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Weekly Archive

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 15 January, 2010

Watching the world's leaders stumble their way through the economic crisis, it often feels as if political success and economic understanding are mutually exclusive. Even the Chinese, who over the past generation have engineered a dramatic turnaround from their Maoist economic nightmare, show a remarkable willingness to pursue a monetary policy (a currency peg to the U.S. dollar) that yields no benefit to their citizens. Amid this morass of economic quackery, it is refreshing to see a clear ray of sanity emanating from one country: Poland. Full Story

By: Marin Katusa, Senior Energy Strategist, Casey’s Energy Report - 15 January, 2010

Over the next year or two, you will likely find yourself paying a LOT more at the gas pump. Big changes are taking place in the oil industry. With increased global demand and declining supply, easy oil is not so easy anymore. Full Story

By: The Gold Report and Howard Ruff - 15 January, 2010

Howard Ruff, who has observed the markets, the economy and government through three serious recessions and witnessed the rise and fall of the dot-com and real estate bubbles, entered the world of precious metals when Robert Preston's How to Prepare for the Coming Crash caught his eye in the early '70s. Full Story

By: Daniel Aaronson and Lee Markowitz - 15 January, 2010

The deteriorating credit worthiness of governments around the globe has now become pervasive as can be seen in the list we have compiled of excerpts from news articles on the topic. While this list is not comprehensive, the large number of countries included overwhelmingly supports our belief that we are on the cusp of the next stage of the ongoing credit crisis. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 15 January, 2010

Seven ways to put the United States' national debt into perspective... The SHEER SIZE of the US government's debt hasn't put off new bond buyers so far in 2010. You've got to wonder what kind of news – or debt – it might take to deter them. Full Story

By: Bix Weir - 15 January, 2010

The most historic meeting in CFTC history took place yesterday and the implications are mind boggling. The meeting was about placing position limits on oil and gas contracts so that no trader or small group of traders can manipulate the commodity markets. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE IMPORTANT PART! Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski - 15 January, 2010

Summing up, there are no big changes since last week's analysis was posted. The very-long-term price projections are still in place and paint a bullish picture for long-term investors holding gold, silver, and corresponding equities. On the other hand, the short-term outlook remains bearish for the precious metals market. Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 15 January, 2010

Given the $12 Trillion plus (and increasing) U.S. national Debt and $70 Trillion plus Total Downstream Unfunded Federal Obligations, concerns that investors (especially China and Japan) will be increasingly reluctant to purchase U.S. Treasury Securities are well-founded. Full Story

By: John Rubino - 15 January, 2010

Last month I wrote an article for CFA Magazine on the pitfalls of offshore investing. It’s a long piece, so it will appear here in three installments, starting with today’s look at some of the problems with supposedly-straightforward vehicles like trusts and insurance: Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC - 15 January, 2010

Over the last few months, the behavior of the US stock markets has been rather vexing. Usually when they grow overbought, when greed and complacency wax extreme after a powerful rally, a healthy pullback soon rebalances sentiment. But instead they’ve ground higher lately, defying precedent and confounding students of the markets. Full Story

By: Puru Saxena - 15 January, 2010

We want all our readers to understand that inflation is a disaster for society and it only benefits the elite. In fact, we will go even further by stating that inflation is a hidden tax, an insidious crime against the public. It is the easiest way for any government to confiscate the savings of the public and for generations, wealth has been transferred in this manner. Full Story

By: Ty Andros - 15 January, 2010

The world is falling into what ultimately will be an inflationary depression. This will cause the death or near death of the world’s principle reserve currencies: US Dollar, UK Pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs and Yen, and it is unfolding. Insolvency, both moral and fiscal is unfolding: debt spirals on many levels of the developed world will be resolved ultimately with the printing press, this year, next year and until the rest of the world abandons the current FIAT paper and the ultimate Crack-Up Booms unfold. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 15 January, 2010

In essence, the Treasury and taxpayers directly financed the Fed operations in manipulating the markets starting in the fall of 2008. It allowed the Fed time to slowly begin making money out of thin air to bail out the whole system (with increasing bank credits and FRN in circulation). This slow, gradual process will and has set better with the taxpayers, foreigners and market analysts. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 15 January, 2010

Google is showing some spine in standing up to China, although, to hear the Chinese tell it, a home-grown company was already beating the Mountain View, CA-based search-engine firm at its own game in China. We wish Google well, since the Chinese have been playing hardball lately with the kind of troublemakers who value human rights more than, not merely business, but their own lives. Full Story

By: The Energy Report and John Kaiser - 14 January, 2010

Americans have been bemoaning U.S. dependence on foreign oil for decades and a domestic alternative still seems a distant dream. Meanwhile, the world has changed. On one hand, that dependency now stretches across a broadening spectrum of raw materials, from molybdenum and tungsten to zinc, nickel and chromium to the decade's darling on the periodic table—the rare earths. Full Story

By: Jack Mullen - 14 January, 2010

I think it is time for all of us to contact our state attorneys and tell them to organize legal campaigns against unconstitutional currency. The Federal Reserve must recede back into the darkness from which it came. The swindle and the model for deceit has hit light of day and it can be stopped. Full Story

By: Rob Kirby - 14 January, 2010

The Russians are known to be very shrewd and calculating. It makes one wonder whether the Russian announcement of a sale of gold bullion – TO THEMSELVES – might not have been a “tell” signaling their intention to not only withhold physical metal from the market and ensure that paper promises of delivery of real metal are honored. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 14 January, 2010

The first-ever gold juniors exchange traded fund is only two months old but already attracting attention among investors. Its owners will be hoping that Van Eck’s GDXJ will map the progress of gold ETFs like GLD in promoting its asset class. Full Story

By: - 14 January, 2010

Special GSR Gold Nugget: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Darryl Robert Schoon - 14 January, 2010

When the American economy collapsed in 2007, it almost destroyed the Giant Vampire Squid in the process. Only a massive emergency infusion of capital in 2008 would save it. TARP didn’t save America. TARP saved the Giant Vampire Squid. Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report - 14 January, 2010

The State of America is not good. Criminals rule, and the righteous are in prison. I've warned in the past that the US government is more likely to confiscate your IRA and 401k than your silver or gold. Why? Because that's where the money is! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 14 January, 2010

The big boys have been trading body blows in gold, producing a lot of violence but no clear winner, at least not yet. We expect the buyers to prevail eventually, and we’d suggest that you take the odds if you find someone with enough misplaced confidence to bet the “Don’t” line. Full Story

By: Cambridge House - 13 January, 2010

Over 40 market analysts, trading professionals and renowned economic experts will be participating directly in Panels, Workshops and Keynote presentations. Over 250 public companies representing the world’s top mineral exploration and development management teams will be exhibiting. This is your opportunity to speak directly to the CEO’s and gain valuable information on development plans and financing opportunities. Full Story

By: David Galland, Managing Editor, The Casey Report - 13 January, 2010

An interesting article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard came my way the other day. It’s worth a read, if for no other reason than that he paints an appropriately dark picture of the current state of the U.S. economy. You can read it here. While I very much share Mr. Evans-Pritchard’s view that the global economy is far from out of the woods, our views diverge in that he sees devastating deflation speeding our way down the tunnel. Casey Research readers of any duration know that we see devastating inflation. Full Story

By: David Coffin & Eric Coffin, HRA Advisories - 13 January, 2010

A year ago we said we believed a full court press by G10 central bankers, finance ministers and governments would succeed in at least halting the slide. It did, and markets responded more strongly than even we had hoped for, and we were among the more optimistic observers 12 months ago. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 13 January, 2010

Americans borrowed less for a 10th consecutive month in November with total credit and borrowing on credit cards falling by the largest amounts on records going back nearly seven decades. The Federal Reserve said yesterday that total borrowing dropped by $17.5 billion in November, a much bigger decline than the $5 billion decrease economists had expected. Full Story

By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - 13 January, 2010

At the start of every year we put together our best research and analysis and then formulate a forecast based on the most likely outcomes. Unlike others who simply say what they think will happen, we sit down and analyze the fundamental, technical and sentiment evidence and opine on what is most likely to happen, what might happen and what won’t happen. Full Story

By: - 13 January, 2010

Special GSR Gold Nugget: David Morgan & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - 13 January, 2010

Investors looking for the best and most lucrative silver investment should be keen to buy physical silver that carries the lowest premiums. Consider these three reasons why. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 13 January, 2010

Although the Boulder, Colorado area where we live has been spared the Great Recession’s worst ravages so far, an unprecedented number of local businesses have nonetheless gone under in the last year or so. We’ve grown used to seeing our favorite restaurants fail one by one, and we’ve even accepted the likelihood that only a relative handful of independent restaurants and retailers will survive these hard times. But Sam’s Club!? Full Story

By: The Gold Report and John Kaiser - 12 January, 2010

According to John Kaiser, creator of the Bottom-Fish Index, companies on his 2010 list are cheap because the market thinks the junior resource sector lacks the staying power it needs for their management group to guide them into significant growth. Whether the market is correct remains to be seen. Full Story

By: John Rubino - 12 January, 2010

A while back a reviewer dismissed the idea of a dollar collapse by asking “Collapse against what?” His argument was that the other major currencies are a mess too, so in relative terms the dollar will be fine. This of course misses the point, but in a useful way because it illustrates how words that seem clear to a field’s insiders (in this case gold bugs and other gloom-and-doomers) can be confusing to normal people. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 12 January, 2010

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, started 2010 off by devaluing the Venezuelan bolivar by 50% from 4.3 per dollar to 2.15 per dollar, along with several other silly little limits. This is continuing the theme of currency devaluations from late 2008 and 2009. But the evaporation of currency is not only limited to third world socialist governments with eroding infrastructure but also happening to every major currency. For cash balances the precious metals are the only refuge. Full Story

By: - 12 January, 2010

Special GSR Gold Nugget: John Mauldin & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Steven Saville, Speculative Investor - 12 January, 2010

The reason we are harping on this subject is that over the next few months you will very likely read articles in which money-supply charts are used to 'prove' that DEFLATION is occurring and other articles in which money-supply charts are used to highlight an INFLATION problem. It is important to understand how such contradictory conclusions could be drawn about something that should be straightforward. Full Story

By: John Browne, Senior Market Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital - 12 January, 2010

As fears of a dollar meltdown have loomed ever larger in recent years, major investors, including central banks, have moved significant portions of their cash reserves into the euro, the currency of the European Union (EU). And while it is true that the euro offers some shelter from the American economic catastrophe, the currency does come with baggage that investors should not ignore. Full Story

By: Lorimer Wilson - 12 January, 2010

A comparison of the returns of the various gold investment alternatives achieved in 2009 clearly shows that gold bugs were misguided in focusing on gold bullion alone. Why? Because gold was NOT where the major profits were realized - not by a long shot! Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 12 January, 2010

Early Monday evening, Gold was holding onto most of the impressive gains it scored a day earlier. You needn’t be a technician to see unfinished buying in the chart below. It shows Sunday’s explosive, $25 rally in the Comex February futures contract, followed by a tedious consolidation that was still in progress 24 hours later. Shorts have good reason to be nervous when gold shows such reluctance to give up ground. Full Story

By: Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman - 11 January, 2010

Geithner expects to be praised and thanked for his actions instead of rebuked and fired. He expects to be given more power to engage in “experimental” monetary policy in the future. But he has just given us a very good idea of what the Fed and Treasury would do with more power, what they consider good monetary policy, and why they like their so-called independence. Full Story

By: Theodore Butler - 11 January, 2010

Let me be clear – this meeting is a very big deal. I believe we will all learn a great deal from the meeting. It should show and record just where each commissioner stands on the matter of position limits, in principle and in terms of what the specific limits should be. It’s important that each commissioner stand up and be counted, either yea or nay. Full Story

By: Nick Barisheff - 11 January, 2010

There is a famous investment axiom that states, "Now is always the most difficult time to invest." To that I would add, "But now is also the best time to insure the wealth we have accumulated is protected through the ownership of gold." Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 11 January, 2010

If asked the question, most ‘financial experts’ would likely tell you the possibility of a return to extreme bubble dynamics in stocks during 2010 is the most unlikely possibility, not after all the ones during the last decade. Besides the possibility of deflation Prechter and the likes sell to a public that sees the risks, which are in fact very real, because this is widely known and being countered by central authorities, a risk of opposites must also be considered – or so the charts tell us. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski - 11 January, 2010

During the past week we've sent a Market Alert to our Subscribers, in which we commented on the current developments on the precious metals market, and indicated what action appears to be profitable under those conditions, and in the following essay we would like to elaborate on one of the points raised in that particular message. Full Story

By: Howard S. Katz - 11 January, 2010

My journey into economics began in 1956 when I was a sophomore at Harvard. A classmate was arguing with me that the Federal Government did not have to balance the budget. He was sure of this because his professor had told him so. My thinking was different. Full Story

By: Neil Charnock - 11 January, 2010

We have a really big flightless bird Down Under called the Emu. I will not draw absolute parallels between the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the Emu, even in jest, however the Euro looks like it will appear flightless at best this year. Full Story

By: Ewald Deinhart - 11 January, 2010

Like Simon & Garfunkel, investors entering the gold market around 2001 have also scored a smash hit. Since then - quite simply - gold has performed in spectacular fashion. Even in 2008, when fears of a global financial meltdown drove virtually every asset class into the ground, gold alone held its relative value, actually rising that year by almost 5%. Full Story

By: - 11 January, 2010

1st Hour:
Headline news & the Market Weatherman Report.
Spotlight Stock Picks.
Host Chris Waltzek & The International Forecaster discussion and listener's questions.
2nd Hour:
-Andre Eggelletion, Thieves in the Temple
-Addison Wiggin, The New Empire of Debt
-Harry S. Dent Jr., The Great Depression Ahead Full Story

By: Adam Brochert - 11 January, 2010

Physical Gold held outside the financial system is a good investment during such times because it can be hidden from the insane clown posse that poses as our leadership and the mistaken masses who continue to believe that they can get something for nothing from their government and fellow citizens. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 11 January, 2010

The number of Americans filing for personal bankruptcy rose by nearly a third in 2009, a surge largely driven by foreclosures and job losses. And more people are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which liquidates assets to pay off some debts and absolves the filers of others. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 11 January, 2010

Your secretary/treasurer was interviewed about gold price suppression for 10 minutes this week by "Mad Max" Keiser on his "On the Edge" program for Press TV, and you can watch the segment at YouTube here: Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors - 11 January, 2010

This will be my tenth annual forecast issue. Time has flown by, and I enter a new decade of writing Thoughts from the Frontline. And even as I write about the high level of uncertainty of the current times, I am optimistic that at the opening of the next decade we will look back and realize that there has been an enormous amount of progress made. Full Story

By: John Rubino - 11 January, 2010

Karl Golovin, a retired customs agent and security director for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, just forwarded a transcript of Andrew Jackson’s farewell address. It’s pretty amazing. Here’s Karl’s intro, followed by an excerpt: Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 11 January, 2010

The Federal Government is running massive budget deficits which is creating a massive supply of Treasuries. But there is no demand and so the Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt. But these colored coupons merely amount to certificates of confiscation. Where will Congress find the capital to buy Treasuries? Most likely, your retirement account and screwing up your retirement calculator. Full Story

By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing - 11 January, 2010

Rallies and bubbles tend to last far longer and grow much larger than most anyone expects. Given what has happened in the past two years and the way things are starting out this year, there’s no reason to expect this time around to be any different. Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 11 January, 2010

I received an interesting comment from my previous commentary, “Prospects for Economic Recovery in 2010.” The basis of my claim that 2010 will witness some economic recovery was the “6-9 Month Rule” of Dow Theory fame. Simply stated, this rule says that a 6-to-9 month stock market recovery that follows a market decline and economic recession bodes well for an economic turnaround. Full Story

By: Dr. Christian Normann - 11 January, 2010

We have long stated that when crude oil broke $80 by at least 1 percent on a weekly close, a new major uptrend would very likely be underway. Crude oil easily accomplished that during the first week of 2010, surging to close near $83. Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 11 January, 2010

It’s nice to be back to work after a hectic and unfortunately stressful holiday season. The general complacency regarding markets in general continues on into the new year and the metals are back on track to their wining ways, but more on that next week. Let’s get right into things. Full Story

By: Merv Burak, CMT - 11 January, 2010

The first full week of trading in three weeks has been kind of positive but not all that bullish. Speculators are slowly dragging themselves away from their vacation spots and greater trading activity is expected over the next few weeks. For now, let’s see where we are. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 11 January, 2010

The gap widened last week between those who believe the economy is recovering and others who see only a deepening abyss. A report released on Friday by the Commerce Department appeared to vindicate the pessimists, at least for now: Supposedly, 85,000 more jobs vanished in December. Full Story

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