this week on massive buying from stock investors and speculators. This critical group of traders and their vast pools of capital utterly abandoned gold in the past couple years. So to see them start to flock back is a watershed event, heralding a major reversal in gold’s fortunes. And with their gold exposure remaining near extreme lows, they have vast buying left to do to restore prudent portfolio diversification. Full Story

By: Nick Giambruno - 23 January, 2015

It’s no secret that it is becoming harder and harder to open an offshore bank account. Soon it could be impossible. This is a strong incentive to act sooner rather than later to get one—even if you don’t plan to use it immediately. Full Story

By: David Chapman - 23 January, 2015

The central banks of the world continue to shock markets. “Shock” was a word used to describe the completely unexpected rate cut by the Bank of Canada (BofC) on Wednesday January 21, 2014. It was not quite in the same league as the shock delivered by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) the previous week when they unexpectedly released the Swiss Franc from its peg with the Euro. There were some similar if opposite effects. The Swiss Franc soared that day while the Cdn$ “tanked” losing 2% against the US$ on the day. Full Story

By: TV - 23 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview with the Chief Economist at Dundee Capital Markets, Dr. Martin Murenbeeld. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- China’s Economy and Their Love for Gold
- Reserve Currencies and their Acceptance Around the World
- What Lower Oil Prices Mean for Gold Full Story

By: TV - 23 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview Bill Murphy and Ed Steer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. They discuss several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- The Chinese and Russians Know What GATA Knows
- Repatriation News Out in the Open Are Signs of Smoke Becoming Fire
- A Panic for Gold is Coming Full Story

By: TV - 23 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview with the founder of Kaiser Research Online, John Kaiser. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- The Factors Behind the Collapse in Oil
- Oil Will Not Stay Cheap for more than 1-2 Years
- Geopolitics and Gold Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 23 January, 2015

After months of waiting, the European Central Bank (ECB) finally carried through with its stated promise of unlimited monetary support to its ailing economy. The ECB announced its own version of quantitative easing (QE) on Thursday, a move which lifted the dark clouds that have recently hung over financial markets. Full Story

By: Plunger - 23 January, 2015

Let’s step back and take a look at where we are and eyeball a few charts. I think one needs to resolve the key question with oneself. Are we in a new bull market or has this been yet another BMR within a big bad bear market that has not yet hit bottom? Rambus’ long term charts argue that the bear is not yet over. My studies with the psychology of bear markets and the categorizing of phases also argue the bear is not over. Full Story

By: - 23 January, 2015

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Dr. Chris Martenson & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 23 January, 2015

With the new year now in full swing, Silver is one of the top performing commodities in 2015. After falling over 71% from its high of $49.82 in April 2011, to a low of $14.16 in December 2014, silver is up 16.3% in 2015. Not only is silver up higher than gold in percentage terms, it’s nearly double gold’s performance of 9.3% in January. Full Story

By: Dan Norcini - 23 January, 2015

Now that we have had a chance to see how the dust settled after this historic day in the markets, there are some observations I would like to make. I want to start out first with the junior mining shares, as evidenced by the GDXJ. The readers know that I have expressed concern over the fact that this group has been lagging the performance of the actual metal. Typically, in a strong upside run in gold, that is not the case as this index tends to outperform the metal itself. Full Story

By: George Smith - 23 January, 2015

TIME’s Rana Foroohar is concerned about how technology is making all of us less trusting. It’s moving too fast, she says, at least for the average Joe. Backing her up is the 2015 Trust Barometer Survey, released every year at the World Economic Forum in Davos that’s ongoing now. Two out of every three consumers in the 27 countries surveyed said they were unable to cope with the fast pace of technology development. Full Story

By: TV - 22 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview with author of The Morgan Report, David Morgan. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- The Final Low for Silver Is In!
- Paper Proxies Take Away From the Physical Market
- China and India are Major Players in the Silver Market Full Story

By: Jared Dillian - 22 January, 2015

Central bank says it’s going to do A, does B instead. For investors, it’s much harder to take risk in that kind of environment. So I think the logical thing to do is to look at other pegged/managed currency pairs in the world—like the Chinese yuan, the Hong Kong dollar, and the Danish krone—but also any situation where a central bank has said it’s going to do an unlimited amount of anything, because as you can see with the Swiss National Bank (SNB), it’s subjected to the same P&L forces as everyone else. Full Story

By: Mary Anne & Pamela Aden - 22 January, 2015

For now, if gold’s firmness since November continues, and gold stays above $1200, it’ll be doing fine. But if it stays above $1265 (the 65 week moving average), it’ll be turning bullish, reinforcing that a further decline is unlikely. Gold would then turn super bullish if it can manage to rise and stay above $1300, its mega moving average. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 22 January, 2015

As you now know, Europe is set to announce a new QE program. I wish these money printing rocket scientists would call it like it really is, outright monetization but then again the average non thinking person might ask questions? The leak yesterday said the size would be 50 billion euros per month, or more (it turned out to be 60 billion). Thinking about this from a far away view, we can glean a few hilarious aspects. Full Story

By: World Gold Council - 22 January, 2015

Turkey has a long tradition of gold demand; we expect this to continue. Turkey’s relationship with gold is underpinned by a deep cultural heritage. In the jewellery fabrication industry it is a medium of exchange and a unit of account: in the Grand Bazaar – the heart of Turkey’s gold market – rents are priced in gold. There is a strong economic incentive to own gold too. Generations of Turkish savers have turned to gold as an effective hedge against the ravages of inflation and currency weakness. Full Story

By: TV - 22 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview with President, CEO & Director of Northair Silver Corp., Andrea Zaradic. She discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- New Management Team with a Focus on Silver
- New Resource Estimate
- Lots of Potential Still to be Discovered Full Story

By: Andy Sutton - 22 January, 2015

As recently as a few weeks ago, the European Union directed its member nations to draft their own independent legislation for dealing with the resolution of a failed G-SIFI (Globally Significant Financial Institution). At the same time, we have all sorts of seams opening in the currency, bond, and commodity markets. The Swiss Franc is now un-pegged from the Euro, there have been wild swings in the bond markets in Europe due to the aforementioned action, and oil is in an absolute free-fall. Full Story

By: Jeff D. Opdyke - 22 January, 2015

The great gold repatriation has begun… Germany’s Bundesbank announced that the country repatriated 85 tons of gold from New York in 2014, far surpassing its previous estimates of 30 to 50 tons — and laying to waste a Bloomberg article you might have seen last summer insisting that the Germans were happy to keep their gold in American vaults. Turns out, not so much happiness. You might really label it: concern about keeping their gold in America. Full Story

By: Peter Cooper - 22 January, 2015

So goes January, so goes the rest of the year. That’s what silver investors will be hoping after the best start to the year since 1983 with prices up 15 per cent. Silver has still to re-test its all-time high of $50 an ounce set back in 1980. Today the price hovers at around just $18, some 35 years later. Full Story

By: TV - 21 January, 2015

Cambridge House presents an exclusive interview with President & Portfolio Manager of Venable Park Investment Counsel, Danielle Park. She discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Oil’s Price was Artificially High and its Rapid Decline is due to the Unwinding of Derivatives
- Central Bankers are Not Magicians
- Re-pricing Assets for the New World Order Full Story

By: TV - 21 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with one of the miners on the Gold Rush TV Show, Greg Remsburg. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Mining is a Tough Life but Also a Rewarding One
- Off the Grid Living and What Happens Behind the Cameras
- Get a Feel for Mining Before Diving In and Plan Ahead Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 21 January, 2015

In our opinion no speculative positions are currently justified from the risk/reward perspective. Being on the long side of the precious metals market with half of the long-term investment capital seems justified from the risk/reward perspective. Gold rallied once again yesterday and so did silver and mining stocks. The question is if the rally is about to pause or end, since mining stocks are not really outperforming gold and the USD Index has just confirmed the breakout above the 2005 high. Full Story

By: Andrew Hoffman - 21 January, 2015

In last month’s “death by deflation,” I discussed how fiat currency schemes always yield parabolic debt growth, strangling economic activity and inevitably yielding mass defaults. And as today’s unprecedented fiat Ponzi is global, not a nation has been spared – nor its municipalities, corporations, or individuals. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 21 January, 2015

Normally I don't try to answer the question to a title until the end of a writing and after providing some evidence for the conclusion, I will today. The answer to today's title is easy, flat out, when central banks loose trust in each other you can pretty much expect chaos because of the loss of confidence! Before laying the case out for you, please remember we have been living in a system where "confidence" is not just everything, it's the ONLY thing! Full Story

By: Dennis Miller - 21 January, 2015

The rumors are true: Florida is full of 55-plus communities with rows of doublewide mobile homes. The nicer ones have amenities like golf courses, swimming pools, clubhouses… you name it. As you’d expect, the living cost is modest. But here’s the part that blows people away: many of the people who live in these communities are quite wealthy. Full Story

By: Axel Merk - 21 January, 2015

Is European Central Bank (ECB) head Draghi’s determination to purchase government bonds turning Europe into a banana republic? What are the implications not only for the euro and U.S. dollar, but gold, stocks and bonds? Our analysis shows that conventional wisdom may be proven wrong in more than one way. Full Story

By: John Mauldin and Ben Hunt - 21 January, 2015

We pray for extraordinary monetary policy accommodation as a sign of our Central Bankers’ love, not because we think the policy will do much of anything to solve our real-world economic problems, but because their favor gives us confidence to stay in the market. I mean, does anyone really think that the problem with the Italian economy is that interest rates aren’t low enough? Full Story

By: Randy Hilarski - 21 January, 2015

Back in 2010 when I was pondering the thought of giving up my life in the USA to begin an adventure in Panama the first thought that came to mind was, “how much is it going to cost to live in Panama and can I afford it”. For those of you who know me, I was leaving one way or the other, but the thought did cross my mind. Full Story

By: - 21 January, 2015

Nick Barisheff of Bullion Management Group (BMG), notes the Tobin Q ratio and the Shiller index indicate a high probability of a 50% stock market correction.
The scenario presents an interesting contrarian opportunity for inventors to exchange overvalued stocks for undervalued gold.
He compares the current PMs correction to the late 1970's, when gold ascended by 750%. Full Story

By: Turd Ferguson - 21 January, 2015

I mentioned last week that the area around $1260 was a critical and important resistance point. Not only was it the trendline connecting the two highs of March and July 2014, it was also about $60 above the long-term, primary trendline from 2013 that we've been following so closely for so long. Back in March and June, The Cartel had attacked at these levels...failure to do so now would/could/might indicate a failure and final breakdown of their current suppression efforts. Full Story

By: Arkadiusz Sieron - 21 January, 2015

There are no two identical business cycles. Their courses depend on the many independent actions of market participants. Also, each time money flows and spreads out differently in the economy, affecting distinct prices in various ways. However, according to a general pattern, business cycles can be broken down into four stages, during which distinct assets classes, including gold, behave differently. To understand what may happen in the gold market during a possible recession, we have to examine how changes in the business cycle affect the performance of different asset classes. Full Story

By: TV - 21 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with Mining Analyst of Exploration Insights, Brent Cook. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Peak Gold? Economic Deposits are No Easy Find.
- Miners are not Replacing the Reserves They are Producing
- Selling Discipline and Losing Money on Hope Full Story

By: Live - 21 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with Chief Investment Strategist at Casey Research, Marin Katusa. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Oil’s Drop Not a Surprise, But the Pace Was
- Putin is Trying to Bring Russia to its Prior Glory
- A Petrodollar Crash is a Serious Risk Full Story

By: - 21 January, 2015

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Chris Powell & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Harris Kupperman - 21 January, 2015

Modern central bankers are from the school of thought where there is always an eloquent academic model to approach each crisis with. Naturally, volatility is their enemy—in a highly leveraged world, volatility usually leads to dislocation and crisis. Central bankers obviously know that the halving of oil’s price in a few short months adds unnecessary volatility to their carefully orchestrated worlds. What they want to do is corner the price of oil within a narrow range, suppress volatility and allow complex derivatives to be built up around it so that they can use financial means to manipulate it. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 21 January, 2015

The U.S. Mint just updated its Silver Eagle sales on its website… and it was a real doosey. Looks like the U.S. Mint sold nearly one million Silver Eagles over the Holiday weekend. The last update provided by U.S. Mint, listed sales for January at 3,701,500 on Friday. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 21 January, 2015

The steep rally of the last week has made some in the chat room skittish, if not quite eager to jump off the train. However, I’d suggest hanging on for at least another day or two, since a rally of just 0.90 above the so-far high at 1297.50 would exceed August’s external peak at 1298.40, generating a robust new impulse leg on the daily chart. Traders who followed my most recent guidance would have been long from 1275.80 to Tuesday’s 1297.80 high, for a theoretical gain of $2200 per contract. Full Story

By: TV - 20 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with the President of and, Peter Spina. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- The SNB’s Scrapping of its Currency Cap.
- Gold Holding Up Despite a Strong Dollar and Weak Commodities.
- A Turning Point for the Miners? Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 20 January, 2015

Although it came in second overall, right behind palladium, nickel was the real standout of 2014. With a shabby 10-year annualized track record of -1.8 percent, the metal gained nearly 7 percent on the back of supply scares after Indonesia, the world’s largest producer, unexpectedly banned all nickel exports last January to meet domestic demand. By May, the metal had rocketed up more than 50 percent before cooling to 37 percent in July, when it was then the best-performing commodity. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 20 January, 2015

In May 2006 the economist R. Peter W. Millar of Value-Trac Research in Scotland published a study, "The Relevance and Importance of Gold in the World Monetary System," arguing that central banks would need to revalue gold upward by from seven to 20 times "to raise the monetary value of the world monetary base and hence reduce the burden of debt" and avert a deflationary depression. Full Story

By: Andrew Hoffman - 20 January, 2015

It’s Monday afternoon; but unfortunately for TPTB, even closing the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” for a day can’t prevent “Economic Mother Nature” from continuing to exact revenge for mankind’s hubristic attempt to usurp her laws. Whilst Americans rightfully acknowledged one of their greatest citizens with a day of rest, global markets were as far from “at rest” as imaginable. In China, for example, the massive, PBOC-fueled bubble that is the Shanghai Stock Exchange plunged by an incredible 8%. Full Story

By: The Gold Report - 20 January, 2015

Metals are like horses in a merry-go-round, believes Joe Reagor of ROTH Capital—as some rise, others fall. In this interview with The Mining Report, Reagor explains how looming surpluses, shortages and reduced confidence in central banks will be negative for copper but positive for silver, gold, uranium and, especially, zinc. Full Story

By: Mike Hoy - 20 January, 2015

I have been in this business for close to forty years. I am in awe that the outlook for gold has never been more obvious while those with separate agendas continue to pursue a path to confuse and misdirect the public into believing that gold is not money and deficit spending is absolutely nothing to be concerned with! Full Story

By: Tony Sagami - 20 January, 2015

I’ve been self-employed since 1998, and let me tell you, the life of a business owner isn’t easy. It’s filled with long hours, a relentless amount of paperwork, and uncertainty of where your next paycheck will come from. If you’ve ever owned a business, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Difficult or not, self-employment is extremely rewarding, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nor would the other 6 million business owners in the United States. Of those 6 million businesses, the vast majority are small “Mom and Pop” businesses. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 20 January, 2015

For 95% of the world’s population, the price of gold has already begun an explosive rally. “But gold is only $150 off the November lows” you say? Well yes, gold in terms of dollars is not yet up 20% from mid November …but, in terms of yen, pounds, euros, (especially rubles) you name it, gold has launched in price! Full Story

By: Stewart Thomson - 20 January, 2015

While I predicted a huge rally in gold would usher in the new year of 2015 in a spectacular way, the top bank economists have failed again. Most of them predicted, “No rally for gold!” Their dire predictions in 2014 all failed to materialize, and this year they are off to an even worse start. The bank economists, quite frankly, look ridiculous. They clearly need to reset their thinking about the powerful demand coming from billions of Chinese and Indian citizens, or they risk turning themselves into clownish figurines. Full Story

By: John Mauldin - 20 January, 2015

“Below the thunders of the upper deep, Far far beneath in the abysmal sea, His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee…. “There hath he lain for ages, and will lie Battening upon huge sea-worms in his sleep, Until the latter fire shall heat the deep; Then once by man and angels to be seen, In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.” Full Story

By: Gary Christenson - 20 January, 2015

Gold hit a price low of approximately $1,140 in early November 2014. Since then it has rallied dramatically, possibly because of global fears about the financial system, the Swiss National Bank removing its peg to the Euro, more QE, escalating war in the Ukraine, or simply that gold prices were over-extended and ready to rally. Full Story

By: Keith Weiner - 20 January, 2015

The old joke is, “(with a Russian accent) In America, you correct newspaper, but in Soviet Union, newspaper corrects you.” Switzerland is now experiencing the bond market equivalent. In America, the government pays you to borrow but in Switzerland you pay the government. All Swiss bonds have a negative yield out to 9 years. Negative means you pay them to lend them your money. The 10-year Swiss government bond has effectively zero yield. For comparison, the 10-year US Treasury is 1.8%. Full Story

By: TV - 20 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with the President, CEO & Editor, The Mining Speculator, Greg McCoach. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Cautious Optimism in the Gold Industry.
- The End of QE and Future Interest Rate Policy.
- Russia, China, and How to Invest in Volatile Times. Full Story

By: TV - 20 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with the Senior Precious Metals Analyst at Casey Research., Jeff Clark. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- Gold Priced in Currencies other than the U.S. Dollar.
- Gold and Silver Miners Outperforming and Silver Outperforming.
- Gold as a Hedge First. Just ask Russia and China! Full Story

By: TV - 20 January, 2015 TV presents an exclusive interview with the President of CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors., Frank Holmes. He discusses several topics with interviewer Vanessa Collette including:
- The Seven Year Run-up in U.S. Equities.
- The Oil Market.
- Gold as a Currency. Full Story

By: Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor - 20 January, 2015

Changes in asset prices or any other prices do not cause changes in money supply, although many of the people who comment on the financial markets and economics believe otherwise. We were recently reminded of this mistaken belief when reading an analysis of oil's large price decline that included the assertion that hundreds of billions of dollars had been eliminated from the economy as a result of this price change. Full Story

By: Puru Saxena - 20 January, 2015

In 2014, the European stock markets essentially traded sideways, Japan produced modest growth and unsurprisingly, Wall Street delivered the best returns. Over in the developing world, the commodities producing nations (Brazil and Russia) fared badly, whereas China, India, Philippines and Thailand produced decent growth. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 20 January, 2015

The glory days of the Great Bakken Oil Field are soon coming to an end. With the collapse of the price of West Texas Intermediate Crude, shale oil production from the Bakken is in big trouble. How much trouble? Well, if we understand how much of its production growth came in 2014, the situation is dire indeed. Full Story

By: Andrew Hoffman - 20 January, 2015

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I simply don’t know where to start; as each day, there are literally a half-dozen “horrible headlines” worthy of full-time discussion. To that end, even at the height of the 2008 crisis, things didn’t look as dire as today – with literally dozens of potential “black swans” on the horizon, in an environment where, sadly, such events aren’t even necessary to catalyze the inevitable collapse of history’s largest house of cards. Full Story

By: The Gold Report - 19 January, 2015

Equities past their peak? Bond market dead? So where do investors go looking for returns? Eric Coffin suggests gold, both bullion and stocks. In this interview with The Gold Report, the publisher of Hard Rock Analyst explains how changes in the currency and energy markets have reignited interest in the sector and suggests why investors can profit from this new economic reality. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 19 January, 2015

Apparently Americans are feeling optimistic about 2015, at least according to a bought and paid for mainstream stream media. And why not, as on the surface things look great – right? Unemployment is low if you don’t include participation rates; the economy is strong if you believe government bureaucrats and Wall Street liars; and, nowhere else is this sentiment be better expressed than in the stock market, which pushes ever higher to new lofty levels seemingly every day. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 19 January, 2015

For several years there has been talk of a financial and economic “re set” coming, this is no longer speculation as the reset has already begun! The Swiss have suppressed the price of their currency, the franc, since late 2011. They pegged the franc versus the euro with a “floor” versus the euro at 1.20. After confirming this floor publicly on Monday, they abandoned it Thursday only to see the euro depreciate through the par level. What you saw on Thursday and Friday was the work of Mother Nature as the Swiss decided they would be better served by no longer battling her. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 19 January, 2015

Is any nominally democratic country aware of the full range of market intervention being practiced by its own central bank? Do mainstream financial news organizations even inquire about it, much less report about it? This is essentially a totalitarian system, except that central banks are not yet shooting people for complaining, though no one in authority is complaining. Someone in authority should test them. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 19 January, 2015

In our opinion no speculative positions are currently justified from the risk/reward perspective. Being on the long side of the precious metals market with half of the long-term investment capital seems justified from the risk/reward perspective. Gold soared on Friday once again and so did the USD Index. It was yet another day of the two rallying together, which is a very bullish development. What’s next? Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 19 January, 2015

Nothing has been done to address the structural inadequecies and distortions that lead to the 2008 financial crisis – instead our leaders have resorted to the procrastination made possible by turning to drugs, specifically Quantitative Easing, which has enabled them to clamp interest rates at 0 to prevent the already unserviceable debt load from compounding out of sight. Spearheaded by the US, this money printing policy has now become standard practice around the world, with Europe and Japan following suit in a big way. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 19 January, 2015

In light of a shifting global macro backdrop that we can finally sink our teeth into with respect to a bullish orientation on the gold stock sector, I thought it might be a good idea to publicly post some bottom line thoughts from this week’s NFTRH report. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 19 January, 2015

Gold and gold stocks are on the move after the Swiss National bank removed its currency cap versus the euro last week. This highlights gold’s valuable role as a store of value when currency volatility destroys purchasing power as it has in many parts of the world over the past year. As you can see in the chart below, gold in euros has rocketed higher. Full Story

By: Graham Summers - 19 January, 2015

The big story in the world is the bond bubble. For over 30 years, sovereign nations, particularly in the West have been buying votes by offering social payments in the form of welfare, Medicare, social security, and the like. Full Story

By: Michael J. Kosares - 19 January, 2015

Up until now, the announced losses from the Swiss National Bank’s decision to let the franc go have not been enough to cause a great deal of angst and outright pain in the world’s principal trading houses. FT reports that Citigroup lost $150 million thus far, Deutsch Bank and Barclays $50 million, and FXCM, a New York currency broker, needed a $300 million “cash lifeline” from Jeffries, the investment bank. Yesterday, though, things took a turn for the worse when Everest Capital Global Fund, a Miami-based hedge fund, announced it lost $830 million of its clients’ money in the Swiss franc fiasco, according to a Bloomberg report. Full Story

By: Roland Khounlivong - 19 January, 2015

It is pleasing to see precious metals in favour as 2015 gets underway in earnest. Whilst ‘quality’ might be a subjective term, it seems to have been applied, in my opinion quite rightly, to gold, silver, platinum and palladium by investors looking to protect themselves from a start-of-the-year volatility storm in other asset classes. In the wider commodity world, oil and copper prices are still languishing whilst precious metals have shown their value to investors as a stand-alone and increasingly non-correlated asset class. I think this should be considered as bullish. Full Story

By: - 18 January, 2015

Robert Kiyosaki is buying gold and silver at discounted prices.
The crude oil market-meltdown has the super investor on edge - he's bracing for a LTCM style moment in the new year.
Nenner Research expects bonds to outperform equities in 2015.
Crude oil is nearing a key nadir that could lift price to $70 per barrel.
Recession proof sectors include pharmaceuticals and food suppliers. Full Story

By: - 18 January, 2015

A LIVE webinar, featuring Rick Ackerman & Wendell Zerb, Exeter Resource Corp. (NYSE-MKT: XRA | TSX: XRC) Full Story

By: Dr. Ron Paul - 18 January, 2015

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the dollar has lost over 97 percent of its purchasing power, the US economy has been subjected to a series of painful Federal Reserve-created recessions and depressions, and government has grown to dangerous levels thanks to the Fed’s policy of monetizing the debt. Yet the Federal Reserve still operates under a congressionally-created shroud of secrecy. Full Story

By: Peter Cooper - 18 January, 2015

So the Swiss referendum on gold at the end of last year did prove to be a decisive point in the gold market cycle, after all. The fall to $1,138 on the ‘no’ vote marked the low of the cycle. However, for the rocket to send gold prices to the moon this was ‘the right country, just the wrong event,’ as Ross Norman of Sharps Pixley told ArabianMoney. Full Story

By: Michael Noonan - 18 January, 2015

It would seem that last week’s rally in gold was Swiss National Bank-driven, plain and simple. It is difficult to get a handle on the ramifications of what just happened with the Swiss “unpegging” from the Euro. It was becoming prohibitively expensive for the SNB to keep buying Euros and trashing their own economy in the process. Ostensibly, this is a tale of a central bank telling the US and the rest of the EU, enough! We have had it, and we are now going to be more fiscally responsible. Full Story

By: Dan Norcini - 18 January, 2015

More and more it appears as if we are going to get some form of QE next week out of the ECB. The big question is the size and scope of the program that most expect to be announced. There has been some discussion as to whether the ECB would buy various government bonds across the board or whether the actual Central Banks of the respective Euro zone nations would buy their own government bonds as the composition of the actual bond buying program. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 18 January, 2015

After the SNB- Swiss National Bank dropped the bombshell on the markets Thursday morning, the prices of the precious metals have gone in one direction… UP. In just two days, the price of gold is up $40 and silver $1.10. Full Story

By: Jeffrey Nichols - 18 January, 2015

Two of the most significant bearish drivers of gold price in the past few years have been the long-lasting bull markets in both equities and the U.S. dollar. Together, the ascent of stock prices on Wall Street and the appreciation of the dollar in world currency markets have been tough competition for gold -- compelling investors around the world to increase their “long” positions in these other asset classes at gold’s expense. Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 18 January, 2015

A wild week for markets who gapped most days leaving us out of the trade for the most part. I just can’t really hold much overnight with a gap one way or another quite likely according to recent history. That said, this sloppy action generally leads to downside so I am actively looking for shorts or potential bounce plays off support areas for relatively quick trades. Full Story

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