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Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in the Precious Metals Markets

By: John Rubino - 14 December, 2018

Despite all the ominous press being devoted to the soon-to-be-inverted yield curve, it’s not always clear why such a thing matters. In other words, how, exactly does a line on a graph slipping below zero translate into a recession and equities bear market, with all the turmoil that those things imply? Full Story

By: David Brady, CFA - 14 December, 2018

We all know that positioning and sentiment are bullish for Gold and have been since May. Hence the need to focus on the technical picture. As I reported last week, Gold is in a Bear Flag following its drop from 1369 in April to 1167 in October. It touched channel resistance at 1257 on Monday, but the closing high was 1253, strong Fibonacci resistance. Gold has fallen back since. Now the 200-day moving average has fallen to meet the top of the rising channel at 1259. Full Story

By: Mike Gleason - 14 December, 2018

Cheap money won't do it and if you need any more proof, all it will do is temporarily boost it. Just like a heroin addict, again this is monetary meth, yeah it juices him up for a little while and then they go under and eventually they OD. Take a look at Japan, look at their last GDP numbers. They came in at -2.5, that's despite negative interest rates. The Japanese Central Bank taking in $5 trillion worth of debt, more than the entire GDP of Japan with negative interest rates, negative bond yields and they still can't pump up the market. Full Story

By: Adam Hamilton, CPA - 14 December, 2018

The beleaguered gold stocks are recovering from their late-summer capitulation, enjoying a solid young upleg as investors gradually return. Their buying has pushed the leading gold-stock ETF near a major triple breakout technically. That event should really boost capital inflows into this sector, accelerating the rally. A major gold and gold-stock buying catalyst is likely imminent too, a more-dovish Fed next week. Full Story

By: Marin Katusa - 14 December, 2018

At the heart of the bill, it allows state owned organizations to be treated as companies, rather than as a part of the state. It means national oil producing companies like Saudi Aramco could be sued under US antitrust law for anti-competitive attempts to limit global petroleum supply, and the consequent impact on oil prices. With almost certainty these state-owned producers would be found guilty of price manipulation and limiting supply to increase profit. Full Story

By: Bill Holter - 14 December, 2018

People continually ask “when” will it happen? For the last 6 months we have responded “it is happening right before your very eyes”! In fact, as of this morning 52% of global markets are now down over 20% from their highs and qualifying as bear markets. Please understand the financial backdrop these weakening markets are falling into. Bluntly, the world is facing a giant margin call that cannot be met. Full Story

By: David Morgan - 14 December, 2018

The national debt of the United States is about to hit another major milestone, getting ready to soar past $22 trillion for the first time ever. Clearly that is an enormous number… it’s actually larger than the size of the entire US economy, which is pretty incredible. Full Story

By: - 14 December, 2018

Founder of the Trends Research Institute and Globalnomic® Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente returns with the economic forecast for the new year.
$1,200 is the floor for gold - once the bulls push the price over $1,450 the sea change in sentiment could ignite an ascent to a new record over $2,000.
Topping the list of catalysts that could move the PMs sector include a spike in oil price from a potential war in the Persian Gulf or the Ukraine. Full Story

By: Alasdair Macleod - 14 December, 2018

This article is an overview of the principal factors likely to drive the gold price in 2019. It looks at the global factors that have developed in 2018 for both gold and the dollar, how geopolitics are likely to evolve, the economic outlook and how it is worsened for the dollar by President Trump’s tariff war against China, the availability and likely demand for bullion, and the technical position in paper markets. Taken together, the outlook is bullish for gold. Full Story

By: Adam Taggart - 14 December, 2018

Mining stocks have performed miserably over the past seven years, missing out completely on the central bank-created liquidity-fest that has raised nearly every other equity sector to record highs. But the long winter of abuse is over, claims highly-respected mining analyst John Hathaway, co-manager of the Toqueville Gold Fund. To John's veteran eye, the conditions in this beleaguered industry have improved substantially. Mining supply is tightening while demand is rising, and the surviving companies have achieved positive cash flows at today's depressed prices. Full Story

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