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Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in the Precious Metals Markets

By: Chris Waltzek Ph.D., GoldSeek Radio - 27 May, 2019

- The Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev quantified the technological advancement of civilizations based on energy.
- Three categories, Type 0, I, II, and III comprise the scale.
- According to physicist and futurist Michio Kaku earth is predicted to reach - Type I status in 100–200 years.
- The host predicts Type II status in 1,000+ years, and Type III status in 100,000 1 M. years (Waltzek, 2019).
- A Type II civilization, a stellar civilization encompasses the total energy of the star or a Dyson sphere.
- Dyson spheres transfer the bulk of the energy output to the Type II civilization... Full Story

By: David Haggith - 27 May, 2019

…when the stock market’s decade-long bottom trend becomes its new top trend and then it can’t even make it back up to that line as a top trend.

We’re sloughing away now, and it can be a long slide to the bottom or endless side-winding of big ups and downs that go nowhere, just as the market has now gone nowhere for fifteen months.. Full Story

By: SRSrocco - 27 May, 2019

As the markets sold off on Thursday, gold, and silver were few of the only assets that remained in the green for the entire day. Thus, the notion that the precious metals will crash with the markets continues to be proven wrong. And what an ugly day it was as the Dow Jones fell 450 points at its low, while the Dollar, oil, and shale stocks were clobbered.

Americans need to prepare themselves for one hell of an economic and market downturn. While the Fed and central banks can prop up asset prices, they can’t prop up a physical economy that is primed for a recession-depression.
Full Story

By: John Mauldin, Thoughts from the Frontline - 27 May, 2019

- Missing Inflation
- Debt Rubicon
- Velocity Falling
- The Complex Debt and Currency Dance
- “Too High and Getting Wider”
- They Shall Not Grow Old Full Story

By: Robert Lambourne - 24 May, 2019

On the face of it this seems an odd coincidence. But if the gold swaps were undertaken with the intent of trying to suppress the price of gold, then perhaps this is not a coincidence. Perhaps the BIS' counterparty to the swap was willing to undertake it if it was not only entitled to the return of its gold swapped with the BIS but also protected from a fall in the price of gold for the duration of the swaps.

In itself this unusual transaction does not prove gold price suppression but it would be wholly consistent with price suppression being the real reason for the swap.

The BIS when approached by GATA continues to refuse to explain its activity in the gold market.. Full Story

By: Mike Gleason - 24 May, 2019

Beijing currently has a stranglehold on over 80% of the global market for rare earth metals. The Chinese have previously leveraged their near total control to win concessions in geopolitical clashes. In 2010, China briefly blocked exports to Japan over a territorial dispute.

Trade wars can quickly escalate into resource wars. With U.S. domestic oil production continuing to rise, America is relatively secure on the energy front – at least for now. But when it comes to rare earth metals and precious metals, the country remains heavily reliant on output from hostile and unstable countries including China, Russia, and South Africa.

South Africa is a major supplier of gold and the world’s leading producer of both platinum and palladium. But in recent months, mining output there has been declining. Full Story

By: Chris Powell, GATA - 24 May, 2019

Fighting gold price suppression by central banks and their market rigging generally would be a lot easier with the help of some of those people who have great resources and purport to be gold advocates themselves but who knowingly or unknowingly assist the other side.

One of those people is billionaire Ray Dalio, founder of investment fund Bridgewater Associates.. Full Story

By: Frank Holmes, US Funds - 23 May, 2019

In an earlier post, I gave you a sneak preview of my interview with Chris Powell, secretary/treasurer at Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). For 20 years now, Chris and others at GATA have made it their mission to expose collusion by international financial institutions to control the price and supply of gold.

Below are highlights from my interview with Chris. I have to say that during much of our conversation, my jaw was on the floor. I don’t want to say much more than that! Read on, and remember to share widely.
Full Story

By: Avi Gilburt - 23 May, 2019

What this means is that the Fed will not only stop talking about raising rates, but you will start hearing discussions about them lowering rates. You see, the Fed follows the market. And, right now, the market is signaling that rates still have lower to go. So, the Fed will have to follow suit.

So, my current prediction is that the Fed is caught between a rock and hard place, and they are behind the curve. Rates will likely still drop in 2019, and the Fed will have to follow the market, and lower rates before the year is out. Full Story

By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks - 23 May, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a blemish on the age that so many of us know the name of the Federal Reserve chairman. In a better world, that government functionary would be as obscure as what’s-his-name, the home plate umpire who got no arguments calling balls and strikes at Yankee Stadium the other night. Who elected the Greenspans, Bernankes, and Powells to be the arbiters of interest rates, asset prices, the rate of inflation and who knows what else? It wasn’t Alexander Hamilton. Nor was it the Fed’s own founders. If the authors of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act could return to earth to inspect their handiwork, the shock might kill them all over again. Full Story

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