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Weekly Archive

By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT - 6 March, 2015

Gold had held up well in recent months considering the upside explosion in the US$ index. That is because Gold surged nearly 21% against foreign currencies in three months. Yet, this is not enough to carry Gold. Its rebound petered out (in nominal and real terms) after the Swiss news and has growing downside momentum due to the surging US$ index. We’ve seen some positive developments under the surface for precious metals but its clear the sector won’t begin a sustained rebound until the US$ reaches its next peak. Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 6 March, 2015

In sum, the World Economy is slowing/deflating and the Central Banks (except Swiss) are attempting to keep it afloat for a while, by competitively devaluing their currencies (i.e., Monetary Inflation), — the Currency Wars about which we have been writing a trend which cannot continue indefinitely, and will ultimately fail because it is a race to the bottom which no country can win. Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 6 March, 2015

As you know I am primarily a chart analyst, so when I come across fundamental analysis that really gets to the bottom of what is going on I like to share it with you. It is of the utmost importance that such analysis and the info therein is either not known to the market at large or its significance is not appreciated – by the time most fundamental information becomes known it is too late – it has already been factored into prices, which is a big reason for using charts. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence - 6 March, 2015

The latest record highs in the US stock markets have unleashed astounding complacency. Traders are utterly convinced that the past couple years’ massive Fed-fueled rally will continue indefinitely. But with today’s lofty stock markets extremely overvalued, wildly overextended, and rampantly euphoric, a serious selloff is looming. The prudent contrarians preparing for this inevitable major reversal are going to earn fortunes. Full Story

By: - 6 March, 2015

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Louise Yamada & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Richard (Rick) Mills, Ahead of the herd - 6 March, 2015

If you needed upwards of 50ml tonnes of copper over the next 5 years, and had very little production of your own, what would you do? I'm thinking you'd manipulate the market like crazy trying to get everyone to believe there’s a huge surplus instead of a major deficit. How would you do it? Well, we can look at the last time the Chinese manipulated the copper market - they invited every analyst they could find and invited them to China. Full Story

By: It’s a Mystery - 6 March, 2015

The fascinating thing about government reports is some believe they are pre-ordained or made up to create the narrative that the government wants to create. It is not far-fetched, as the government wishes to control everything in our lives. Strangest thing happened today with respect to the release of the NFP report at 8:30AM. The report was not released. That is fact. The report did not come at 8:30AM EST. It was late. So, why then did someone decide at slightly before and at 8:30 to hammer the price of gold on NO NEWS. Full Story

By: Alasdair Macleod - 6 March, 2015

This month the physical gold market will undergo radical change when the four London fixing banks hand over the twice-daily fix to the International Commodity Exchange's trading platform on 20th March. From 1st April the Financial Conduct Authority will extend its powers from regulating the participants to regulating the fix as well. This will transfer price control away from the bullion banks allowing direct access to the fixing process for all direct participants and sponsored clients. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 6 March, 2015

The U.S. Mint just released its FY 2014 Annual Report and the total Dollar sales of Silver Eagles surpassed Gold Eagles by a wide margin. Unfortunately, the U.S. Mint’s Annual Reports are based on Fiscal Year accounting, so their figures do not correspond to the data released on their website. Full Story

By: Deutsche Bundesbank - 6 March, 2015

The Bundesbank has released a short film about Germany's gold reserves. The film, which is around eight minutes in length, answers the most frequently asked questions about gold and gives an overview of the main facts, covering topics such as the origin of Germany's gold reserves, how the gold is stored and the functions of gold today as a reserve asset. The film also shows pictures from inside the vaults where the gold is stored and pictures of the gold being transferred. Full Story

By: Jared Dillian - 6 March, 2015

When I was 11, my grandmother liked to hang out in Bee Bee’s Dairy and smoke cigarettes and drink coffee. The air quality in that place was like modern-day Beijing, with all these old people smoking and shooting the breeze. I used to get ice cream sodas there, what you would call a “float” in other parts of the country. Full Story

By: David Chapman - 5 March, 2015

The NASDAQ hit 5,000. Maybe champagne corks were popped. Ok the NASDAQ is still short of the actual March 2000 top of 5,132. So the market still has another 100 points or so to go (high so far in March 2015 is 5,008). But let’s keep things in perspective. The high of March 2000 is the nominal high. On an inflation adjusted basis the NASDAQ is still 28% below that 2000 high. On that basis, the NASDAQ still has some work to do. Full Story

By: Henry Bonner - 5 March, 2015

Richard Maybury has been predicting ‘black swan’ events in his newsletter Early Warning Report for the last two decades. In a recent conversation, he put his finger on something happening around the world. He sees a growing anxiety about global events – “everybody knows there’s something seriously wrong but they don’t know what is really happening,” he said. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 5 March, 2015

If there's a tougher and shrewder entrepreneur and executive in the gold mining business than Rob McEwen, founder of Goldcorp and now CEO of McEwen Mining, GATA doesn't know of one. But McEwen's remarks this week at the PDAC conference in Toronto, at least as conveyed by the National Post, suggest that he's not tough and shrewd enough -- that in the crucial respect he's just like the rest of management in the gold-mining industry, unable to put 2 and 2 together even as the equation is flashing in neon lights right in front of him. Full Story

By: Graham Summers - 5 March, 2015

For 30+ years, sovereign nations have been papering over the decline in living standards by issuing debt. In its simplest rendering, sovereign nations spent more than they could collect in taxes, so they issued debt (borrowed money) to fund their various welfare schemes. This was usually sold as a “temporary” issue. But as politicians have shown us time and again, overspending is never a temporary issue. Today, a whopping 47% of American households receive some kind of Government benefit. This is not temporary… this is endemic. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 5 March, 2015

The latest news out of Greece is truly a head scratcher. After agreeing with the Eurozone to a four month extension, the new plan to get from here to there can only be described as insane. In order to roll over current debt, Greece plans to borrow from public pensions! They had a T-bill auction yesterday which was supported by funds from their public retirement fund, the method employed was comical. What Greece has decided to do is to pledge securities into the "repo" market to raise cash, this cash is then used to bid at auction ...the new funds then are used to pay down past debt. Full Story

By: - 5 March, 2015

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Dr. Marc Faber & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Gary Christenson - 5 March, 2015

Mr. Ponzi was a charming con-artist who operated about a century ago in the United States and Canada. He enticed investors to contribute new money to his investment scheme (100% return in 90 days), skimmed a portion for his luxurious needs, and used the remaining money to pay off prior investors. The system worked marvelously until it collapsed and people realized that his postal reply coupon investments could not produce the profits that supposedly paid off early investors. Full Story

By: Koos Jansen - 5 March, 2015

One of the main causes many gold analysts assume Chinese gold demand (and withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange) is inflated is because of Chinese Commodity Financing Deals (CCFD). However, this analysis is incorrect. Full Story

By: John Mauldin and Michael Lewitt - 5 March, 2015

In Thoughts from the Frontline, I am in the middle of writing a series on debt. I realized on Sunday that the second installment wasn’t ready for prime time, so I will work on it some more and send it out (hopefully) this coming weekend. In the meantime, in keeping with the theme of debt, for today’s Outside the Box we have the following issue of The Credit Strategist from the ever-insightful Michael Lewitt. Michael starts out musing on debt and then shares a number of useful thoughts on a variety of market topics, with his usual panache. Full Story

By: Tony Sagami - 5 March, 2015

Politicians, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve Bank want you to think the economy is doing great thanks to the big improvements in the labor market. However, Janet Yellen, who testified before the Senate Banking Committee last week, admitted that the labor market isn’t so rosy. Full Story

By: Casey Research - 5 March, 2015

"This is a historical opportunity," says Pierre Lassonde, co-founder and chairman of gold royalty company Franco-Nevada. Right now, gold stocks are so beaten down and undervalued that they have nowhere to go but up. And once the gold market rallies again, the best of the best mining companies—those with proven management teams and high-grade ounces in the ground—will simply go vertical. Full Story

By: Jim Willie CB - 4 March, 2015

It is very difficult to find a foreign policy deployed by the United States Govt that has been successful in recent years. In fact, almost all aggressive foreign policy initiatives have resulted in profound losses either in financial strategic position or in alliances with previous staid allied nations. They have almost uniformly backfired, while bravado has mixed with stupidity, while arrogance has blended with futility. The USGovt without given it thought, appears to be acting in reckless manner toward losing its entire set of advantages from a century. Full Story

By: Stefan Gleason - 4 March, 2015

The first two months of 2015 have seen turmoil in the currency markets extend from Russia and Ukraine to the heart of Europe. “Central Banks Now Open 24/7 Fighting Currency Wars and Deflation,” blared a February 12th Bloomberg headline. Against this backdrop, precious metals have been on the rise in terms of all currencies except the Swiss franc and the U.S dollar. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 4 March, 2015

While doing an interview a few months back with Turd Ferguson at , he made the comment “gold has never been more valuable than it is today”. This is so true and correct, I’d like to break it down into small pieces because from a historical standpoint there is no comparison to where we are today. Full Story

By: Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst - 4 March, 2015

In the January BIG GOLD, I interviewed a plethora of experts on their views about gold for this year. The issue was so popular that we decided to republish a portion of the edition here. Given their level of success, these fund managers are worth listening to: James Rickards, Chris Martenson, Steve Henningsen, Grant Williams, and Brent Johnson. Some questions are the same, while others were tailored to their particular expertise. Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 4 March, 2015

In my 20 years in the financial industry I’ve concluded that nothing exerts as profound an impact on mass psychology (to say nothing of investor psychology) than a prolonged sideways trend in equity prices. Why this should be is open for debate, but I have what I believe are valid insights. In highly developed capitalist nations such as the U.S. the stock market is the single biggest barometer for measuring the collective expectations for the business and economic outlook among all participants. Full Story

By: It's a Mystery - 4 March, 2015

Gold’s true value in the world of money will only come when the debts cannot get paid and the central banks’ balance sheets are called into question. In the interim, we can focus on the hubris exhibited in the world of finance where consequences for poor decisions appear to be illegal. Full Story

By: Arkadiusz Sieron - 4 March, 2015

While we are waiting for the details on the ECB’s QE (will be published on Thursday) and the U.S. non-farm payroll report (will be revealed on Friday), it is worth analyzing a piece of news which passed almost unnoticed. The long established London Gold Fix is going to be replaced by the new electronic LBMA price-discovery process on March 20th this year. Why do we believe that all gold investors should be aware of that fact? Full Story

By: Peter Schiff - 4 March, 2015

In 2014, a record number of Americans renounced their United States citizenship for the second year in a row. Even though exit fees are rising, more and more people are willing to jump through hoops to escape the American tax man. Indeed, our Chairman Peter Schiff even relocated one of his companies to Puerto Rico last year to reduce its tax burden. From his new condo in Puerto Rico, Peter shares his insights into this new American diaspora and how you can opt-out of overbearing government without leaving your country behind. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 3 March, 2015

India had an incredible banner year. The world’s largest democracy, home to 1.25 billion people, was the best-performing emerging market in 2014, delivering over 29 percent. It was followed by the Philippines in second place and Indonesia in third. Full Story

By: Avi Gilburt - 3 March, 2015

Let’s begin this week with a review of what we know, from a higher probability perspective, as it currently relates to the metals market. First, it is quite likely that lower lows will be seen later this year. Second, we will likely see a rally before we set up the drop to those lower lows. However, what we lack is a high probability near term structure, which creates a large schism in our ability to aggressively trade the metals in the short term. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 3 March, 2015

The revelation over this past weekend by Hypo Alpe-Adria has been called by some as Austria’s “Lehman moment”. This may very well be on a micro scale, I believe it to be the Credit-Anstalt moment on a macro scale. If you recall history, Austrian bank Credit-Anstalt was the first domino to fall in 1931 which spread across the globe and tipped the banking system into default mode. Full Story

By: John Browne, Senior Economic Consultant at Euro Pacific Capital - 3 March, 2015

In short, the solution to the Greek debt crisis is likely to be political. Effectively, it will likely seek to expand the central control of the EU with a covert transfer of wealth from rich to poor nations. Typical of socialism, hard working citizens will be left to pay for the political and economic errors of their masters. As President Reagan said, 'Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it." Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 3 March, 2015

Recent assertions by fund manager and geopolitical analyst James G. Rickards that the United States and China are cooperating in suppressing the gold price so that China more easily may obtain enough metal to hedge its grotesque foreign exchange surplus in dollars are not necessarily the first ones along those lines. Full Story

By: Koos Jansen - 3 March, 2015

In contrast to what is widely assumed, the gold in Fort Knox has not mainly been supplied by gold coins in circulation in the United States before the Great Gold Confiscation by President Roosevelt in 1933. Whilst me and Mr. Manly are researching how much gold is left in the vaults in the United States – at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) and at Fort Knox – I thought it would be useful to examine historic US mining, minting, refining and gold trade data as far back as possible. Full Story

By: Turd Ferguson - 3 March, 2015

Anyway...Look, man, here's the deal. They can whack it all they want and play their little paper shell games for another day. I really don't care anymore. I only write about it because it's mildly entertaining and I'm still trying to awaken and warn as many folks as possible. If you haven't yet read the latest opus from Jim Quinn on the TFMR homepage, you should do so right now. Then tell me how today's gold price manipulation really matters in the grand scheme of things. Just keep stacking and preparing. The rest is all useless noise. Full Story

By: Gary Christenson - 3 March, 2015

The S&P, crude oil, gold and silver have exponentially increased in price as fiat currencies have been devalued. Consumer price inflation destroys purchasing power, especially when interest rates are low or negative. Unbacked paper fiat currencies are well and truly on the road to oblivion, and the lambs are being led to the slaughter of assets invested in sovereign debt, fiat currencies, and leveraged paper assets. Full Story

By: Stewart Thomson - 3 March, 2015

From a seasonal perspective, gold tends to be a bit weak from late February until the end of the first or second week in March. I see nothing out of the ordinary with gold’s current price action. Note the black arrow that I put on the chart. Also, the US Employment Situation report is scheduled for release on Friday, and gold has a tendency to often decline going into that report, and then rally nicely for several weeks after the report is released. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA - 3 March, 2015

Briefly: In our opinion speculative short positions (full) in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective. We are keeping the stop-loss levels at their current levels, which means that we are effectively keeping some gains locked and at the same time we’re allowing the profits to increase. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - 3 March, 2015

Mexico is the largest silver producer in the world. The only two countries that come remotely close to Mexico’s number one ranking are Peru and China. However, these countries trail Mexico by more than 50 million ounces. Full Story

By: Randy Hilarski - 3 March, 2015

The most common question I tend to get as an American expat is, “Why did you leave America?” Here I hope to show you why it makes sense to leave your country. My hope is that this article will help educate and even give hope to those who are exploring a possible move abroad. It is OK if you do not agree with me. We all take different paths in life, this is mine. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 2 March, 2015

This April, Apple will be venturing into the latest wearable gadget market, the smartwatch, joining competitors such as Samsung, Garmin and Sony. All of the models in Apple’s stable of watches look sleek and beautifully designed—just what you’d expect from Apple—and will no doubt be capable of performing all sorts of high-tech functions such as receiving text messages, monitoring the wearer’s vitals and, of course, telling time. Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital - 2 March, 2015

Going into 2015 the economic outlook held by the U.S. investment establishment could not have been much more positive, and more unified. Pundits saw all the variables aligning to create the best of all investment worlds, a virtual "no-brainer" of optimism. Many believed that the 5.0% annualized growth in 3rd quarter would stay strong in the 4th Quarter and then usher in a strong 2015, which many believed would be the best economic year since the crash of 2008. The only question that divided most forecasters was how good the year would be. Full Story

By: David Stockman, Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget - 2 March, 2015

David shares a scathing financial analysis of Tesla… and that’s putting it nicely. He argues that Elon Musk’s company is a crony capitalist creation that owes its very existence to government handouts and bailouts. Full Story

By: Graham Summers - 2 March, 2015

For six years, we’ve been told that the US economy is in recovery. This is a totally bogus narrative that was dreamt up by the Central Planners running the Fed. Remember the “green shoots” craze of 2009. It was BS. The US economy is a disaster and has been since 2009. The bean counters in Washington fabricate a load of nonsense to “prove” otherwise, but telling someone who is 5’6” tall that they are actually 6” tall doesn’t change their height. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 2 March, 2015

Two pieces of news broke last week, if the first turns out to be true, there will certainly be far ranging consequences. The second revelation was that of the truth being told, now we will await the far ranging consequences. News last Wednesday regarding Apple's new proposed smart watch is a head scratcher. The headline was astonishing, "Apple to buy 30% of global gold production". We should look at this from several different angles because several things do not add up. If this article is true and Apple does plan to purchase 30% of global gold production, this is THE biggest game changer in the gold market since 1849! Full Story

By: Frank Holmes - 2 March, 2015

Gold rebounded from the lowest level in seven weeks following Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s comments signaling that an interest rate increase isn’t imminent. Analysts are now coalescing around September for an initial rate hike. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 2 March, 2015

Swiss gold fund manager Egon von Greyerz tonight tells King World News that hyperinflation has begun to take hold in especially troubled nations and will take hold in Europe and the United States as Western central banks resort to negative interest rates to support asset prices. Full Story

By: Bryan Post - 2 March, 2015

We continue to get mixed signals from the precious metals sector. A few of the mining stocks are looking bullish while the mining indexes remain fairly bearish. Gold looks somewhat bullish in the daily timeframe but the weekly chart is bearish. These mixed signals may be part of a bottoming process but after three years of relentlessly lower prices caution remains the order of the day. Full Story

By: Rambus - 2 March, 2015

Every now and then I’ll do a post on “What If ” something is changing or not following along with what the original Chartology was suggesting. I have to keep an unbiased opinion and follow what the charts are saying. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. I know many of you were surprise when I exited the Kamikaze Stock last Friday. Believe me it’s not what I wanted to do but the short term charts are suggesting there maybe be a little more upside price movement left in the PM stock indexes. Full Story

By: Jim Anthony - 2 March, 2015

The latest Commitment of Traders report shows that large speculators in the managed money category have got their positions down to a point where we could now see a bounce in the gold price. In our last Flash Note, we forecast a dip in the price needed to reduce these longs and that appears to be close to done. Full Story

By: - 1 March, 2015

According to Peter Grandich every investor needs a financial bug-out plan.
This week's Congressional meeting did little to restore Fed transparency.
It's time to pull the curtain back at the Fed; gold stockpiles require a third party investigation.
Bob Hoye views QE operations with a weary eye - noting the 95% loss in purchasing power.
Central banking profligacy has sparked a speculative fervor / mania.
The resulting financial bubble is approaching or at a zenith, circa 2007. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA - 1 March, 2015

While the London Gold Pool is no more, it has been replaced by the far more sophisticated U.S.-backed gold price suppression system of gold leasing by Western central banks and high-frequency trading by their bullion bank agents in the gold market. The U.S. national strategy, the defense of the dollar as the imperial currency controlling the world, remains unchanged. Full Story

By: Gary Savage - 1 March, 2015

As most of you who’ve followed me over the years already know, I’m not really expecting a final three year cycle low in the CRB until later in the year. However… there are a few signs popping up that could be indicating that 3 year cycle low is going to come earlier than expected. And by earlier I mean it may have already occurred. Full Story

By: Dan Norcini - 1 March, 2015

I have marked this chart with some shaded rectangular boxes that correspond to periods in which the Bollinger bands were contracting. For those who are not familiar with how to interpret the bands, when the width is widening out, volatility is increasing. Generally speaking, when a market is trending in one direction or the other, the bands will be widening. When a market is consolidating or moving sideways in a range, the bands will be contracting. Full Story

By: Ronan Manly - 1 March, 2015

With the current structure of the London gold price fixings disappearing in the very near future, there is an unusual story that I’d like to share about the gold fixings. It concerns the Bank of England’s ‘gold activities’ in the daily London Gold Fixings during the 1980s, and my attempts to get the Bank to explain what these ‘gold activities’ consisted of. Full Story

By: John Mauldin - 1 March, 2015

There is an obsession in the marketplace over the date when the Fed will once again begin to raise rates. As if another 25 basis points is going to change the economics on tens of trillions of dollars of investments. But as we reflect on the issue more deeply, it becomes obvious that a minor bump in the fed funds rate will indeed change a great deal of economics all over the world. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 1 March, 2015

Gold’s CoT data predictably improved again this week, but here I think some discussion is needed just in case it starts to get hyped too much. Below is the CoT on an improving trend of Commercial short covering and large Speculator long reduction. Okay, that’s good. But here is the part where the hype needs to be tuned out. The CoT tends to degrade (i.e. trend in a bearish direction during gold rallies) and improve (i.e. trend in a positive direction during gold corrections). The charts of CoT and gold below are set over the same 1 year time frames… Full Story

By: Michael Noonan - 1 March, 2015

From a perspective of logic, the world makes less and less sense as the elites relentlessly, and successfully pursue their one world government. There has been an increased awareness of the Rothschilds, elites, bankers, those who control all money, all Western governments, and we are not so sure about the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the greater awareness has done nothing to alter the inevitable course of dominance of the masses by the few. The New World Order [NWO] remains on schedule, based on results. Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 1 March, 2015

A nice week for leading stocks and markets who are teetering at all-time highs once again. The bull markets is slowly raging on and that is great. Once we begin to really see things get out of control on the upside the end will be near but no matter what the bears and correction callers say, we are not yet there. Full Story

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