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Weekly Archive

By: Gary Dorsch, Editor, Global Money Trends - 21 March, 2014

The confrontation over Ukraine has the potential for spiraling out of control and could lead to “serious problems in the heart of Europe,” warned former Secretary of State James Baker on March 9th. “It is clearly the most serious East-West confrontation since the end of the Cold War,” Baker said on “Meet the Press.” “For someone who was the last US-Secretary of State during the Cold War, it’s very disappointing to me to see that we’re moving now from cooperation with Russia to confrontation again. The risks are very substantial. I think we are pretty much in a “Cold War Lite,” right now.” Baker said he hopes a diplomatic solution can be reached because he thinks there’s no good endgame for the Russian Federation. Full Story

By: Theodore Butler - 21 March, 2014

I’ve had some recent conversations with attorneys who were considering class-action lawsuits regarding a gold price manipulation stemming from reports about the London Gold Fix. I told them that while there is no doubt that gold and, particularly, silver are manipulated in price, I didn’t see how the manipulation stemmed from the London Fix. I wished them well and hoped that they may prevail (the enemy of my enemy is my friend), because you never know – if the lawyers dig deep enough they might find the real source of the gold and silver manipulation, namely, the COMEX (owned by the CME Group) and JPMorgan. Full Story

By: Andrew Hoffman - 21 March, 2014

At the Miles Franklin Blog, we take our job of educating, commentating and at times “hand holding” seriously. Thus, when confronted with stressful weeks such as this, we feel compelled to work harder, to make sure the TRUTH is told and hopefully, empower you to make logical investment decisions. And when it comes to protecting your assets from ruthless “elites” bent on destroying you, this task can be daunting, as they are constantly on the attack, both financially and through the media. And thus, as the saying goes, “Thank god it’s Friday.” Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital - 21 March, 2014

The red flags contained in the national and global headlines that have come out thus far in 2014 should have spooked investors and economic forecasters. Instead the markets have barely noticed. It seems that the majority opinion on Wall Street and Washington is that we have entered an era of good fortune made possible by the benevolent hand of the Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke and now Janet Yellen have apparently removed all the economic rough edges that would normally draw blood. As a result of this monetary "baby-proofing," a strong economy is no longer considered necessary for rising stock and real estate prices. Full Story

By: Eric Coffin, HRA Advisories - 21 March, 2014

On the gold side I think we’ve got the “all clear”. Pick weak days but if you have been waiting to accumulate producers and those with viable resources and good exploration targets I wouldn’t wait longer. As long as Ukraine doesn’t blow up I see the rally continuing through spring. Full Story

By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - 21 March, 2014

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you have witnessed the now false breakout in Gold and gold stocks. Our expectation was that the breakout would take Gold to $1420 and the stocks up to their neckline resistance (GDX $30 and GDXJ $51) and then we’d see the first real correction since the December low. Before you send in the hate mail, as some already have, let me remind you that we’ve emphasized having an exit strategy and last week wrote, “You sit tight until you decide to take profits or something changes.” Something clearly changed this week. The breakout was nullified and precious metals will finish this week with a nasty candlestick that implies an interim top. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence - 21 March, 2014

The gold-mining sector is on the verge of flashing the fabled Golden Cross buy signal. This is one of the most powerful and revered indicators in all of technical analysis. When it arrives after the right conditions, it flags the critical transition from bear to bull markets. And today’s gold-stock environment is perfect to spawn such a pivotal Golden Cross. Seeing this milestone will accelerate capital flows back into gold stocks. Full Story

By: David Chapman - 21 March, 2014

Gold is at a crossroads. No the gold chart is not “that sinking feeling” but gold has reached point where it must either break out or fail. That would turn gold into that “sinking feeling”. The bullhorn pattern is rather interesting. I first learned about the bullhorn pattern from Thirdeyeopentrades (Bob Cote). Bob has a public place at What the pattern is suggesting is that gold has a lot further to rise. Gold has been through a considerable shakeout over the past two plus years. It has shaken the confidence of many and the result has seen many exit the market possibly for good. Full Story

By: Alasdair Macleod - 21 March, 2014

There is a fascinating story from Robert Peston, the BBC’s business editor about his interview with Hank Paulson, who was the US treasury secretary at the time of the Lehman crisis. Paulson said that he was told by the Chinese that they had a message from the Russians suggesting they club together to drive down the prices of Fannie and Freddie “to maximise the turmoil on Wall Street”. The Chinese declined, but in doing so they made sure the Treasury was aware that China and Russia know that between them they have the power to break western capital markets. Full Story

By: Trustable Gold - 21 March, 2014

Facts about gold investments and ways to invest in it. Full Story

By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - 21 March, 2014

Investors and observers watching the drama unfold in the Ukraine should not be surprised at the short price action of the precious metals, mainly gold and silver. Throughout the crisis (and as matter of record with practically every other crisis) the metals are driven down by a system that becomes more sophisticated each day. Full Story

By: Dennis Miller - 20 March, 2014

The junior resource market has been a bear for the last couple of years, but no matter what happens with this market there can be a place for it even in the most conservative of portfolios. Dennis interviews Louis James, editor of Casey International Speculator, to get a fuller understanding of this market and the safest ways to invest in it. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 20 March, 2014

Briefly: In our opinion short speculative positions in silver (half) and mining stocks (full) are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The dollar’s rally and the precious metals’ decline were seen right after comments from the Fed about the planned $10 billion cut in asset purchases. They will now amount to “only” $55 billion per month. Full Story

By: - 20 March, 2014 Radio Gold Nugget: Charles Goyette & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 20 March, 2014

Everyone expects Janet Yellen to be a rolling over, inflationist stooge just like they did Ben Bernanke. Bernanke came on board after Alan Greenspan had taken the Fed Funds rate up to around 5% if I remember correctly. Inflationists and gold bugs thought they had it in the bag when ‘Helicopter Ben’ assumed control. Full Story

By: David Morgan - 19 March, 2014

Some have asked our view on Bitcoin, and my response is simply—I view these things from a Free Market perspective. I have often stated that “The Market knows more than any of us”. I would not want to be labeled a hypocrite by stating my conviction that the “real” free market is capable of making decisions that are in the best interest of masses, and then proceed to disparage Bitcoin through a personal bias. Full Story

By: - 19 March, 2014 Radio Gold Nugget: Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Casey Research - 19 March, 2014

Bitcoin evangelist and Coinapult Cofounder Erik Voorhees gives us his thoughts on the demise of Mt. Gox and losing nearly $300K in Bitcoin… why cryptocurrency exchanges are a threat to government and the banking industry… what really happened with China’s “ban” on Bitcoin…and advice for investing in cryptocurrencies. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 19 March, 2014

The media has been focusing on the conflict in Ukraine and Russia as the main driver for gold, but I think an equally important driver relates to real interest rates. For gold, the real fuel lies in negative-to-low real rates of return. Historically, the gold price rises when the inflationary rate (CPI) is greater than the current interest rate. Similarly, when real interest rates go positive, you can expect the gold price to drop. Investors can watch out for two factors to see if the embers still spark for gold. Full Story

By: Eric Sprott - 18 March, 2014

We are now in the 5th year since the “official” end of the Great Recession (the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which officially dates U.S. recessions, said the recession ended in the second quarter of 2009), but it hardly feels like a recovery. Nonetheless, the media, sell-side economists, central bankers, the IMF, etc. all claim that the U.S. economy is now firmly out of the woods. Full Story

By: Graham Summers - 18 March, 2014

A critical element for investors to consider is that the Fed is not forward thinking when it comes to monetary policy. Indeed, if we reflect on the last 15 years, we see that the Fed has been well behind the curve on everything. First and foremost, recall that Alan Greenspan was concerned about deflation after the Tech Crash (this, in part is why he hired Ben Bernanke, who was considered an expert on the Great Depression). Full Story

By: Axel Merk - 18 March, 2014

If interest rates are supposed to be on the rise, why has the price of gold gone up so much this year? Is it merely because it is bouncing back after a sharp decline in 2013? We have a closer look at the link between gold and interest rates to gauge how investors may want to approach the bait provided by the Fed. Full Story

By: Stewart Thomson - 18 March, 2014

Since the start of this year, gold has performed extremely well. Please click here now. This daily chart shows the shiny metal moving steadily higher, in a bullish channel. The current minor trend sell-off in gold is technically healthy. Also, this price correction should not come as a surprise to any fundamentally-oriented investor; the Crimean crisis seems to be factored into the price now, and there is a key FOMC meeting tomorrow. Full Story

By: Scott Silva - 18 March, 2014

Gold is staging a breakout of a powerful technical pattern that will bring $1500/oz. into reach. Buying pressure has been building for physical gold. Price action is reflecting stronger bullish sentiment and a continuation of the long term bull trend, which dates back to 2009. Technical indicators show that gold is now poised for another strong move to the upside. Full Story

By: GE Christenson - 18 March, 2014

The Deviant view: Gold has bottomed, the US deficit will expand, the national debt will continue its exponential increase, and consumer prices for the things we need, such as food and energy, will substantially increase. War, fraud, and corruption will increase prices more rapidly.
The Mainstream View: You can keep your health plan, NSA spying on everyone is mostly good, wars keep the economy healthy and moving, the stock market will continue to roar higher, and, as former Vice President Dick Cheney stated, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.” Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 18 March, 2014

China’s slower economic data points and a surplus in copper and iron ore drove many commodities lower this week, while gold rose. In the short term, until the copper and iron ore surplus is liquidated, or absorbed at a slower pace, the base metals market will likely be sloppy. As the second-largest economy in the world and a huge driver of commodities demand, it’s not surprising China provoked such a significant response from world markets. Interestingly, most of the media thought it was geopolitical fears from Ukraine that chopped up the market and lifted gold. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 18 March, 2014

Briefly: In our opinion short speculative positions (half) in silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. The precious metals sector declined yesterday, which was likely to happen regardless of many factors pointing to a different conclusion, or simply because the precious metals sector was overvalued. Full Story

By: Louis James, Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist - 17 March, 2014

When I started working for Doug Casey almost 10 years ago, I probably knew as much about investing as the average Joe, but I now know that I knew absolutely nothing then about successful speculation. Learning from the international speculator himself—and from his business partner, David Galland, to give credit where due—was like taking the proverbial drink from a fire hose. Fortunately, I was quite thirsty. Full Story

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch - 17 March, 2014

Since last August, the Indian government placed a stranglehold on gold imports into the country by requiring that 20% of all gold imported be exported as jewellery. This forced the amount of gold imported to drop to 30% of former levels until October of last year. Then the amount imported rose to 38 tonnes a month and has been at that level since then. The amount of gold that was expected to be imported for the year was north of 1,200 tonnes. It only achieved an imported total of 825 tonnes, around 400 tonnes less than expected. So on the surface an easing of restrictions would have little impact on the gold price in London. Full Story

By: The Gold Report and Rick Rule - 17 March, 2014

Thoughts turn to green on St. Patrick's Day. Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings believes the resources bull market is about 18 months from arriving and there could be multiple promising entry points in the market this summer. But in this interview with The Gold Report, he says that this rebound may not look like the one investors are expecting and shares tips on how to spot companies that may have pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 17 March, 2014

What if I were to tell you not owning gold or silver makes you a monkey – a silly monkey to global elitists and their ilk. Would you believe me? Would you be mad at me? I hope so, as this is exactly what I intended. Because you should be mad, not at me for attempting to awaken you to the need for owning gold and silver; but at the so called ‘powers-that-be’, the plutocrats, bankers, bureaucrats, and politicians (the establishment), the ones that do everything in their power to dissuade you from owning precious metals. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 17 March, 2014

Every week, our investment team reviews a variety of sources to formulate a summary of the top events in the gold, resources, and emerging markets. The results are categorized in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We believe this SWOT model helps investors make informed decisions about their gold and gold stock investments. Full Story

By: Rambus - 17 March, 2014

I’ve shown you several comparison charts with the HUI, GLD and SLV that shows they all tend to breakout at roughly the same time. One can sometimes be stronger than the others but they tend to breakout at the same time. This week was no exception. All three broke out of their consolidation patterns this week. Who would have thunk it. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Chairman, Mauldin Economics - 17 March, 2014

My letters the last few weeks on income inequality (here and here) brought more response from readers than any topic I’ve written on in the history of this letter. And there was certainly no unanimity of viewpoints. Some of you strongly agree with me; some of you aggressively disagree and think I’m full of it; and others see the issue in an entirely different light. Many of you offered links to other research, which I have spent a great deal of time reading. Today we will continue our thinking about income inequality, and I will respond to some of your letters, as they make good launching points for further discussion of the topic. Full Story

By: Matt Machaj, PhD. - 17 March, 2014

Can the gold price be fundamentally related to some other economic variables? Can we use those variables successfully in trying to predict the future price of gold? Is gold highly correlated with any of those variables? Last year a very insightful and interesting working paper was published in the webpages of the National Bureau of Economic Research by Claude Erb and Campbell Harvey. The paper is mostly about gold being perceived as either a safe haven or an inflation hedge. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 17 March, 2014

Although Russia’s brazen move to annex Crimea has the potential to dramatically alter the economic and political landscape of Europe, we’d initially assumed it would elicit only a fleeting yawn from Wall Street. After all, U.S. investors have proven time and again over the last five years that the only news they even remotely care about is whatever drivel happens to be emerging from the pie hole of the Federal Reserve chairman. Now we’re not so sure. Full Story

By: - 16 March, 2014

Economist and best-selling author, Harry S. Dent Jr. expects the rally in the precious metals sector to persist for some time, despite expectations of a deflationary collapse. The impetus behind the deflation threat is the retiring baby boom generation, a mature demographic group that has outgrown traditional family-oriented spending habits in favor of retirement savings, leading to an imminent reduction in overall domestic output and price inflation. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 16 March, 2014

It’s an inflationary fix and is part of the reason we have followed the bank sector’s leadership. They would benefit. Precious metals and commodities could benefit as people chase price signals and think “uh oh, INFLATION!” [although is should be noted that a period of 'cost chasing' and inflationary hysterics is not the preferred long-term fundamental underpinning for gold; ongoing economic contraction is] Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 16 March, 2014

On silver’s 1-year chart we can see that a fine large Double Bottom is completing. We already had the breakout on good volume from the 2nd trough of this Double Bottom in the middle of February, and it was this event that has (rightly) caused traders to pile into silver, although the price hasn’t moved much – yet. The better silver stocks, on the other hand, are already on fire, because the “writing is on the wall”. Right now the price is consolidating following the breakout in a fine tight Flag formation, from which upside breakout looks imminent. Full Story

By: Mary Anne & Pamela Aden - 16 March, 2014

The emerging market turmoil in January got the safe haven ball rolling. The slowing U.S. economy then added another boost, especially with Yellen keeping the same policies as Bernanke. And now geopolitical concerns, like the crisis in Ukraine, are giving gold yet another safe haven push upward. Plus, with the U.S. dollar under pressure, while interest rates stay low, it’s also bullish for gold. Overall, physical demand and economic jitters are boosting the gold price. Full Story

By: Michael Noonan - 16 March, 2014

For the past several weeks, our commentaries have dwelled on factors unrelated to what so many other writers have focused, primarily demand from a variety of sources, shrinking supply of physical at COMEX and LBMA, lots of charts and graphs to make interesting presentations, but none of those factors have been instrumental in moving gold and silver to higher levels. Our take has been the suppression of gold and silver has come from the elites running the central banks, and by extension, all Western governments. Full Story

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