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Weekly Archive

By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch - 6 November, 2009

Russia’s central bank has bought 180 tonnes since June 2006 and another Russian Agency holds off selling 50 tonnes. What’s going on? Full Story

By: Jim Willie CB - 6 November, 2009

The gold & silver prices respond very favorably to continued easy money, like the near 0% that cannot be stopped. No Exit Strategy means Constant Gold Bull Market. The gold & silver prices respond very favorably to ample flow of false money, like what cannot be stopped. The USFed, along with their USDept Treasury control helm led by Goldman Sachs staff, long ago painted themselves into the corner. Full Story

By: The Gold Report and Victor Gonçalves - 6 November, 2009

An avowed Keynesian, Equities and Economics Report writer Victor Gonçalves braces against the economic gale-force headwinds that threaten to whip gold's stellar run into seasonal weakness. But, before the new year, the yellow metal will generally see more strength than weakness, according to Victor, after which "things really get sour." Full Story

By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. - 6 November, 2009

Two dissatisfied customers comment about a restaurant. One says, "The food here is terrible." The other replies, "I know, and such small portions!" In many ways, they could be describing our current employment picture. Not only are the portions shrinking, but the jobs themselves are steadily losing quality. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 6 November, 2009

GOLD didn't only break new Dollar highs this week. Jumping to 8-month highs against the Euro, Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar, it also took out fresh records versus the Indian Rupee and Chinese Yuan. And more critically still, gold broke new ground against the world's major currencies en masse. Critically as in critical. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski - 6 November, 2009

This has surely been an exciting week for gold and silver investors. The post-Halloween rally took metals and corresponding stocks substantially higher, and gold itself reached new highs – at least in nominal terms. The mainstream media are now reporting gold-related stories on a big scale and „gold prices“ is the second most often searched for phrase on Full Story

By: Deepcaster - 6 November, 2009

Key Technical Signals are Warning us that the Equities Markets are Headed for a Big Fall. Indeed, it is mainly The Cartel* (see below) which has been boosting Equities Markets in recent weeks. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC - 6 November, 2009

After India’s central bank gobbled up half of the gold (200 metric tons) the IMF recently offered for sale, gold surged 2.4% on Tuesday to a new all-time nominal high near $1085. Naturally traders flooded into the gold stocks to leverage such an exciting day, driving the flagship HUI gold-stock index up by 8.0%. Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 6 November, 2009

Now that the 10-year cycle has peaked, fear will become the dominant emotion in the financial marketplace in the years ahead. Risk aversion is on the rise since the credit crisis and investors must look to those assets which tend to benefit from fear. Gold is of course the chief beneficiary of fear and has the added feature of being a hedge against a hyper-deflationary environment. Hyper deflation will be the order of the day in 2012-2014 when the final leg of the 60-year cycle descends. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. and Ian Gordon - 6 November, 2009

I have never really that concerned about the “machinations” at work. I am extremely bullish on the gold price basically because I think the world is falling into the deflationary depression of the 1930’s and because of that I do not really worry about what is happening in the short or intermediate term. I think we are going to see much higher prices anyway. Full Story

By: Michael S. Rozeff - 6 November, 2009

Viewed in this context, U.S. fiscal and monetary policies seem grotesquely out of step with reality. Yet another bout of massive inflation and debt creation in order to "create" a buoyant economy does nothing to address the basic political economic issues. While America ponders further socializing health care and further controlling and taxing energy use, it continues to debase its currency. Full Story

By: Kenneth J. Gerbino - 6 November, 2009

The financial crisis is now a year behind us and so far with very little inflation (which won’t last long) it is unusual for gold to be acting so robust. Usually when one sees a stock or a commodity going up when most of the usual reasons for its normal price behavior are absent, it signifies new, powerful and unknown force(s) have entered the marketplace. Full Story

By: Ira Epstein - 6 November, 2009

Right now gold looks overbought. In addition prices are trading up, against the Bollinger Band Top on the December Gold Daily Chart. I do not recommend new long positions when prices are over the Bollinger Band Top. In addition, seasonal chart displays a tendency for gold to break about mid-November. Hopefully things will come together and on a price break another purchase will be recommended. Full Story

By: Gary Tanashian - 6 November, 2009

Against the backdrop of the long bond's uninterrupted rise from the 1980's, Alan Greenspan was able to portray himself as the great Maestro, always at the ready with inflationary policy when the market and economy needed it most. This is what I have viewed as a wellspring, compliments of Paul Volcker's tough inflation-fighting policy of the late 1970's and early 1980's. This policy sprung a new bull market in paper stock and bond certificates as confidence was restored in a secular way. Full Story

By: David Morgan and Ellis Martin - 6 November, 2009

My thinking goes like this. It’s very simple—the first thing I want out of my investment in this sector is something that I feel stands alone outside of the system. Only coins in hand or bullion in hand do that. So my first purchase, and I recommend it from the start, is to have the physical gold or silver in hand. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 6 November, 2009

So, at this point, we can return to my theme here on whether gold has reached a major breakout point or big move up. Based on my above comments, my conclusion has to be “no.” As I have often written to subscribers at is no doubt about it; gold is increasingly stronger because the Cabal is finding it harder and harder to bring gold down. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman and Chuck Cohen - 6 November, 2009

Here is the latest from Chuck Cohen, a New York-based financial consultant who specializes in gold investments. We should note that we do not share Chuck’s bullishness on the stock market, even though we are quite bullish on physical gold and silver. Also, while Chuck believes inflation is about to explode, we see deflation ruling the economy as long as real estate remains in a possibly permanent funk. Full Story

By: Daniel R. Amerman, CFA - 5 November, 2009

About 80% of net issuance of total US Treasury and Agency debt has become an artificial market, lacking real investors, and relying on the fiction of Federal Reserve purchases with imaginary money in order to prop up prices and hold down yields. At the same time, Treasury secretary Geithner claims to be so pleased with this non-existent market that he wants to increase the average term of Treasury borrowings. Full Story

By: Eric Hommelberg - 5 November, 2009

On October 07 The Gold Report conducted an interview with me just after gold broke out to new news above $1030. During that interview I made the case for $1300 gold by spring next year and advocated to be invested in high quality juniors which are poised for a multi year bull run that could even surprise the staunchest junior investors. This piece is an update on that interview and shines a light on how to approach investing in junior gold mining shares. Full Story

By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing - 5 November, 2009

As my dinner guest rightfully pointed out, there just aren’t too many places where you can find businesses that double themselves each year for countless years ahead. But China is one of them and I can’t recommend staying away merely because everyone sees a bubble emerging. Full Story

By: Clive Maund - 5 November, 2009

This article has been provoked by a reader who told me he wasn't interested in my site because it is weighted towards "penny stocks" which he considers as "being suitable only for gamblers". The purpose of this article is to sweep away misconceptions and to make crystal clear the enormous advantage of intelligent penny stock investing over normal "respectable" investing in higher priced stocks. Full Story

By: Theodore Butler - 5 November, 2009

Silver is a unique situation, both from an investment and regulatory perspective. The short concentration in silver, in terms of the futures market, world production and above ground inventories has no equal. It must be dealt with in a unique regulatory manner. Anything less will prove futile. Full Story

By: Axel Merk - 5 November, 2009

Who cares about the dollar? It turns out quite a few do, except for those who could put it on a course to long-term recovery. First of all, you should care, as the purchasing power of your dollar savings is at risk when the dollar plunges versus other currencies. Let’s examine a couple of groups, what they have at stake and how influential they may be. Full Story

By: Adam Brochert - 5 November, 2009

I firmly believe in the concept of the Dow to Gold ratio to guide my longer term investment decisions. I also believe that for this economic cycle, the Dow to Gold ratio will get back down to 2 or less before the current secular general stock bear market is over. Why do I like the Dow to Gold ratio? Full Story

By: Jeff Clark, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report - 5 November, 2009

A couple weeks ago, I had my TV tuned to a business show that loves to give predictions on the markets and the economy. On that day, one of the program’s regular guests declared it was time to “short” gold, that it had reached its top, and that the precious metals bull market was over. I’ll try to be nice in my rebuttal. Full Story

By: Tim Iacono - 5 November, 2009

Much has been written in the last two days about the surprising purchase by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) of some 200 tonnes of gold bullion, valued at about $6.7 billion, from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Is this really a significant event? Judging by the price of gold since the announcement was made - up about $50 an ounce and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon - it certainly must have been significant. But why? Full Story

By: Lorimer Wilson - 5 November, 2009

The Gold:Silver ratio has ranged from 14.9-to-1 in January 15, 1980 at the time of the record high gold and silver prices to 99.8-to-1 on February 22, 1991 when the price of silver was particularly depressed. During the past 5 years it has ranged from 43.6-to-1 (April 19, 2006) to 84.4-to-1 (October, 2008). It is currently at 64-to-1 having breached the 28 year support line of 58-to-1 (and 200dma) in August 2008. Full Story

By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault - 5 November, 2009

Utterly bullishly, London rules but rocks, while central banks star in "buying gold" shocker... RHONA O'CONNELL did it on the train home, John Reade managed it before the conference finished, and Ross Norman's team were at it throughout. No chance then of our being the first members to reflect on this week's LBMA Conference in Edinburgh. But BullionVault can at least relay a taste (minus the malts and bagpipes), and we might get to have the last word as well. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 4 November, 2009

Almost all the excessive hedge fund de-leveraging is over. Banks have continued to hold 40 to 1 leveraged positions, because they cannot exit them without a major economic recovery without going bankrupt. Our government remains trapped in the same old bubble mentality in its activist control banking and policymaking having issued $1.9 trillion in additional debt over the past year. Banks and government still do not see the warning signals. Full Story

By: Justice Litle - 4 November, 2009

The “Michael Jordan of trading” is now table-poundingly bullish on gold. And the Reserve Bank of India may have just made him look like a prophet... Full Story

By: John Browne, Senior Market Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital - 4 November, 2009

Last week, to the delight of its media cheerleaders, the government announced that economic growth had returned and the recession had ended. But before we start celebrating one quarter of modest growth, we should realize the only force driving this apparent recovery is an enormous increase in government spending. To finance its largesse, the government is now borrowing at a rate that has ordinary citizens and the international community extremely concerned. Full Story

By: James West - 4 November, 2009

The price performance of gold recently has all sorts of armchair economists waxing philosophical on the idea that this is the advent of a price “bubble”. While certainly everyone has and is entitled to their opinion, there are other features of humanity that we all possess, and much like many opinions, are best obscured from view. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo - 4 November, 2009

The Peak of World Silver Production may be just around the corner due to a falling EROI (energy returned on energy invested). This will also be true for most industrial metals. I may go as far as to say, if the Global Economy does not make a full recovery shortly (which I doubt), 2008 could be the all time peak for world silver production. At least, the world production of silver will be in a plateau as unconventional oil supplies start to peak and decline. Full Story

By: Ceri Shepherd, Trend Investor - 4 November, 2009

The title of the major bailout program clearly shows just how little Wall Street and Washington understand about the free markets. TARP or “Troubled Asset Relief Program”. Sorry, but there is NO SUCH THING. Everything sells in a free market at a price that somebody is willing to pay, stick the mortgages on Ebay and trust me, they will sell, at what price who knows? That is for the free market to decide. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 4 November, 2009

With gold north of $1,080 an ounce this morning suddenly the contemplation of very much higher gold prices looks logical and far from ludicrous. Bill Gross coined the phrase ‘new normal’ for an economy with sub-par growth and high unemployment, where does that leave the yellow metal? Full Story

By: Gary North - 4 November, 2009

To call for the abolition of central banking in the name of economic theory is to call for the abandonment of economic theory. It means calling for expensive political mobilization against an unknown institution. It means imagining that someone will put up the money to change millions of voters' minds. Who will do this? Why? What results can he legitimately expect? Full Story

By: - 4 November, 2009

Special GSR Gold Nugget: Jim Rogers & Chris Waltzek Full Story

By: Christopher K. Potter - 4 November, 2009

The announcement yesterday that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) purchased 200 tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) puts to the test the central argument of the bears’ thesis on gold. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 4 November, 2009

Although we wish Warren Buffet well on his railroad bet, we think he may be premature. Buffett tendered a $100 offer Tuesday for the 77 percent of Burlington Northern Santa Fe that he doesn’t already own, paying a 30% premium over the most recent share price. He was quoted as saying it was an “all-in wager on the economic future of the United States,” but we’d guess he still holds quite a bit of capital in reserve. Full Story

By: The Gold Report and Jay Taylor - 3 November, 2009

Jay Taylor, who publishes Gold, Energy & Technology Stocks and hosts his "Turning Hard Times into Good Times" radio program each week, is hoping and praying for deflation to help the U.S. heal its wounds and find its way back to prosperity. He has reasons to think the dollar might bounce back, too. Nevertheless, Jay reminds The Gold Report readers about frightening parallels to the 1930s and doesn't dismiss the possibility of a hyperinflation that renders the U.S. dollar about as valuable as toilet paper. Full Story

By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis - 3 November, 2009

Growing your money is not the most important element of wealth. In fact, growth should come secondary to the preservation of wealth and purchasing power. Too often do investors get distracted with nominal changes in their personal wealth only to find that the thousands of dollars they have collected is worth considerably less than it was when the initial investment was made. Full Story

By: Marc Davis, BNWNews - 3 November, 2009

As the world’s key gold producing nations struggle mostly in vain to replenish dwindling below-ground supplies, Mexico is bucking the trend in a big way. That’s right. It’s not a typo. We are indeed talking about gold, not silver. Full Story

By: Przemyslaw Radomski - 3 November, 2009

The U.S. Dollar, the currency in precious metals are priced in, is standing at a crossroad today. The possibility of breakout to the upside has grown in the past week, but the trend still remains down. So, what are the implications for the precious metals? Full Story

By: Mark O’Byrne - 3 November, 2009

Silver remains very undervalued on an historical basis (charts below) and is undervalued even against gold (chart below). While gold has begun to receive some interest from a small minority of retail investors, silver remains the preserve of relatively few contrarian investors and the media and financial press rarely if ever covers silver. And yet silver is quite likely in the intermediate stage of a bull market that will rival or surpass that of the 1970’s. Full Story

By: Adam Brochert - 3 November, 2009

Ratio charts help keep things in perspective for me. Until my "great awakening" regarding long term investment cycles, I thought everyone just bought and held stocks and then woke up 40 years later with enough money to retire. BWAHAHAHAHA! The paperbugs are a little bizarre due to their religious intensity beliefs in the power of Wall Street, for-profit central bankstas and government. Full Story

By: Steven Saville, Speculative Investor - 3 November, 2009

We think it is fortunate that banks have, to date, chosen to 'sit' on their reserves, because if they decided to use the reserves to support trillions of dollars of additional lending then the inevitable result would not only be an even more troublesome debt burden; it would also be an inflation problem of immensely destructive proportions. Full Story

By: Peter J. Cooper - 3 November, 2009

Observers will be surprised not to see China snapping up the IMF gold, and of course China might emerge as the buyer of the remaining hoard. China has boosted its gold reserves by 76 per cent to 1,054 tons worth around $32 billion since 2003, officials said in April. Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 3 November, 2009

It’s starting ladies and gentlemen. Central banks will be, or are, clamouring over each other for physical gold and as Paul Tudor Jones put it there simply won’t be enough gold to go around in a few years when it’s really needed. Full Story

By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. - 3 November, 2009

In most minds the “safe deposit box” is the “holy grail.” Our comfort will always be OK as long as our safe deposit box remains safe from others ill intent. Noticed the last few years how the Swiss Banks are no longer confidential places for one to store anything of value? The US government has applied pressure on Switzerland to make available Swiss bank records at any time requested by the US Government. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 3 November, 2009

Stocks took a rollercoaster ride yesterday – not because traders were racked with uncertainty, but because the mysterious cyclical forces that drive the markets evidently are not quite ready to capitulate in favor of bears. That will happen soon enough, we think, but in the meantime there was bound to be some squabbling between shorts positioned to benefit from a downturn and portfolio managers keen on distributing as much stock as possible before They pull the plug. Full Story

By: John Rubino - 2 November, 2009

A couple of seemingly unrelated articles in Friday’s Wall Street Journal illustrate how life is getting more complicated for the super-rich. First, it seems that the UBS debacle was not just a U.S./Swiss disagreement. Far from it. Now that the IRS has shown other high-tax countries how easy it is to pierce the veil of bank secrecy, the Europeans want their tax evaders too. And in Switzerland, theirs are a lot more numerous than ours. Full Story

By: Captain Hook - 2 November, 2009

That’s the game – postponing providence – putting off the inevitable until the next guy’s shift. This is the cache of our political economy, as with all other comparables before it, now maturing into rot. All dominant cultures recede this way of course, dying from within as it were. And the American Empire is no different, with its hollowed out economy, markets, and values. Full Story

By: Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman - 2 November, 2009

There has been a lot of talk in Washington recently about senior citizens, mostly about how various healthcare reform models would help or hurt them. But there is another critical issue that has quietly devastated seniors financially over the last few decades. It concerns how the cost of living is calculated. How does the administration justify not giving a cost of living increase to Social Security recipients this year? Full Story

By: Nadeem Walayat - 2 November, 2009

This analysis seeks to update the trend prospects for all three major markets into at least the end of this year by taking into account their inter-market relationships which should resolve in a more accurate projection for each individual market. Full Story

By: Trace Mayer, J.D. - 2 November, 2009

Edgar Allen Poe’s most widely circulated story was ‘The Gold Bug‘ where William Legrand appears to go insane after being bitten by a bug he thinks is pure gold and embarks on a search for mythical treasure. Paul T. Jones II of Tudor Investment Corporation has approximately $11.57B under management and has earned $1.22B year-to-date in 2009. Full Story

By: Howard S. Katz - 2 November, 2009

Things are looking good for the gold bugs these days. September and early October saw the (long awaited) break above $1,000. This past week saw the technical pull back to the breakout point, and Thursday was the turnaround day. Friday saw some very bullish candlestick signals in many of the gold stocks. Full Story

By: Neil Charnock - 2 November, 2009

This is a cautious confirmation article. Confirmation that this essential test of support at the older high around US$1,030 has been completed successfully and that upside is more secure now than it was. One has to be aware and wary of false breakouts. Full Story

By: Gary North - 2 November, 2009

The governments of every major nation are going to default on their debts. There are two relevant questions: (1) How? (2) When? Full Story

By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing - 2 November, 2009

Cranking up the printing press, nationalizing major industries, and increasing taxes (healthcare, cap and trade, VAT, and whatever else happens after 2010 elections) will, in the long run, go a long way to preventing a genuine recovery. Full Story

By: R. D. Bradshaw - 2 November, 2009

Manifestly, the Fed has been increasing money overall; but in the vein of M3 it has not reached the public. It has been going to the big banks where they deposit funds with the Fed and buy US debt (thus, they are not loaning money/credit out to the public to bring on inflation). This system will continue for the immediate future unless and until something happens to upset the Cabal’s apple cart and control over US money. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 2 November, 2009

Now that’s more like it. After a night’s sleep, Wall Street traders and speculators evidently decided the 3.5 percent GDP growth figure released by The Guvvamint on Thursday wasn’t such great news after all. On Friday the Dow gave back all 200 points of the previous day’s gains, plus 50 more. Full Story

By: - 1 November, 2009

1st Hour:
Headline news & The Market Weatherman Forecast.
Spotlight Stock Picks.
Host, Chris Waltzek & The International Forecaster discuss Superstar Investors & answer listener's questions.
2nd Hour:
-Harry S. Dent Jr. Full Story

By: Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster - 1 November, 2009

US lawmakers were set to propose a new law on Wednesday that would discourage people from raiding their retirement savings early to see them through tough financial times or to splash out on expensive items. Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Millennium Wave Advisors - 1 November, 2009

I have been in South America this week, speaking nine times in five days, interspersed with lots of meetings. The conversation kept coming back to the prospects for the dollar, but I was just as interested in talking with money managers and business people who had experienced the hyperinflation of Argentina and Brazil. How could such a thing happen? Full Story

By: Clif Droke - 1 November, 2009

After the apparently success of its stimulus program, China’s remarkable economic recovery has many observers forecasting an even brighter future for the emerging powerhouse. China’s 2008-2009 economic rebound and rising appetite for commodities has made many bullish converts. A close look at some important indicators, however, calls that optimism into question… Full Story

By: Sol Palha, Tactical Investor - 1 November, 2009

When we compared the current pattern to that of the 1929-1930 Era in an article titled The Dow; ominous parallels to the 1929-1930 Era , we stated that the pattern was calling for the Dow to pull back all the way to the 1400 ranges. This does not mean we are actually stating that this will come to pass right now; we are just talking about possibilities. Full Story

By: Warren Bevan - 1 November, 2009

The gold option writers got what they wanted this past week and while gold call holders got taken, technically it was good for gold. It’s now ready to move higher again now that it’s free from the shadow of option expiry. Full Story

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